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Freeman Journal
Dublin, Ireland
Tuesday, April 3, 1764


     Cork, March 29. Sunday last died at Ballyhimock near Mallow, Robert Groves, Esq; one of his Majesty's Justices of the Peace for the County of Cork.- Tuesday on the Mall, Mrs. Colbert, Wife of Mr. Maurice Colbert, Stay-maker.- Yesterday in Hanover-street, Mrs. Poole, relict of the late Mr. Poole Cloathier.

     WEAVER's HALL, Dublin, April 2, 1764, being public Quarter Day.
     "Unanimously resolved by the Corporation of Weavers that the Freedom of the said Guild be presented to His Excellency, HUGH, Earl of NORTHUMBERLAND, Lord Lieut. General and general Governor of IRELAND; in Testimony of the grateful Sense they have of his just and benevolent Administration, and his Attention to the Trade and Manufactures of this Kingdom."
     Resolved, "That the said Freedom be presented to his Excellency in a Gold Box."

     Last Week, 855 lb of Tea, seized by Mess. Draper and Carrol were lodged in the Stores.
     Tuesday an Adjournment of the Quarter Sessions was held at the Tholsel, when Patrick Hawkins, and Elizabeth Douglas, were tried and found guilty of different Felonies, and the former was ordered for Transportation, and the latter burnt in the Hand; after which the Court adjourned to Friday, the 27th of April next.
     Tuesday Mess. George, John and William Marshal, seized 20lb of Bohea Tea, which were lodged in his Majesty's Stores.
     Friday the Drafts from General Aldercron's Regiment marched out of Town, by the Way of Bray, Wicklow, &c. for Corke, where they are to be incorporated into the Regiment ordered to embark for America; They are to be followed by Drafts from the other Regiments on Dublin Duty.
    Same Day, came on the Election of a Common-Council Man for the Corporation of Cutlers, Painters, Stainers and Stationers, in the Room of Mr. William Carr, deceased, when, Mr. Wilson was declared duly elected.
     We hear the the FREE ELECTORS of the Guild of Merchants, have nominated Mr. DAVID RIBTON, Druggist, for their Candidate, to succeed Mr. WILLIAM ELLISON, deceased, as one of the Common Council of this City.
     His Excellency the Lord Lieutenant hath been pleased to appoint the Right Hon. Nicholas Lord Viscount Loftus, Governor of the County of Wexford. And also,
     To appoint the said Lord Viscount Loftus Colonel of a Regiment of Militia in the said County, in the Room of his Father the late Right Honourable Lord Viscount Loftus deceased.
     The Mayor, Sheriffs, and Common-Council of the City of Corke, unanimously voted the Freedom of that City to the Right Hon. William Fortescue, Esq; Postmaster General in Ireland, as their Public Testimonial of his great Attention to the Regulation of the Posts of this Kingdom, which was accordingly presented to him by Alderman Newman, in a Silver Box.
     A few Days ago, Mr. Charles Christian of Dominick-street, Coach-maker, was sworn Master of the Corporation of Sadlers, &c. and Mess. Robert Walpole of Bolton-street, Upholder, and John Curtis of New-row, Sadler, were sworn Wardens for the present Year.
     MARRIED.] A few Days ago, Mr. Saunders, the celebrated Equilibrist, to the Daughter of Mr. Wilson, Goldsmith, in Dame-street.- Capt Cuffe, of the 10th Regiment, to Miss Irvina Coulton, of Bellmont, in the Co. of Fremanagh--Edward Vokes, Gent to Miss Arabella Gubbins of Diggas street- ____ Brown Esq; to the Honourable Miss Caulfield, Sister to the Earl of Charlemount.
     DEATHS.] A few Days ago, Mrs. Elinor Kelly,Wife of Mr. Richard Kelly, Watchmaker, in Crampton Court.-- Captain Kean, one of the oldest Captains in his Majesty's Service.- On Temple Bar, the Wife of Mr. Byrne Brazier.- At Westcourt in the Co. of Kilkenny, the Wife of John Galway, of Lota, Esq; - In Anne-street, Stephen's-Green, Mr. Thomas Moran, an eminent Smith.

