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Freeman Journal
Dublin, Ireland
3 Dec 1763


     Last Thursday morning at Christ Church, Mr. Richard Loyd, of Rathcormack, to Miss Jane Austin, Daughter of the late Thomas Austin, Esq; one of the Burgesses of this City; a most agreeable young Lady, with 1300l. Fortune.
Since our last the Remainder of Colville's Regiment marched for Galway, as did Gen. Malpa's Regiment for Limerick.
      DEATHS. Last Tuesday at her Lodgings on the Mall, Mrs. Mary White, of Green Hall in the Country of Tipperary; a young lady of many endearing Qualities, Thursday in Black-pool of a Mortification in her Throat, Miss Wheeler, second Daughter of Mr. ?ane Wheeler. In Ch??er's Lane, Miss Mary Brett. Saturday in Mallow-lane, Mrs.Frith, Wife of Simon Frith, much lamented by all her Acquaintance.
     Friday last died, Mr. William Forbery, Tanner, a Man of a very fair Character, and much lamented.

Nov. 27th.] James Dillon Gent. renounced the Errors of the Church of Rome.
      Dec. 1st] Mr. Ephraim Thwares was sworn Master, Mess. Arthur Guiness and James Forbes Jones were sworn Wardens of the Corporation of Brewers.
     Mr. Finlay one of his Majesty's Messengers, with an Express, and the Main for England, sailed on board the Hawke of London, Harris for Holyhead.
     Thursday, William Keating, being charged on Oath for an Assault, Riot and Felony, committed by him and other Persons unknown, was sent to Newgate by William Chamberlaine, Esq; It is to be remarked, that this is the Person who was the principal Witness produced against Mr. Benjamin Haughton, and eminent Citizen, on the 23th ult. The Nature and Weight of whose Testimony on that Occasion, those that attended that Tryal, are the best Judges of.
    By the violent Storm which happened on Thursday Night the first Instant: The House of Mr. George Warner, The Boot and Shoe Ware House on Ormond Quay was blown down; by which Accident two of Mr. Walter's Children, his Nurse, and Foremen were killed, and his Clerk with much Difficulty faced by being dug out of the Rubbish.
     The poor Prisoners in the Four Courts Marshalsea acknowledge the Receipt of five Guineas by the Hands of Mr. Alex. M'Culloh, Printer in Henry-street, sent by an unknown Inhabitant of St. Mary's Parish of a middling Station, as we are informed; for which they return their generous and humane Benefactor, their most grateful Thanks and Prayers.
     Two Women and a Man were committed to Newgate for the Murder of Mr. Charles Delany. It is said one of the Women has confessed her being an Accomplice in that horrid Affair.

     A Protestant Lad, fourteen Years of Age, is wanted as an APPRENTICE. He must be well recommended, and the Fee will be moderate. Enquire of Mr. WILLIAM KING, Mathematical Instrument Maker on Temple-Bar.

Freeman Journal
Dublin, Ireland
6 Dec 1763

     Limerick, Dec. 8- Last Saturday died Mr. Jones Langford of Tullaha in the County of Limerick; a Gentleman of such Integrity, Honesty, and Sincerity as gained him the Esteem of all his Acquaintance, whose Death is most deservedly lamented.
     Last Wednesday died at Kiltennan, Mrs. Mary Weeks, Mother to Nicholas Weeks, of Ballynanty, Esq.; a Gentlewoman of exemplary Virtue and Piety.
     Yesterday died at her Lodgings in Mungret-street, the Widow Bennet, in the 76th Year of her Age.
     Belfast, Dec. 2. Last Sunday died at Mount Prospect, near Moirn, Mr. John Moore, eldest Son to William Moore, of Mount Prospect, Esq.

