Freeman Journal
Dublin, Ireland
September 10, 1763

   DUBLIN, September 10.

     On Tuesday last, Mr. Alex. Cairncross, Painter, died in Mary-street: He was a Man of unblemished Character, and much regretted by his Friends and Acquaintance.
      On Wednesday, the Dorset-Yatch, Capt. Williamson, sailed for Holyhead, to wait for his Excellency the Earl of Northumberland, who is expected about the 20th Inst.
     On Thursday arrived the Hampden Packet from Holyhead, with Col. Keene Warburton and Leeson, Mrs. and Miss Hamilton, Mr. and Mrs. Garret, Messrs. Warburton, Hall, Brent and the Mail.
     The Rt. Hon. Sir Compton Domville, Bart. Sir James Caldwel, Bart. Dr. Baily, Mr and Mrs. Shields, and the Mail, arrived in the Fortescue Packet from Holyhead; for which Place she sailed last Week, having on board Capt. Daniel, Lieut. Halpen, Mr. Hamilton, and Family, Mr. Nixon and Family, Mess. Emered, Hore and Nixon.
     A few Days ago died in Christ-Church lane, Mr. Peter Brett, formerly Parish-clerk of Castleknock.
     Tuesday was married, Mr. Bryan Reilly of the Town of Monaghan, an aminent [sic] Distiller, to Miss Mary Ford of Smithfield, an agreeable young Lady with a handsome Fortune.
     September 9. This Day the Quarter Sessions was held at the Tholsel, pursuant to Adjournment, when Mr. Mark Thomas, seizing Officer was tried for assaulting Mr. Peck Grocer, and acquitted. Catherine Stubbs, for Felony, to be transported for seven Years; Mary Moran, for petty Larceny to be privately corrected, and eight others for Felony acquitted.- The Court adjourned to Monday Morning.
     LOTTERY TICKETS in all the Schemes sold, (and register'd gratis) by W. Williamson, Wholesale Stationer in Bride-street.

By Authority,

    Under the direction of John Page, Esq; Member of Parliament for Chichester, Sir John Fieldin, Knt. and Robert Dingley, Esq; Guardians & c of the Assylum for supporting of Female Orphans, and the Magdalen Hospital for Protection of Penitent Prostitutes, &c.
    THE Public Sale of Mr. Ward's Medecines [sic], for sundry Diseases and Disorders, seemingly incurable by every other Means, or Method; and, prepared in London by Messrs. White and D'Ofterman; to whom His most Sacred Majesty allows Pentions for that Purpose; is now established in Ireland, at the Elixir Warehouse, or Dispensary, in Silver Court, Castle-street, Dublin; from whence Letters and Orders are answered, and regular Introductions for Use in all Cases, are given, &c.
                By RICHARD MOORE DICKSON.
N.B. At said Ware-house, are to be had a select Parcel of Dr. James's Powders for Fevers, with regular Instructions at large for use, not to be had at any other Place in Ireland.


Freeman Journal
Dublin, Ireland
September 13, 1763

     On Saturday Night last the Kitchen Window of Messrs Lightburn in Dame-street was broke open, and thereout was taken a chas'd Cream-Boat, and four Table Spoons. For securing the Plate and Thief, three Guineas Reward is promised by the Proprietor.
     On Sunday Se'nnight, the Lord Bishop of Clogher held an Ordination in the Cathedral Church of Clogher, when Messrs. Mar? Forster, Adam Smith, St. John Blackhall, and William Campbell, were ordained Deacons, and Messrs. Thomas Campbell, John Hines, Andrew Ker and Andrew Young, Ezekiel Brown, Priests.
     Last Friday Night, about Ten o'Clock as Mr. Goodwin, of the General Post-Office Dublin, and another Gentleman were in their Chaise returning from Ringsend, they were attacked at the Corner of Moss-street, near George's-quay, by six or seven Footpads, armed with Cutlasses and Fire-Arms, who wounded them in several Places; robbed them of their Watches and Cash, and afterwards made off.
     Same Day Sir Thomas Newcomen, and Family, Capt. Smyth, ____ Lambert, Esq; and Family, Messrs. Sands and Gourly, sailed in the Lively Williams for Pa?kgate.
    On Friday, the 16th Instant will come on at the Tholsel, the Election of an Alderman of the City, in the Room of Alderman Andrew Murray, deceased.
     Last Sunday, a Man dropped down in Corn-market and instantly expired.
     Same Day, ____ Doyle, Peruke-maker, in Charles-street was seized with an Appoplectic-Fit in Kezar's-lane and instantly expired.

     MARRIAGES. A few Days ago, at Limerick, George Gray, Esq; of Col. Gray's Regiment of Foot, to Miss Margaret Moore, Daughter of Roger Moore, Esq; late of Ballyneelogh, in the County of Limerick.
- Abraham Creighton, Esq; one of the Representatives of Parliament for the Borough of Lifford, to Mrs. Acheson, relict of William Acheson, Esq; only Brother to Sir Arch. Acheson, Bart. a Lady of great Merit, with a considerable Fortune.