     The Twelve-penny Household Loaf is to weigh Nine Pounds Twelve Ounces. The middle Price of Wheat being at 2l.6s.0d. the Quarter.

Freeman Journal
Dublin, Ireland
Saturday, April 7, 1764


     Limerick, April 2. Last Wednesday died Mr. Jeremiah Carter, Woollen-draper.-- Saturday last at Riddlestown, Mrs. Blenerhassett, Wife of Gerald Blenerhasset, Esq; universally lamented for her many Virtues.- At Ennis Mr. Thomas Lucas Merchant.
     Corke, April 2. This Morning the first Division of Col. Carr's Regiment, marched from hence for Dublin.
     Tuesday the 22d ult. was married at Clonakilty Church, Newman White, of Castle-White, Esq; to Miss Mary Hungerford, eldest Daughter of Richard Hungerford, of Foxhall, Esq;
     MARRIAGES.] A few Days ago, Mr. Dominick M'Donough, Hair Dresser, to Miss Mary Neile, of Cook-street.- Mr. James Field, of Francis-street, to Miss Fullum of Kilmainham.- Mr. Michael Morgan to Miss Diana Cusack, of Meyler's-Alley.
     DEATHS.] A few Days ago, Mr. John Franklin, Shoemaker.- At Wexford, in an advanced Age, the Relict of a Mr. Eustace, most deservedly regretted.- At said Place, of a Consumption, Amyas Griffith Gent. well known in this Kingdom, by his poetical and satirical Productions.- In Clarendon-street, Mrs. Deane, Wife of Joseph Deane, of Terenure, Esq;- In the 14th Year of her Age, Miss Bridget Blake, eldest Daughter of Mr. Richard Blake, Merchant on Usher's-quay.- In Mercer's Hospital a poor Old Man: His Death was occasioned by a violent Blow he received a few Days ago from a Villain on Temple Bar, by which one of his Legs was broke. The Coroner's Inquest sat on the Body, and brought in their Verdict wilful Murder.- On Temple-bar, the Wife of Mr. Parks, Peruke-maker.

     THE PROVIDENCE, Johy Mayne, Master, now taking in Goods at the Batchelor's Walk will sail the 15th Day of May (full or not full) Wind and Weather permitting. Whoever has Goods to ship, may apply to the Custom-house-Quay at the usual Hours, or of Alexander Montgomery's and Son.

     A House at Newport on Miltown Road, (with or without Stable) two Rooms and a Closet on each Floor; a Street and a back Kitchen with Pantries, a large flagged Yard, with a Pump and Coal hole; a Garden about one hundred and thirty Feet long, walled in and planted with Wall Fruit. The whole in excellent Repair, with Locks, Grates, and Chimney Pieces; the Rooms are all papered and Beh hung; it is ready for immediate Reception of a Tennant. For Situation, Prospect and Air, there are few Houses within the like Distance from Town, (not being above half an Hours Walk from any Part) more convenient for a Citizen. For further Particulars, enquire of Mr. William Grant, at the third House above the Swan, on said Road.

