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Freeman Journal
Dublin, Ireland
Saturday, August 4, 1764


     Cork, July 30. Yesterday S'night Mr. David Sheehan, of Rivertown, Paper-maker, read his Recantation at Rathcoony Church, near this City: And Yesterday Mrs. Mary Ann Chartres and Ellinor Coughlan, read their Recantation from the Errors of the Church of Room in St. Peter's Church.
     Saturday last, a Suit which had long depending in the Consistory Court of Cork, between Mr. Thomas Barter and Sarah his Wife, was concluded in Court, before the Right Reverend the Lord Bishop of Cork and Ross; Mr. Barter having dismissed the Suit, paying all the Alimony and Costs.
     This Morning the full Division of Colonel Talbot's Regiment, lately landed from the West Indies, marched from hence for Galway, where they are to quarter.
     Yesterday was married, Mr. William Russel, Shopkeeper, to the agreeable Miss King of Cockpit Lane, both of the People called Quakers.
Friday Evening at Coolroe, the Seat of Joseph Witheral, Esq; after a tedious Illness, Mrs. Hilgrove, Widow of the late Mr. Joseph Hilgrove of this City. - Yesterday on the  Coal Quay, Mrs. Russel, Wife of Capt. Russel.

     Last Monday early in the Morning Michael Brady was detected stealing Lead off the Theatre Royal in Crow-street and lodged in Newgate.
     Pat Higley, one of the Persons said to be concerned in rescuing the Tea which was seized at Howth, some Time since, died in Michael's-lane, of the Wounds which he then received.
     We hear that the Commissioners of his Majesty's Revenue have appointed George Martin, Esq; to be Collector of the Port of Dublin, in the Room of James Smyth, Esq; who resigns.
     MARRIED] A few Days ago, Mr. Edward Ryan, of Ballinakill, in the County of Kildare, Gent. to Miss Kitty Reily, Daughter to Mr. Phillip Reily of Ballimorris, near Granard. - Last Saturday James Flack, an eminent Attorney of the Courts of King's Bench and Exchequer, was married to the Widow Harrington, otherwise Scott, Daughter of the late Captain James Scott; a Lady whose considerable Fortune is one of her least Charms.
     DEATHS] A few Days ago, in Cork, the Revd. Mr. Dermot M'Carthy, a Romish Clergyman. - In Kilkenny, the Revd. Mr. Charters, Minister of St. Mary's in that City. - In Winetavern-street, the Wife of Mr. Pat Taaffe, Publican. - At Kells, Mr. Thomas Fenner; and Miss Rose Maxwell. - In High-street, Mr. James Murray, Woollen Draper. - In Aungier-street, Mrs. Ward, Relict of ___ Ward, of the County of Wexford, Esq; - In Smithfield, in a very advanced Age, the Honourable Mrs. Barnewell.-  Monday last at his House in Abbey-street, Mr. Thomas Ligoe, Card Merchant, of whom it may be justly said, that in every Stage of Life, as a Son, Husband, Father, and Man of Business he endeared himself to all that knew him; to be deprived of such a Member of Society must be a Loss to the Public, but to his disconsolate Family and Friends, an irrepabale [sic] one.