DUBLIN, Dec. 6
     The Windmill on Gallows-Hill, near Killmainham was set a going by the Violence of the Wind, with such Volocity, that the Iron work was heated to such a Degree, that it set the Mill on Fire, by which it was entirely consumed.
     This Week Col. Johnston's Regiment of Horse will March for County Quarters; they are to be replaced on Dublin Duty by Col. Hervey's Regiment of Dragoons.
     Dec. 1st] A poor Basket-boy fell under his Load in Mary's-lane and broke his Leg; and a Gentleman's Servant's Leg was broke by the Fall of Mr. Warner's house on Ormond quay; they were both carried to the Inns-qua Infirmary, where old Linen is greatly wanted.
     Wednesday, his Excellency the Lord Lieutenant was presented with his Freedom of the City of Corke, in a Gold Box. And the Rev. Dr. Dodgson, his Excellency's first Chaplain, was presented with his Freedom of the same City, in a Silver Box.
    The same Day the Hon. John Stratford, was unanimously elected a Burgess in Parliament for the Borough of Baltinglass, in the Room of his Father lately created Lord Baltinglass.
     Friday, his Excellency the Lord Lieutenant, and the Countess of Northumberland, accompanied by several of the Nobility, Ladies and Gentlemen of Distinction, visited our University, and was received in the Hall by the Rev. Dr. Leland, who delivered an excellent Latin Oration; in the Printing House by the Hon. Mr. Cuffe, in English Verse; in the Elaboratory by Mr. Parnel in a Lattin Poem; in the Philosophy School by Mr. Willes in English Verse; and in the Library by the Rev. Dr. Murry, Librarian. After which his Excellency and the Company adjourned to the Great Room in the New Building, where a Magnificent Entertainment was provided for them. Every Thing was conducted with the utmost Ease and Elegance, at which his Excellency the Lord Lieutenant and the Countess of Northumberland and the Nobility and Gentry were pleased to express the highest Satisfaction.
     Same Day, the Quarter Sessions for the City of Dublin sat at the Tholsel pursuant to Adjournment, when Michael White and Timothy Regan were tried and found guilty of Felony, and ordered for Transportation; after which the Court adjourned to Wednesday the 14th inst.
     Last Sunday an excellent Charity Sermon was preached in the Parish Church of St. Werburgh, by the Rev. Dr. Cobbe, for the Support of the Charity-School of St. John's; after which a Collection was made of 59l. 10s. 6d.
     MARRIAGES] John Vanhomrigh, Esq; to Miss Alice Marshall, Daughter to John Marshall, of Drogheda, Esq; - The Rev. Mr. William Nesbitt of Mullingar to the most agreeable Mrs. Smyth of Anville in the County of Westmeath.- At Shruil in the County of Mayo, Mr. Myles Burke of Oranmore, to Miss Honora Sweeney.- Mr. Gough, an eminent Surgeon to Miss Clarke of Great Ship-street.
     DEATHS.] A few Days ago, at Drim in the Co. Clare, the Wife of Patrick Hickey, Gent.- In Bull Alley, aged 101, Mr. John White, formerly an eminent Smith.- In Nicholas's street, Mr John Connelly, Publican.- In Bride-street, Mr. Patrick Hartford, an eminent Linen Draper, and a Man of a fair Character.- In Patrick-Street, Mr. Barnwell, Poulterer.- At Castlerickard in the Co. Meath, George Nugent, Esq; deservedly lamented by all his Acquaintance.- At Limerick, Mr. William Fosbery, Tanner. At Ballymana in the Co. Galway, John Blake, Esq. In Cook-Street greatly lamented Mr. Christopher Boylan an eminent Baker.- In Granby Row, the Lady of Charles Gordon, Esq; - On Cock Hill, the Wife of Mr. David White, Taylor.- In Longford Street, Mr. Walter Sall, an extensive Wholesale Druggist. In Naas, greatly lamented, the Wife of the Rev. Mr. William Donnellan.- Near Newtownlimavady in the Co. of Derry, Frederick M'Causland, Esq.;- And Mr. Thomas Given.- In Castle Street, to the inexpressible Grief of her Family and Friends, Mrs. Stanly, Wife of Mr. Stanley, an eminent Sadler.