Freeman Journal
Dublin, Ireland
Tuesday, April 10, 1764


     Cork, April 5. Tuesday and Yesterday Part of the 66th, Lord Adam Gordon's Regiment arrived in Town for Embarkation. The three other Regiments ordered from hence for the West-Indies, viz. 62d Strode's, 68th Lampton's and 70th Trapaud's, are on the Rout, and will be here in a few Days.
     Yesterday the Right Hon. Lord Chief Baron Willis, and Mr. Serjeant Patterson arrived in Town from Clonmell, on the Circuit, and opened their Commissions in the respective Courts.
     At Waterford Assizes, two were cast for Transportation and one John Greacy was sentenced to stand in the Pillory, and to be imprisoned for six Months, for uttering some treasonable Expressions.
     At Clonmell Assizes, Robert Whithead was found guilty of the Murder of an elderly Woman and a young Girl, her Relation at Carrick-on-Share, some Months ago, as mentioned in this Paper. The Villain was convicted on the most satisfactory Evidence, of barbarously cutting both their Throats, after robbing the Woman of some Money she had industriously acquired in the huckstering Business, &c.- Another Fellow was capitally convicted of Horse Stealing, and several Prisoners charged with different Crimes were Acquitted.
     Died Tuesday at Bachelors-quay, after a very tedious illness, Miss Mary Devonsheir, Sister to Mr. Joseph Devonsheir, Merchant, much lamented by all her Acquaintances.- In Cock-pitt-lane, Mr. Charles King, Presser of Woollen Goods; an honest Man.- In the Back Shambles, Mrs. Daniel, Widow of the late Mr. James Daniel, Publican


     SEIZURES.- A few Days ago, 1047 lb of Tea, and a Basket of curious China, seized by Sir Randel O'neil;- And 1060lb. of Tea, and six Casks of Brandy, seized by Messrs. Harrison, Jun. Morgon and Draper, were lodged in the Custom-House Stores.
     MARRIED.] A few Days ago, Mr. Andrew Reading, of Coolock, to the agreeable Miss Lucy Traynor, of Glassnevin.
     DEATHS.] A few Days ago, at his Apartments in Leicester-fields, London, ____ Fitzgerald Esq; Counsellor at Law.-- At Cornfield, in the County of Mayo, the Wife of John Ormsby, of Cummin, Esq;-- At Tyman in the County of Armagh, Mr. Robert Middleton, aged 98; he retained his Senses to the last.--In Nicholas-street, the Wife of Mr. Richard Lawless, Currier.--On the Batchelor's-walk, Mrs. Young.-- In Portarlington, Mr. Peter Burrowes.-- In Britain-street, the Widow Bermingham.-- Mr. William Poole, of Carlow, an eminent Merchant.-- In Essex-street, the Widow Elliott.-- In New-street, aged ??, A Bonigier, M.D.-- At Loughrea, the Wife of Mr. John French, at Kouli Kan.-- Near Kilcullin-Bridge, Dr. Mark M'Aulay.-- In Bride's-alley, the Widow Boylan--In Sackville-street, Mrs. Bellingham, Relict of _____ Bellingham, of Castle-Bellingham, in the County of Lowth, Esq; and Daughter of the late Hugh Henry, Esq;
     The Twelve-penny Household Loaf is to weigh 9 Pounds 15 Ounces 0 Drachms. The middle Price of Wheat being at 2l.5s.0d. the Quarter.


     Among several who received public Honour when Judgments were given out, at the Close of the Quarter, the following young Gentlemen deserved the Extraordinary Thanks of the House, for their remarkable Diligence.
     In Greek: Scott sen Lesann [or Lesanu], Crowe, Buck, zdus, Coates, Durham.
     Latin: Scott sen Lesann [ or Lesanu], Lang, Crowe, Graydon, Buck, zdus. Durham, Coates, Exshaw, Cuningham.
     French: Lang, Wall, Pemberton, Exshaw, Morres, Mellor.
     English: Buck, ?mus, et zdus, Exhaw, Sharp, Cuningham.
     History: Southwell, Lang, Ayres, Pemberton, Coates.
     Geography: Southwell, Wall, Lang, Pemberton.
     Geometry: Wall, Lesanu [or Lesann], Lang, Southwell, Buck, ?mus et zdus.
     Arithmetick: Pemberton, Morres, Ayres, Ryan.
     Algebra: Wall, Pemberton, Lang.
     Fortification: Southwell.
     Book-keeping: Pemberton.
     Writing: Scott sen Buck zmus, Moore, Debermiere.
     Drawing: Southwell, and Buck zmus.
     Musick: Scott sen and jun.
     Fencing: Sturgeon, Southwell, Grogan.