Freeman Journal
Dublin, Ireland
Tuesday, August 7, 1764


     The Right Hon. and Hon. the Commissioners of his Majesty's Revenue have been pleased to appoint Thomas Hughes, Esq; Clerk of the Revenue Postage, in the room of William Norcliff, Esq; resigned.
     A few Days ago a great Number of human Sculls, Bones, &c. were dug up by some Labourers at the Back of the New-Gardens, supposed to have lain there since the Time the Danes invaded this Kingdom, tho' they seemed fresh and without Decay.
     The Commissioners of his Majesty's Revenue have been pleased to appoint Messrs. Francis Spring, Edward Tennant, John Delap, Edward Kilkenny, and William Coperthwaite, to be Officers on the Custom-House Key.
     Sunday, July 29th] The following Gentlemen were ordained Priests by the Lord Bishop of Limerick at the Church of Stillorgan: Edward Day, A.M. Hon. Wm. Beresford, Thomas Sandiford, Walter Thomas and Philip Homan Bachelors of Arts.
     Thursday, August 2d.] The Commission of Oyer and Terminer ended, at which the following Persons were tried and found guilty, viz. Michael Cosgrave, Michael Rigney and John Higgins otherwise Dwyer, for Robberies, and were ordered to be executed on the 15th of September next, and Christopher Fiddes for Robbery, was also ordered for Transportation. The next Commission will begin on the 20th of October.
     A Mr. Tho. Finlay, of the Co. of Wexford, was coming to Dublin, by his Horse falling on the Road near Windgates, he was thrown off and killed on the Spot; as he was a Man of a very fair Character his Death is greatly lamented.
     The Ranger Sloop of War, Lieutenant Paisly, arrived in our Bay from a Cruize.
     Last Saturday, as John Bury, Esq; was Bathing himself near Ringsend, he was unfortunately drowned.
     Henry Gore, Esq; was married to Miss Smyth, Daughter to the late Mr. Skeffington Smyth, Esq. a most amiable and accomplished young Lady, with a very considerable Fortune; as was also William Upton, Esq; to Miss Clarges, Daughter of Colonel Clarges, a young Lady possessed of the finest Accomplishments, and a large Fortune.
     MARRIED.] A few Days ago, Richard St. George of Athlone, Esq; one of the Representatives for that Borough to Miss Persse, only Daughter of Robert Persse, of Roxborough in the County of Galway, Esq.
     DEATHS] A few Days ago, at Armagh, Mr. Thomas Kennedy, Watchmaker.- Mrs. Catharine Doyle, Wife of Mr. William Doyle of Monatobar in the Co. of Kildare. - At Cork, Mr. M'Cann, Master of a Scotch Vessel; - Miss Mary Fowlne of Ballineadig; - In New-Street, Mr. Thomas Ward, an opulent Butcher of New-market. - In an advanced Age, Mrs. Stewart, Relict of the late Col. Stewart. - In Castle-lane, Mr. Thomas Shepherd, Publican.

Freeman Journal
Dublin, Ireland
Tuesday, August 14, 1764


     Limerick, August 6. In May last a Thorn pierced into the Eye of Maurice Wall, which brought on a violent Inflammation and Distention of it; and the Sight of the other Eye became obstructed. Friday last the Cornea was entirely cut off at our Hospital, and the Thorn found adhering to its Inside; in an Instant he got Ease, and the Use of the other Eye, and there is a great Reason to hope he will have the Sight of both.
     Yesterday, one M'Carty a Butcher, died in Blarney-Lane. His son is suspected of having been instrumental in the Cause of his Death.
     Michael Sampson, convicted in May Sessions, at the Old Baily, of forging a Note on Mess. Boldero and Co. is to be transported for Life.
     The late Reverend Doctor Thomas Smyth has left by will, 100l. to each and every Hospital and public Charity in Dublin,  besides considerable Benefactions to the Poor of St. Ann's, and also to the Parish Poor of Dromore, of which Diocese he was a Chanter. - We hear that he will be succeeded in the Vicarage of St. Ann's by the Rev. Dr. Cobbe, Curate of St. Bridget's.
     The late Colonel Joshua Paul hath been asked to Mercer's, the Inn's-quay and the Lock Hospitals, 100l. each; 200l. to the Charitable Loan; 20l. to St. Andrew's Parish poor; 10l. a Year to the Widow's Alms-house; and 20l. a Year to the Schools of said Parish.
     One Knightly, who escaped out of the Four-Courts Marshalsea, arrived from the Isle of Man, where he was delivered up to James Dexter, Esq.
     Last Week John Putland, Esq; gave a Benefaction to the Governors of Doctor Steeven's Hospital of two hundred Pounds, being the Endowment of one Bed in said Hospital, for him and his Heirs for ever, and the said Governors gratefully acknowledged the Receipt of thirty Guineas, by the Hands of the said John Putland, Esq; being a Benefaction intended and set apart for that Purpose by the late Mr. Putland.
     DEATHS] A few Days ago, at Killester near this City, the Reverend Thomas Smyth, D.D. Vicar of St. Ann's Parish. - In Cavan's-port, Miss Jones. - At his House at Kilmacud near this City, John Dexter, Esq, a celebrated Commedian, and a Gentleman of a very good Character. - In Golden-Lane, Mrs. Henzel, Wife to the Rev. Dr. Henzel of Dunshagblin in the County of Meath. - In Capel-street, Mrs. Dixon.