     DEATHS. At Cork, the Wife of Mr. Sadler, Cooper.
     - At Galway, Mr. Peter Martin, late of Capivarna and formerly one of the most considerable Farmers in the Kingdom. - At Limerick, the Wife of Mr. Christopher Carr Davis, Merchant. - Usher of Mount-Usher, Esq. - In Loughlinstown, Co. of Dublin, Mr. Owen Bray, deservedly lamented. - At Lisburn, in the County of Down, advanced in Years, Mr. Jacob Handcock.


Freeman Journal
Dublin, Ireland
September 17, 1763

DUBLIN, September 17.

     Last week one Kelly and Larkin were taken up on Suspicion of robbing Messrs. Goodwin as mentioned in our last.
     Last Tuesday died in New-Row, Mr. Thomas Lowth, an eminent Shoemaker, formerly Master of the Corporation, a Man of very fair Character.
     On Thursday the Remains of _____ Nugent, Esq; of Kilmore in the County of Westmeath, who died on his Return from Bath, was brought over by the Race-Horse from Parkgate. The Besborough Packet brought the following Passengers from Holyhead, viz. Bellingham Boyle, Esq; and his Lady, Miss Boyle, Col Hervey, Mrs. Cane and her Daughter, Captains Dean, Desbirsay, Dumerig, Cotter, Ambsey, Evans, Lehunt, Messrs. Cane, Bunbury, Caldwell, Willson, Manrock and several other Passengers with the Mail; and on Thursday she sailed with the Town-Major Capt. Taggart, Mr. Lawless, Mr. Babe, and the Mail.
     On Friday last was committed to Newgate Patrick Murray, Anthony Garry, and Thomas Lamb, for assaulting and wounding Hugh Cathcart, Watchman, and breaking one of the Globes of St. John's Parish. As was also Hugh Ryan and William Walsh, for assaulting and wounding James Delahide. And James Lear, for stealing a Silver Watch, the Property of John Bryan. Elizabeth Smyth for being concerned in the Robbery of Mr. Joyce in May last; and Valentine Connor, for assaulting and wounding Thomas Healy, John Albert and James M'Grath.
     On Saturday last 67 Casks of Leaf Tobacco, 16 Casks of Tea, and 9 Casks of Brandy, seized by Frederick Cunningham, Esq., were lodged in the Custom-House Stores.
     On Saturday last Mr. Anthony Robinson Surveyor on the Lands of Shankhill near Loughlinstown, seized about 800 lb weight of Tea, which were lodged in his Majesty's Stores which was attempted to be refused by a numerous Mob on said Lands.
     Yesterday the Election for an Alderman for this City came on at the Tholsel, in the Room of Alderman Andrew Murray, deceas'd, when the Aldermen sent down to the Commons the Names of the four following Sheriffs Peers, Arthur Lamprey, George Wrighton, William Darquier, and Matthew Baillie, Esqrs. The Election fell on the latter.
     We are informed that John Hely Hutchinson Esq; his Majesty's PRIME SERJEANT at LAW, succeeds the Right Honourable Edward Weston Esq; in the important Office of ALNAGER of all Ireland, which this very Honourable Gentleman, for the Good of this Poor Country, resigns for a small Pension of five Hundred Pounds a Year.

WHEREAS, I John Maudsly of Killee, in the Kings County, Gent. having of late received several Insults and Abuses from my Wife Willers Maudsley, otherwise Flinn; by her repeated ill Treatment, such as turning me out of my own House, and receiving my Rents, whereout she allows me no Subsistance. Now I do hereby caution all Persons whatsoever not to Credit my said Wife on my Account, as I am determined not to pay any Debt she may contract. And whereas I have this Day executed a proper Letter of Attorney to Price Dempsy of the City of Dublin Gent. one of the Attornies of the Exchequer to receive my Rents, and Arrears of Rent, in Marrowbone Lane in the Liberty of Thomas-Court and Donore, in the Suburbs of the City of Dublin. Now I hereby Caution all my Tenants on said Premisses, not to pay my said Wife any part of said Rents, but to pay the same to the said Price Dempsy, otherwise I shall make the said Tenants, to pay their respective Rents over again to me. Dated this 5th day of September, 1763.     JOHN MAUDSLEY.