Freeman Journal
Dublin, Ireland
Saturday, April 14, 1764


          Died this Morning in Paul's-street, Mrs. Margaret Seymour, Widow of the late Mr. Nicholas Seymour, Pewterer.-- Last Week at Kilworth, Mr Mot. Cunningham.-- At the same Place, Mr. Thomas Strangeman.-- Yesterday near Rathcormuck, Mr. Maurice White, jun.

     At Night, Mr. Kane of Kilmainham, Miller, was unhappily killed by attending his Mill.
     Last Thursday died Mr. George Ewing, an eminent Bookseller, who lived to an advanced Age, with great Credit and Reputation.-- Same Day died, Sir John Freke Bart, one of the Representatives in Parliament for the City of Cork.

Freeman Journal
Dublin, Ireland
Tuesday, April 17, 1764


     Cork, April 12. Yesterday his Majesty's Ship, the Burford, 64 Guns, Capt. Logie, arrived at Cove; she is one of the Ships destined to take the Troops on board. The other Ships are daily expected.
     Tuesday arrived His Majesty's Frigate, Hussar, 28 Guns, Capt. Smith, from Waterford.
     Since our last Colonel Strode's Regiment, and the Drafts from General Aldercron's Regiment arrived in Town.
     Yesterday the Assizes ended here, when Dillon M'Namarra, a French Soldier received Sentence of Death to be executed the 26th of May next, for inlisting Men into the French Service. He was taken last Sunday Night by Colonel Parker of Youghall. The other Foreigners mentioned in our last was acquited.
     John Broder, James Mackenerny, Patrick Broder and Michael  Murphy, found guilty of seditious Associations and Riots at Michelstown, are sentenced to stand in the Pillory at that Town; the two former to be imprisoned one Year and half; and the two latter for two Years.
     William Colbert for stealing Linen out of a Bleach-Yard, Honer Sheehane and Elinor Fitzgerald, alias Hease, alias, Driscoll to be transported, and William Roche detected picking Pockets in the Court to be confined till next Assizes.
    Last Tuesday Mr. Matthew Church, of this City Merchant, was married to Miss Sarah Newsom, Daughter of Mr. Solomon Newsom, both of the people called Quakers.
     Limerick, April 12. Yesterday died universally lamented by all his Acquaintance, James Knight of Charleville, Esq; - This Morning, much lamented, Mrs. Parker, Wife of John Parker, Burgess.

    Mr. Richard Cross of Clownish, County Monaghan, was married to Miss Mary Eleanor Hardman of Cumber in the same County.
     Edmond Cotter of Cellbridge, Esq; is appointed a Justice of the Peace for the County of Kildare.
     The Regiments commanded by General Montagu, Colonel Scott, General Aldercron, and Colonel Clavering, are to March for Country Cantonments in a few Days, and are to be replaced on Dublin Duty by General Hodgson's, General Carr's, General Blundenell's and Colonel Owen's Regiments of Foot.
     Tuesday April 10] Kane O'Hara, a notorious Offender, who about three Years ago received sentence of Death, for Robbery, but was reprived on Condition of Transportation, was taken at the Review in the Park, and brought to Town and lodged in Newgate. He has been guilty of some Robberies lately, for which he was on Wednesday committed by the Sitting Justice.
     DEATHS.] A few Days ago, Mrs. Hamilton, Wife of Joshua Hamilton, Esq; Surveyor of the port of Wateford.--In Hanbury-lane, Mr. Philips.--In Mary-street, Mrs. Daniel, Relict of the late Reverend Dean Daniel.
     Yesterday died, the Right Hon. Warden Flood, Esq; Lord Chief Justice of Ireland; he is succeeded in Estate by his only Son, Henry Flood, Esq; a Burgess in Parliament for Calen, in the County of Kilkenny--Same Day, at Mr. Clossy's in Abbey-street, Mr. John West.