Freeman Journal
Dublin, Ireland
Thursday, August 18, 1764

     Last Friday, an Adjournment of the Quarter Sessions for the City of Dublin, was held at the Tholsel, when Cormick Murphy, Mary Duffy, Bridget Rathgan, and John Shaughnassy, were tried and found guilty of different Felonies, and ordered for Transportation; and Judith Corrogan was also tried and found guilty of Felony, and burnt in the Hand; after which the Court adjourned to Friday next.
     Last Monday, Michael Cosgrave, Michael Rigney, and John Higgins, who were to be executed on the 15th of September next, for Robbery, were reprieved on Condition of Transportation.
     MARRIAGES] A few Days ago, Mr. Kennedy to Miss Frances Fergus, Daughter of the late Dr. John Fergus. - In Meath-street, Mr. Ephraim Bewly, to Miss Polly English. - Mr. John Archbold, of Grafton-street, to the agreeable Widow Owens, fo the Walsh's Head in Smock-alley. - Mr. Simon Fleming, Merchant, in Phrapper-lane, to Miss Custis, of Fither's lane. - Mr .Thomas Grumley, of Elbow-lane, Clothier, to Miss Carpenter, of the County of Meath.
     DEATHS] A few Days ago, in Digges's-street, the Relict of Daniel Brown, Esq; of Riverstown in the King's County. - In College-green, the Widow Bamburt, an eminent Grocer. - In Chancery-Lane, John Onge, Esq; Counsellor at Law, a Gentleman whose Death is greatly lamented. - At his A???? on the Batchelor's-quay, Mr. Oliver Bird, Merchant.

Freeman Journal
Dublin, Ireland
Tuesday, August 21, 1764

      We are informed, that, for the better Security of Goods and Passengers, each of the Packet Boats are to have 15 stout Sailors on board during the Course of the Winter to commence from the first of October next, and continue till the latter end of March.
     Last Saturday the Revd. John Jackson of Clanshagh, was sworn into the Commission of the Peace for the County of Dublin.
     A Faculty hath passed the Great Seal, to enable the Rev. Mervyn Archdall, to hold the Prebend of Mayne in the Cathedral of St. Kennys, Killkenny, together with the Livings of Atanagh, Aghar?y, and Kilmenon, in the Diocese of Ossory.
     Married at the Corbolas in the County of Dublin, Mr. Richard Johnson, an eminent Farmer, to Miss Kitty Heron, Daughter of Edward Heron, of New-bridge in the said County, Esq.
     DEATHS] A few Days ago, in Cork, Mr. James Blasby, Tallow-Chandler.--In Kevan's Port, Miss Jones. -- In Strand-street, the Wife of Mr. John Develyn, Carpenter.-- In Ormond-Market, Mr. Bryan Kelly; _____ and the Wife of Mr. John Reilly, Butcher.-- In the Hay-Market, Mr. Heron, Writing Master.--On Aston's-quay, Capt. Dunbar.