Brother to the late James Gardiner, Operator for the Teeth,

    TAKES this method to acquaint the Public, that he has an infallible Specific, called Dentrific Albiator, Price 2s. 8d.-halfp. a Box, which perfectly whitens the Teeth, and preserves them, cures the Scurvy, and gives a natural Vermillion Colour to the Gums; in short, it is allowed by all Person that have made Trial of it, to be the best that has hitherto been made use of . He cleans and scales the Teeth, and undertakes to render the blackest perfectly white and beautiful in less than an Hours Time, and places where needful artificial Teeth, with the greatest Exactness and Nicety; so that People may eat, drink, and sleep with them in their Mouths, and use them in common, as natural ones, from which they cannot be discovered by the sharpest Eye. He fills the hollow Teeth with Gold or Lead, according to Desire, and fastens loose Teeth in their Sockets. He draws the useless Teeth and Stumps with the greatest Ease and Safety.
     Note. Said Gardiner having practiced a considerable Time with Success, he hopes by his Care to merit the Favour of his Friends and the Public.
     Lodging at Mrs. Huffey's in Moor-street, will be attended at home or abroad.


    WIDOW and Executrix of MICHAEL SHARMAN, Shoemaker, late of High-street, Dublin, at the Britannia Man of War opposite St. Michael's Church, who for many years had the honour to serve the nobility and public in general in the most elegant and gentee taste, continues to carry on said business in the most extensive manner, and as she will employ none but the best hands, hopes for a continuance of their favour, which she will endeavour to merit by having their commands executed in the most exact manner: Country Merchants and others will find their advantage to deal with her, as her goods are known to be the best in the Kingdom, and has always on hands, a large assortment ready for exportation.
     N.B. She humbly entreats the favour of those in debted to her to discharge their Accomps.


Freeman Journal
Dublin, Ireland
September 20, 1763


    Cork, Sept. 15. Last Week was married at Thurles in the County of Tipperary, Mr. Thomas Hough, to the agreeable Miss Polly Shee, Daughter of Mr. Robert Shee of that Place.
     COMMITTED. Last Friday to the County Jail, John Ronayne, charged with stealing a Horse, the property of Joseph Hallahan of Kilrush- Monday Jeremiah Hedrington, charged with murdering William Barry late of Killeagh.- Tuesday to the City Jail, David Caple, for stealing a full bound firkin of Butter, value 16s out of the Cellar of Hugh Norcott, Esq.


     In our last, for want of better Information, what we think the Public interested in knowing, that the State of the Poll, in balloting for the Election of an Alderman, on Friday last, stood thus;
     For Mr. Darquier     1.
     For Mr. Lamprey     3.
     For Mr. Wrighton    0.
     For Mr. Bailie          91.
    Mr. Wrighton, whose character in public and private Life is most respectable in the Eyes of the Commons and Citizens, would undoubtedly have had many Votes upon this Occasion, had he not held an Employment subject to the Ministry, which is looked upon to be incompatable [sic] with the Office of Magistrate.
     Mr. Alex Pope, Gent., of the City of Waterford, is sworn into the Office of Master of Chancery, for said City, by a Commission issued for that Purpose.
     We have an account by the last Packet, that on Wednesday the 7th inst. died at Clifton [England] the Hon. Lady Harriet Fitzgerald, third Daughter of the most noble Marquis of Kildare.
     SEIZURES. On the 13th Instant, the St. Johana, Boe Hanson, Master, from Norway, was seized by Mr. Robert Dyer in the Harbour of Kinsale, for having about 20lb of Tea concealed on Board.
     MARRIAGES. Thomas Vincent of New-brook, in the County of Kildare, Esq.; to Miss Newcomen, Daughter of Brabazon Newcomen, of the County of Lowth, Esq.; a most agreeable Lady with a large Fortune.
     Mr. Thomas Symmonds, of Meath-street, Merchant, to Miss Bewley.
     Mr. John Barrington, Tallow Chandler, at James's Gate to Miss Anne Plumber of Coal-alley, all of the People called Quakers.
     Mr. Thomas Donnelly of Thomas-street, Grocer, to Miss Mary Ann Byrne of Saggart, County of Dublin.
     On Friday Evening last, Mr. Stanford, an eminent Linen Draper in Pil-lane, had the Happiness of being married to Miss Nelligan of the County of Longford, a very sensible, prudent, and agreeable young Lady, with a good Fortune.
     DEATHS. A few Days ago, Mr. Robert Elliot, Port-surveyor of Passage, Waterford- At the Barrack in Limerick, Capt. Bland, of Colonel Owens regiment.- In Great Britain-street, universally regretted the Rev. Mr. Peter Richardson, Rector of Drumgoon near Coothill, in the Diocese of Kilmore.- In New-Row.
     On Saturday last, died universally lamented, Magrath Fergus, Doctor of Physic, Son of the late celebrated John Fergus, Doctor of Physic. As this young Gentleman gave early Proofs of the greatest Genius, Assiduity, and Charity in his Profession, eminently possessed every social Virtue, and exemplary filial Piety in particular, the Loss of such a Friend to the Public, such an Ornament to his Profession, and such a Comfort to his Family, is easier conceived than expressed.

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