                                              Dublin, April 2, 1764.
     To the Committee of the FREE-PRESS.
THE CASE of John O'Donnel, lately a Shoemaker, now a poor Cobler, in Kelly's-Lane, Dorset-street, with a Family of small Children, humbly sheweth,
     THAT in the last Week, the said John O'Donnel did duly summons John C_____k Gentleman, for a Debt of 35 Shillings, contracted in the County of Kerry, (a small Matter to the Gentleman-Debtor, but a vast Sum to the poor Creditor in his present reduced Circumstances.)
     That the said John O'Donnel did attend at the appointed Time and was called upon as Plaintiff, but the Defendant was not called upon, neither did he appear. That the then sitting Magistrate demanded the said Summons and took it from Plaintiff, and having written something thereon, put it into his Pocket, tho' it has cost the Plaintiff Six-pence; and finally told the said O'Donnel, That he must go to the County of Kerry, and there sue for his Debt, where it had been contracted.
     If this be the Law of the City of Dublin, more especially in their Court of Conscience, surely People ought to be told so much.
     Were it publickly known that, the poorer a Man is, and the more he wants the Relief of Justice, the more he shall be disabled and disqualified for obtaining it; it would save many wretched Creditors from being further destroyed, by fruitless Expectations, Attendance, Loss of Time and Cost of Suit.
    For want of the said Sum, fairly and hardly earned from the said wealthy Gentleman, and which, small as it is, would have made me and my Little-ones happy, I must now long labour under the Extremity of many Wants; unless You, Gentlemen, can inform me of some Court of Law, of Conscience, where the Poor may recover what is justly their Due; or unless you will be pleased, by some charitable Contribution, to make Amends for this uncharitable Defect in the Practice of Equity.     J. O'Donnel.

         Or, in the whole Unfurnished,
    The House at little Cork near Bray, in the County of Dublin. It stands in a healthful and pleasant Situation, retired from the Great Road, within half a Mile or thereabouts of the Dargle. There is Land convenient, belonging to said House, any Part whereof shall be sett or Cattle grazed, at the pleasure of any Lodger, or other Tenant, and Goods or Marketing may be brought from Dublin, at a moderate Expence.
    Inquiry may be made of Mr. Robert Maddock, at Mr. Gibbon's Suffolk-street, or at his House at Porto-Bello, near Kevin's Port, on the Rathmines Road.
     N.B. The Interest of the Lease of said House and Land, (which contains about 25 Acres) is to be sold.

Freeman Journal
Dublin, Ireland
Saturday, April 21, 1764


    Cork, April 16. John Miles, of Rochestown in the County of Tipperary, Esq; is appointed one of His Majesty's justices of the Peace for said County.
     Tuesday last, two Fellows of the Name of Holloway, found guilty at the Assizes of Clonmell, of being concerned in rioting, &c. stood in the Pillory, which Punishment they are sentenced to suffer a second Time, and to remain in Prison one Year. Two other Men of the Name of Murphy, found guilty of like Offences, are also to undergo like Punishments.
     Part of the Troops bound for the West Indies, at present quartered here, are expected to embark at Cove on Friday next.
     Friday arrived His Majesty's Ship Hind, 20 Guns, Capt. M'Cleverdy, from Carricfergus.
     Saturday died Thomas Millerd, Esq; only Son of Alderman Hugh Millerd. He was lately appointed Surveyor of the Land Carriage of this District.

