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Freeman's Journal
Dublin, Ireland
Dec. 1, 1764

A few Days ago a Master Smith went to a Distillery in Britain-street to buy some Whiskey, and trying whether it was proof, having a Candle in his Hand, one of the Workmen came behind him, took off his Wig, and threw some Spirits on his Head, which communicating to the Candle set Fire to his Face and the Top of his Head, and burned him in a shocking Manner. He has since swore against the Man, who it is to be hoped may meet with the Reward of his Barbarity.
     Nov. 23] At Night three Footpads attacked a poor Man at the End of Water-row, on Ormond Quay; they almost choaked him with his Handkerchief, to prevent his crying out, then robbed him of about four Shillings and half a Leg of Mutton, after which they inhumanly threw him down the Steps (opposite to the Row) into the Liffey.
     MARRIED] A few Days ago at Clonard, Patrick Allen of Rock, in the county of Westmeath, Esq; to the Widow Brewton, of Brackagh in the County of Kildare; and Mr. Edward Forster, to the Widow Black. -- Mr. Thomas Glanning, Skinner in Wartling-street, to Miss Reed of Kilcock.-- Mr. Robert Estor, Merchant, of Strabane, in the County of Tyrone, to Miss Letitia Nesbit, of the same Place.-- John Bickerstaff, of Newtonforbes in the County of Longford, to Miss Teresa Mannypenny, of Aaron-quay.-- In Wexford, Capt. William Harrison of Bristol, to Miss Radford of that Town.-- Henry Irwin of Tamnamony in the County of Londonderry, Esq; to Miss Phebe Oulton, only Daughter of Walley Oulton of Clonlee, in the Co. of Westmeath, Esq;
     DIED.] A few Days ago, Mr. Gabriel Clark, Cashkeeper to Mr. John Pim Joshua, a Man esteemed by all who knew him.-- At Birr, aged 101 Years, Mr. Matthew Hubett.-- Near Birr, the Wife of Matthew Yelverton, Esq; -- At Corke, Robert Hoare, Esq; Town Clerk.-- At Middletown, Miss Whitefield, Aunt to the Rev. Dean Chinnery.-- In Crampton-Court, Mr. Charles Leslie.-- In College-Green, Mr. John Stoyte, an eminent Master Taylor.-- At Dungannon in the County of Tyrone, of a lingering Illness, William M'Iver, M.D., a Gentleman of great Skill in his Profession.-- At Stephen's Green, Edmond Leslie Corry, Esq; one of the Representatives in Parliament for the Borough of Newtonlimavady.-- In the Lower Castle-Yard, deservedly lamented, Mr. James Lyons, formerly an eminent Shoemaker; a Man of an unblemished Character.-- Mrs. Margaret Corker, a Maiden Lady of the most exemplary Piety and Charity, and Sister to the late worthy and renowned Patriot, Col. Edward Corker, of Ballimsloe in the Co. of Corke.

     FRANCIS PARVISOL, who obtained several Premiums from the Hon. the Dublin Society, removed from Skinner-row to the West Side of Parliament-street, next House but one to Cork-hill, has opened a Hat Ware-House, where he manufactures as usual, and sells all Kinds of Clergymens, Gentlemens, and Ladies Hats, which are equal in every Respect to any imported; having since his Commencement in Trade, used his utmost Efforts to excel in his Business, he humbly apprehends he has so far succeeded, as not at this Day to require an Advertisement, did not his Removal make it necessary. He has employed several of the best Hands for manufacturing and cocking, and having settled a Correspondence in London, he will be constantly supplied with the newest Fashions; he has also furnished himself with a great variety of Feathers for Ladies Hats, which he will sell for the smallest Profit; He begs Leave to return his sincere Thanks to the Nobility, Gentry and others, who have hitherto honoured him with their Commands, and hopes by his unwearied Endeavours, to merit a Continuance of their Favour.-- N.B. As he imports all his own Materials he will be enabled to give great Encouragement to those who buy to sell again.