Freeman Journal
Dublin, Ireland
Thursday, August 25, 1764


     Saturday last the Right Hon. Lord Chief Justice Aston, and the Hon. Baron Mountney, arrived in Town from Clonmell, on the Circuit, and opened their Commissions in the respective Courts.
     Same Day Tho. Downing, Weaver, a Lad of about 17 Years of Age, was committed to the City Jail, for stealing some Cash out of the Shop of Mr. Thomas Price on the Coal Quay.
     Yesterday died of an Apoplectice Fit, Mrs. Sullivan, Wife of Doctor Sullivan; a Gentlewoman greatly regreted.

     The Managers of the Charitable Loan, acknowledge the Receipt of 200l. by the Hands of Barry Collace, Esq; being a Legacy bequeathed to that Charity by the late Col. Joshua Paul.
     Wednesday last, _____ Weldon, was whipped from Newgate to College-green pursuant to his Sentence, for assaulting a young Girl in Goat-Alley. Mr. Sheriff Booker, attended to see the Sentence properly executed, which was administered most faithfully, as to the Correction; but, we are concerned that we are obliged to take from his Merit, on this Occasion, by observing that a MILITARY Guard was employed as an Escoret, where a CIVIL, might as easily, and with more Propriety and Dignity to the City, have been procured.
     On the 16th at Night Edward Martin, Esq; Comptroller of the general Post-office, the Revd. Mr. Baker, Mess. Warburton, Long, Chaigneau, and Millins arrived here from Hollyhead in the Hampden Packet.
     On the 19th the Right Hon. Thomas Connolly, Mr .and Mrs. Longfield, Miss Forster, Mr. and Mrs. Johnson, Mrs. Potter, _____ Richardson, Esq; Mess. Browning, Dempsey, Craddock, Henderson, Carlisle and Jackson, arrived from Hollyhead in the Packet, which sailed the 18th inst. with Mr. and Mrs. Chetwood, Capt. Lyons, Mess. Jones and Courtney.
     Last Monday his Grace the Arch Bishop of Dulin [sic-Dublin?], appointed the Revd. Richard Chaloner  Cobbe, L.L.D. to succeed the late Doctor Smyth in the Vicarage of St. Anne's; and he was accordingly inducted into that Living.
     Last Thursday Mr. Wilkinson and Family, Miss Cornell, Mr. Bolton, Mrs. Carlton, Mrs. Dobson, Miss Staples, Miss Hartable, the Captains Gray, Arthur, Tace, Johnson, Butler and Thompson, Mrss. Ladwell, Cuff?ey [or Cuss?ey], Morris, Fawcet, Robinson, Dunn, Billing, Magee, Scott, Twigg and the Mail arrived in the Hampden Packet, from Hollyhead.
     MARRIAGES.] A few Days ago, Cornet Patteau, to the Widow of the late Mr. Constable of Usher's Quay. -- Thomas Cafey of the County of Kerry, Esq; M.D., to Miss Anne Bourke, of Limerick, Merchant.-- Mr. John Faulkner of Nicholas-street, Currier, to Miss Elizabeth Davis of Winetavern-street.-- Mr. John Grant of Stafford-Street, Merchant, to Miss White of Abbey-street.-- Mr. Richard Towell of Skibbereen, to Miss Margaret Roche, Daughter of Mr. William Roche, of Kilworth in the County of Cork--Mr. Bartholomew Kennedy, Silk-weaver of Francis-street, was married to Miss Flanagan, Mantaumaker, in said street.
     DEATHS.] Died last Tuesday in Abbey-street, Mr. Richard Wheeler, Clark of St. Mary's Dublin.-- In Peter-street, Col. Paul Minchin of the Co. of Carlow.-- In Stephen-street, Mrs. Fletcher, Wife of Doctor Fletcher.