                 DUBLIN-CASTLE, April 16, 1751.
     HIS Majesty has been pleased to make the following Promotions in the Army on this Establishment, and the Commissions are come over accordingly, viz.
Ranks.      Officers Names              In whose Room                  Regiments.
Cap.         Fred. Blomberg, H.P.    Wm. Inglis                          Strode's
Cap.         Arthur Ward, H.P.          Tho. Martin                       Ditto.
Ensign       Joseph Willock, H.P.      Joseph Phillips                   Ditto
Lieut.        Ed. Mainwarin, H.P.       Geo. Dansy                       Gordon's
Ensign       John Henry, H.P.            Tho. Martin                       Ditto.
Q. Ma      Wm. Hanton, H.P.                                                   Ditto
Ensign       John Sinclair, H.P.          Forster Hill                        Lamton's
Ensign       Arthur O'Hara, H.P.       Jas. Bea??on                     Ditto
Ensign       Henry Brush, H.P.          Samuel Mils                       Ditto
Surgeon    G.A. Cuninghame, H.P.  Tho. Bristow                      Ditto
Q. Ma       James Munro, H.P.                                                  Ditto
Cap           Arth. Thompson, H.P.   W.M. Richardson               Trapaud
Capt. Lt    Edw. Hicks, H.P.           John Stephens                     Ditto
Lieut.         Mi. Rt. Westrop, H.P.   Edw. Hicks, pr                    Ditto

     Thursday, April 12] At Night three Sharpers, genteelly dressed, went into the House of Mr. Charlott, Publican in George's-lane, and being shewn into the Parlour, took an Opportunity of stealing out of a Cupboard a Silver Tea Tongs, a Tea Spoon, and a Pound of Coffee,--As this is a new Kind of Fraud lately put in Practice, in this City, Publicans should be cautious in letting Strangers into Rooms where any Thing of Value are.
     This Week Thomas Hodgin and Francis Murrey, were committed to Newgate by Edward Noy, Esq; for stealing a Sheep, the Property of Mason Gerrard, Esq; which they killed and skined, but were detected in carrying it off by Mess. Draper, Carroll and Aylmer Revenue Officers; Murrey found Means to make his Escape, but by the Vigilence of Mr. Noy he was taken the next Day.
     A charitable Lady hath given the Sum of 200l. to St. Patrick's Hospital; in Consideration of which Benefaction the Governors have ordered one of the Cells to be distinguished with an Inscription, bearing her Name and Arms, and have set it apart for the Reception of a Patient, at the Recommendation of the said Lady, and her Representatives for ever.
    MARRIED.] A few Days ago, Mr. ____ Merchant, of Ross Merchant, to Miss Burton, of Waterford.-- Mr. King of Linen hall Street, to Miss Montgomery, Daughter of Mr. Robert Montgomery, and eminent Tobacconist in Caple-street--Mr. John Bond, of Dunleary, to Miss Betty Ireland, of High-street.
     DIED.] A few Days ago, at Galway, Miss Mary Bodkin.-- At Carrick on Shannon, Mr. James Little. -- At her House in great Cuffe-street, Mrs. Supple, Relict of the late and Mother to the present Richard Supple, Esq; of Ahadoe, near Castle-martyr, in the County of Cork.-- On Rogerson's-Quay, Mr. Arthur--In Chequer-lane, Mr. Bowles, formerly of Wicklow--In Cabragh-lane, Miss Lucy Archer, Daughter of the late Alderman Archer--In George's lane, Miss Emilia Mason, Daughter of Mr. Mason, belonging to the Choir of both Cathedrals--At her Lodgings in Spittle-Fields, Miss Elizabeth Patterson, much lamented by all her Acquaintance.

    JOHN PURSELL, House-painter, &c., has removed from Burr's-court, to the House that Mr. Hollister lately lived in, opposite the Charter School-Nursery in York street, where he hopes to be honoured with the Commands of the Nobility, Gentry and others his Friends, as usual; he also hopes there is no Necessity for mentioning his Care, Punctuality, and moderate Charges.
     April the 20th 1764.


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