    Freeman Journal
Dublin, Ireland
10 Dec 1763


     Cork, Dec. 5. Last Thursday evening it blew a Storm with the Wind. N.E. and continued to do so all Night with great Violence, which has done considerable damage: At Blackpool a house was blown down, but happily no person hurt thereby; several other houses have been unroofed; a large Stone Wall was likewise blown down, on the Lands of Lota, near this City, the Seat of Robert Rogers, Esq; by the fall of which eight Sheep that had taken Shelter under it were crushed to death; and a great number of trees standing on said Lands were torn from their Roots. We do not hear of any damage being done to the Shipping in this Harbour; but it is feared we shall have dismal Accounts from Sea.
     Friday morning a poor man was found dead near Whitechurch, on the road between this City and Mallow, without any marks of violence on him; It is supposed he perished by the inclemency of the weather on Thursday night.
     Same day died at Mount-Prospect, Catherine Danahy, a poor woman, aged 100 years, who retained her senses to the moment of her death. Her husband, who is near the same age, is now living, and earns his livelihood by daily working at the spade.
     Limerick, Dec. ?. Last Week died at his seat at Crotto in the County of Kerry, Richard Ponsonby, Esq; Member in the last Parliament for the Town of Kinsale. A Gentleman of the greatest integrity, honour and hospitality, whose death is universally mourned.
     Belfast, Dec. 6. Last Thursday evening, in the great storm, ran on a rock at the entrance of the harbour of Donaghadee, and went to pieces, the brig Phoenix of Irvine, Robert Fulton master, from Liverpool for Larne, with rock felt, tobacco, flour, cheese & c and every person perished except John Calwell, a sailor, who was passenger. They thought to make good the Key, but keeping too far off the peer in the entrance brought the vessel on the rock. The scene was dreadfully distressing to the numerous spectators on shore, it being just at hand, without the least ability of giving relief. Twelve were drowned, whose bodies have been taken up, and interred in Donaghadee Church-yard; among whom were the mother and her four children. The survivor saved himself, by the support of some oars which he tied together, whereby he was brought to shore. The vessel and cargo, except some of the cheese, are lost.
     Same day the Larne cruising barge was drove on shore at Bangor; The surveyor and crew are saved, but the barge much damaged.


     Last Thursday Sen'night in the Evening, the Hampden Packet, with three English Mails on board; in warping out of Holyhead Harbour, into the Bay, in order to get under Sail, was suddenly taken with a very violent Storm at N.E. when she immediately let down her best Anchors but before they could veer a sufficient Length of Cable, the Ship was among the Rocks at the South-side of the Harbour near the Light House, and was drove very high upon a flat Rock and there stuck; Two of the Passengers, Mr. Main and Mr. Sweetman, that would not be persuaded by the Captain to remain on board till the Tide fell, were unhappily lost, with two Boatmen, by going into a Shore-boat, which had brought them to the Ship, all the rest were safe that returned on board the Ship.
     Wednesday Mr. Hosea Coates, Capt. Bourke, Capt. Kelly, Mess. Johnson, Driscol, Miller, Hayes, Vicary, Noble, Dalton, Murray, Cheevers, Hayden, Beaty, Marken, a Messenger with an Express to his Excellency, the Lord Lieutenant, and five Mails arrived in the Besborough Packet from Holyhead.
     Mr. Fitzgerald and several other Passengers sailed in the Mary, Capt. Thomas, for Parkgate.
     Thursday, a Man genteely drest in Claret-coloured Cloaths, was taken up drowned at Ringsend, his Watch, and a Pocket-book, with several Bank Notes were found upon him, it is imagined by some Papers found in his Pocket, that his name was Walsh.
     Thursday, Mr. Edward Moore, an eminent Brewer, at Mount Brown, fell of a Plank on George's-Quay, and was unfortunately drowned, notwithstanding all possible Assistance was given.
     A few Days ago, Mr. Joseph Archbold, of Vicker's-Street, Distiler, was married to Miss Frances Carberry, of Coolough; a young Lady of great Merit, and a considerable Fortune.