WHO served his Apprenticeship  to the late Mr. William Walsh, of Christ Church-yard, Dublin; and carried on Business for some Time past in said Yard, has removed to the West Side of Parliament-street, next Door to Mr. Savage's, and has always ready for Sale, great Variety of wrought Plate, Cha?ed and Plain of his own Manufacture, and executed in the Newest Taste; variety of Diamond and other Rings, and all Sorts of Goldsmiths and Jewellers Work, with Gold, Silver, and Pinchbeck Watches.  He returns his most grateful Acknowledgments to the Nobility and Gentry, his Friends and the Publick, for their kind Encouragement since his Commencement in Business, and hopes by Selling at the very lowest Prices, to merit a Continuance of the Favour he has already so much Experienced.
     N.B. He gives the highest Prices for old Watches, Jewels, Gold, Silver, or Lace; and has several Pieces of good second hand Plate, which he will sell very Reasonable.

THE SUCCESS, Thomas Dunn, Commander, now taking in Goods at the Batchelor's-walk, will sail the 10th of December next. As he takes in Provisions, she can't stay one Day longer. For Freight apply to the Captain, on the Custom-house-quay, or Alexander Montgomery and Son.

(Formerly of Strand-street),
BEGS Leave to acquaint his Friends and the Publick, that he now carries on the Grocery Business, by Wholesale and Retail, on Ormond-quay, four Doors from Jervis-street, where he hopes for the Interest of his Friends and former Customers.

Freeman's Journal
Dublin, Ireland
Dec. 22, 1764


     Dec. 15.] At Night, a Lighter, belonging to Mr. Laurence Johnson, broke from her Moorings at the Coal-quay, by the Rapidity of the Current, and sunk at George's Quay.
     The Belborough Packet, Capt. Richard Taylor, arrived from Holyhead, with Col. Hull, Col. Parr, Capt. Doyle, 26 Soldiers and the Mail.
      An Adjournment of the Quarter Sessions for the City of Dublin was held at the Tholsel, when Thomas Shoughnessy and Charles Connor were tried and found Guilty of Felony, and ordered for Transportation.
     19.] Pat Geoghegan fell down in Essex-street and broke his Leg; John Charlton broke his Leg in Liffey-street; John Kavenagh fell from a Ladder in Dirty-Lane and broke his Leg; and Mary Betagh also broke her Leg by a fall in Pill-lane. They were all carried to the Inn's Quay Infirmary, where Old Linen is greatly wanted.
     Mr. Wells fell into the Liffey and was drowned; as was also Pat. Owens, Boatman, as he was securing some Timber which lay in the River at George's Quay.
     22.] This Day John Nowlan for robbing Mr. Esperiat in Essex-street; and Dennis Walsh, for robbing Mr. Arthur Connolly, near Powerscourt, are to be executed near Stephen's Green.
     MARRIED.] At Hillisborough, the Rev. Mr. George Rogers, A.M. to the amiable Miss Maria Benson, daughter of the Rev. Mr. Trevor Benson and Niece to the Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of Killala.- At Killala, Cornet Crofton to Miss Nelly Kirkwood.-- Mr. Nowlen, distiller, to Miss Polly Downey of Hammon-lane.-- Mr. Thomas Craig of Loughboy, to Miss Monk of Mary's Lane.--Mr. Rourke of Bridge-street, an eminent Pinmaker, to the most agreeable Miss Polly Power of James's Street, with a handsome Fortune.-- At Gardadus, in the County of Tyrone, Mr. Henry Brien, to Miss Rebecca Coleman, of Donaghmore, in the County of Donegal.-- Mr. Daniel Noblow, to Miss Anne Archdeacon, of Clarendon-Market.
     DIED.] In Kevin's Street, Mr. Lenehan, Carver and Gilder.-- In Poolbeg-street, the Wife of Mr. Macloghlin, Grocer.-- At Corke, Russel Hare, Esq; a very eminent Merchant; and Mr. Joseph Lason, Surgeon.-- The Wife of Mr. John White, of Spotfield in the County of Sligo.-- Near Castlebaldwin, in said County, Mr. Charles Nicholson.-- In Prussia-street, Mr. Patrick Kelly, lately an eminent Grocer in Christ-Church-lane, of a fair Character.