Freeman Journal
Dublin, Ireland
Tuesday, August 28, 1764

     Col. Phaire, the Hon. Ricarda Phaire, Lady Julia Annesly, Capt. Pierce, Luke Grant, Esq; Mr. Gorman and a Cargo of Merchandise arrived in the Lively, Williams, from Parkgate; and the Kildare, M'Cullogh, with Passengers and Merchandise, arrived at the same Place.
     John Healy Hutchinson, Esq; and his Lady, Counsellor Fitzgibbon, Major Jeffries and his Lady, Col. Clarges, Capt. Cashel, _____ Smyth, and _____ Upton, Esqrs., Miss Grove, Mr. and Mrs. Trufin, Mess. Maddock, Parker, Jones and Chamberlin, sailed in the Dorset Yacht, Capt. Williams, for Parkgate.
     At Night, Mess. Flood, Willes, Kelly, Rawden, and the Mail, arrived in the Bessgborough Packet from Hollyhead; and Mr. and Miss Phillips and Mr. Thomas sailed in the Mary, Williams, for Parkgate.
     Same Day was married, Mr. Whelling of the Upper-Coombe, to the Widow Williams of said Place.
     Monday, Aug. 20] An Adjournment of the Quarter Sessions of the City of Dublin was held at the Tholsel, when the following Person were tried and found guilty of Felonies, viz. Honora Brier, Peter Carty, Phoebe Nicholson, John Traynor, and Michael Brady, and all ordered for Transportation; Rebecca Hall and Catherine Deering and Annistas Magennis, were ordered private Correction; and four were acquitted. After which Court adjourned to Wednesday the 29th Instant.
     Thursday, Aug. 23] The Hampden, Packet-boat, arrived from Holyhead with Captains Gray, Arthur, Tate, Johnson, Butler and Thompson, Mr. Wilkinson and Family, Miss Cornell, Mrs. Carlton, Mrs. Dobson, Miss Staples, Miss Huttable, Messrs. Bolton, Ladwell, Cuffley [or Cussley] , Morris, Robinson, Fawcet, Robinson, Dunn, Billing, Magee, Scott, Twigg and one Mail.
     Friday, Aug. 24] Being Election Day, of the Corporation of Cutlers, Painter-Stainers, and Stationers, or, Guild of St. LUKKE, the Evangelist; Mr. Richard Ashley, Cutler, was elected Master, Mr. John Lightburne, Painter, and Mr. _____ _____, Stationer, were elected Wardens, for the ensuing Year.
    MARRIAGES.] In Great Britain-street, Mr. John Castle, to the agreeable Miss Geraldine Teatt, of said Street.-- In Belfast, Mr. Samuel Hyde, Merchant to Miss Peggy Hamilton, Daughter of James Hamilton of Ballymena, Esq; - Joseph Deane, Esq; Representative in Parliament for the Borough of Ennisteague, to Mrs. Daly, of Kilbrue, the Seat of Gorges Lowther, Esq; in the County of Meath.-- Mr. Alcock, near the City Bason, to Miss Elizabeth Carmichael, of Bride-street, Daughter of the last Rev. John Carmichael.
     DEATHS.] In Trinity lane, of a tedious Indisposition, Mr. John Burnet.-- Hon. and Rev. John Maitland, (Brother to the Earl of Maitland) Rector of Painstown and Castlepollard in the Diocese of Meath.-- At his Country Seat in the County of Tyrone, Robert Lowry, Esquire.-- In Great Ship-street, Mr. James Truelock, Gun-Smith.-- In Church-street, Mr. Lamb.-- In Rider's-Lane, Mr. William Fleming, A Gentleman of a good Character, and whose death is sincerely lamented.-- At Cork, Mrs. Frith.-- Clement Barry, Esq; of Broadfield near Rathcool, in the County of Dublin.-- At Killester, Mr. William Ratty, Printer.-- In Charles-street, _____ Richard Middleton, one of the People called Quaker's.-- In Dominick-street, the Hon. Richard Earl of Ross; that Title is now extinct, and by his Decease a PENSION of 4000l. per annum, on this Establishment, reverts to the PUBLIC.

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