     At a Public Examination held on Wednesday the 19th of Dec., 1764, Premiums were adjudged (in the several Classes) to the following young Gentlemen:
     Greek; G. Wall, Crowe, Jona, Buck, Coates.
     Latin; G. Wall, Lang, Crowe, Ja. Buck, Durham, R. Phibbs, Exshaw, Aw. Buck, M. Reilly, Evans, DeBerniere, Ja. Pringle.
     French; Southwell, W. Gardiner, R. Gardiner, Sandford, Pemberton, Morres, Crowe, Rainsford, J. Pringle.
     English; Ayres, DeBerniere, S. Buck. Reading; Jn. Buck, Exshaw, W. Finlay, Poe. Spelling; Exshaw, Evans, DeBerniere.
     Repeating Greek; Ja. Buck, Coates, Sandford. Latin; Bourne, Deey, Wade. English; Deey, J. Finlay, Jona Buck, Ryan, Phillips.
     Composition. Latin; Bourne, Jona. Buck, Morres, Durham, R. Phibbs, Exshaw, Evans. English; Crowe, Jona Buck. Verse; Crowe, Bourne.
     Translation, Greek; Jn. Buck, J. Finlay, Durham. Latin; J. Finlay, Durham, Ledwich, W. Finlay. French; Sandford, Pemberton.
    Double Translation; Bourne, Jn. Buck.
     History, English; W. Gardiner, Ayres, Poe. Ancient; Morres, Durham, J. Phibbs, Evans.
     Geography; Crowe, Jn Buck, Coates, J. Phibbs, Sandford, Exshaw, S. Buck, Evans. Map-drawing; Deey, Jona Buck, Durham, Ayres.
     Fortification; W. Gardiner, Ayres, Southwell.
     Dialling; Ayers.
     Geometry; W. Gardiner, Southwell, Jn and Jona. Buck, R. Gardiner, Lang.
     Algebra; Ayres, Jona Buck, Pemberton.
     Arithmetick; Pemberton, S. Buck, Morres, Exshaw, Bourne, Phillips, Aw. Buck, Mitchell.
     Book-Keeping; Wade, Pemberton, Ayres.
     Writing; Jona. Buck, DeBerniere, Jn. Finlay, Crowe, Mellor, Evans, Poe, Exshaw, Pemberton, Rainsford, Cunningham.
     Drawing, Portrait; W. Gardiner, Jona. Buck, R. Gardiner. Landscape; Soutwell, R. Gardiner, Jona. Buck, Cooke.
     Musick; Jona. Buck.
     Fencing; Southwell, W. Gardiner, Jona. Buck, Poe, M. and D. Reilly, R. Gardiner.

Stolen, Lost or Mislaid,
John Cochran's Draft, on Hugh Hamel and Co. for 40l. Favour of Samuel McDowel, dated the 15th Instant, and endorsed by said McDowel, accepted the 17th, No. 280. -- Whosoever brings said Draft to the Printer hereof, or Mr. John Alley in Pill-lane, shall receive one Guinea for their Trouble. It's requested, if said Draft should be offered in Payment, it may be stopt.

     This public Notice is hereby given, that the Trustees of Mr. Edward Sneyd intend making a Dividend of at least 5s. a Pound, among his Creditors on the second Day of January next. All Persons therefore who have any Demands against the Estate of said Sneyd, and have not yet claimed them, are desired to bring in the same to Christopher Deey, Public Notary, in Crampton-Court, before the said 2d Day of January, otherwise they will be debarred from receiving their Proportion of such Dividend until the Second be made.  7th December, 1764.

     WHEREAS the frequent Loss of Ships on the Coast, near the Entrance of the Bay of Dublin, has been considered as chiefly owing to the want of proper Charts; and the Committee of Merchants of the City of Dublin having approved of the Proposals of Mess. Scale and Richards, for making a Survey and publishing a Chart of the Coast from Wicklow Head to Skerring, Notice is hereby given that the same will speedily be carried into Execution in the best Manner, under the Sanction and Encouragement of said Committee and Subscriptions are taken in for this useful and necessary Work by Sir Edward Newenham, Thos. Blair, Esq; in Fleet-street, Theoph. Thompson, Esq; and Mess. William and Thomas Barcroft on the Batchelor'-Walk, Mess. Rob. and Alex. Jeffray in Eustace-street, and by Mr. Chr. Deey, Secretary to said Committee, who will be answerable for the Subscription money which shall be paid them, or for the Delivery of the Chart in due Time to the Subscribers.

Freeman's Journal
Dublin, Ireland
Dec. 26, 1764


     Godfrey Leonard, of Rusheen in the County of Kerry, Gent. has had a Commission granted him as a Master Extraordinary for taking Affidavits in his Majesty's High Court of Chancery, King's Bench, and Exchequer.
     Francis Price, Esq; Representative in Parliament for the Borough of Lisburn, is appointed Collector of the Port and District of Strangford, in the Room of Hugh Hill, Esq; promoted to the Collection of Londonderry.
     A Ship, Capt. Hogan, Master, bound from London, to Dublin, laden with Merchants Goods, was cast away going into Waterford and all the Crew lost.
     By Letters from Wicklow of the 19th Instant, we have an Account, that three Brothers, named Meaghan, lately committed to the Goal of that County, by William Fairbrother, of Foxhall, Esq; for several Robberies, had concerted Measures, with some Accomplices, for their Escape, which being discovered, was prevented; they intended, on their Escape, to have robbed and murdered Mr. Fairbrother, and to have robbed others in his Neighbourhood. Diligent Search is making for their Accomplices.
     Francis Vesey, Esq; is appointed a Master in Chancery, in the Room of William Austen, Esq; deceased.
     Some Fellows employed by the Widow Turner, Ironmonger in Dame-street, were detected in stealing upwards of 30s. worth of Nails and committed to Newgate.
     21] A considerable Quantity of Pewter, Laces, and Haberdashery by Mr. Trumble, were lodged in his Majesty's Stores.
     An Adjournment of the Quarter-Sessions, for the City of Dublin, was held at the Tholsel when Patrick Crilly, John Shanly, and Mary Whitty were tried and found Guilty of Felony, and ordered for Transportation.


Faulkner's Dublin Journal
Dublin, co. Dublin, Ireland

Sat., 29 Dec 1764-Tues, 1 Jan 1765

Last Week, Mr. Robert WALSH, an eminent Linen-draper in Bride-street, to
Miss Elizabeth REILLY of Rahattin in the County of Wicklow.

Mr. John SHERWIN, an eminent Goldsmith, in Skinner's Row to the Widow
KAVENAGH, of Peter-street.

Mr. Samuel KELLY, Revenue Officer, to Miss ADDERLEY, of Fleet-street.

A few Days ago, at the Palace of his Grace the Archbishop of Dublin, the
Right Hon. Lady Elizabeth COBBE was safely delivered of a Daughter.

Last Week in Poolbeg-street, Mr. Paul BUSH, one of the Battle-Ax-Guards.

In Meath-street, Mr. George OWENS, Son of Mr. Thomas OWENS, Silk Dyer.

In Dirty-lane, Thomas-street, Mrs. WALLER.

Last Saturday, George GARDINER, Esq., Comptroller of the Stores in the
Custom House. He hath bequeathed a considerable Fortune to Sackville
GARDINER, Esq., Brother to the Right Hon. Charles GARDINER.

Saturday, John NOWLAN and Dennis WALSH were executed at Stephen's-Green;
NOWLAN for robbing Mr. ESPERIATT and WALSH for robbing Mr. CONNOLLY

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