BEGS Leave to acquaint his Friends, Customers and the Public, that he has removed from the Queen's-Head in Dame-street, to Parliament-street, the East Corner next Dame-street; As he is just returned from London, has brought over a great Variety of the most fashionable flower'd Silks; flower'd and plain Negligee Sattins; water'd and plain Tabbies, Armazeens, black Silks, Damasks, flower'd and plain three-quarter Sattins for Cloaks; Norwich Crapes, Bombazeens, Russels, Callimancoes, and Stuffs; He has a great Variety of flower'd and striped Thread Sattins, quilted Pettycoats, &c.
     N.B. He continues to sell on the lowest Terms for ready Money.

TIMOTHY FITZGERALD, Silk-Weaver, in the Lower Castle-Yard, next Door to the Chapel, continues to make all Sorts of Silk Goods, viz. Damasks, Paduasoys, half Ell Tabies, and half Yard Tabies, half Ell watered Tabies, and half yard watered Tabies, Sattins, Ducapes and Armageens, black Silk Sattin for Waistcoats, Silk Serges and Shagreens, Mantuas, Lutestrings, rich black Paduasoys for Clergymen Tippets, black Silks of all Sorts, flowered and figured Capuchin Silks, Persians, Rosdimoers, hard Persians, striped Sattins and Velbets, and all other Forts of Silks in the Mercury Way, which he is determined to sell at the lowest Prices, by Wholesale and Retail. He also sells superfine Norwich Crapes. He continues to make all Sorts of Silk Handkerchiefs in the Indian Way, and Black and Barcelona Handkerchiefs.
     N.B. He was the first who made black Paduasoy in this Kingdom, and has several Premiums from the Dublin Society, for them, and for Damask Silks.

Freeman Journal
Dublin, Ireland
13 Dec 1763


     Cork, Dec. 8. Yesterday Noon the Effigy of a Tradesman in this City was carried by a Number of People from Blackpool to Watergate-lane, in their Way to Gallows-green, in order to have hanged it at the Common Place of Execution there; but being intercepted by the City Sheriffs, and the Main-guard, the Mob dispersed and the Effigy was taken and broke to Pieces. The above Affair, it is said, was in consequence of a Dispute between some Masters and Journeymen Cordwainers of this City.
     This Morning was married at St. Finbarry's Church, Baraky Wallis, Esq; of Ballycrinan, Esq; to Miss Piggot, only Daughter of the late Emanuel Piggott, Esq; a young Lady possessed of every Accomplishment, with a Fortune of 2000l.


     6th.] Mr. Mark Zouch Attorney, was elected Clerk of the Corporation of Joyners in the Room of Mr. Richard Hatfield, deceased.
     The Supernumeries from several Regiments on this Establishment, who have arrived in Town, were discharged in the Barracks; we hear they will be incorporated into the Regiments lately arrived from America.
     8th.] David Lunt and Juliet Haughton, were tried for the Murder of Mr. Charles Delany, late of Francis-Street, when the former was found guilty of Man-slaughter, and the latter acquitted.
     10th.] Capt. Green, Mess. Gold, Blake and the Mail arrived in the Fortescue Packet from Holyhead.
     Mess Verickers, Birch, Fletcher, King, Mashall, Mrs. Stackmaster, and the Mail arrived in the Besborough Packet from Holyhead; for which Place she sailed the 8th, with Mr. and Mrs. White, Major Burgoyne, Mess. Norton, Williams, Harley, Langton, and Mr. Mann, a Messenger with an Express.
     Died. Last Week, Mr. Henry Lindsey, formerly an eminent Woollen Draper in High Street.
     It is with Pleasure we can assure the Public, that the Person drowned last Week at the Bachelor's Quay, which was by misinformation mentioned to be Mr. Edward Moore, the Brewer, was a Mistake; that Gentleman being still alive and well to the great Satisfaction of his Friends. The Person who met that untimely Fate, is as we hear, of the same Name.

Freeman Journal
Dublin, Ireland
20 Dec 1763


    Extract of a Letter from Donglas, in the Isle of Man, dated
                          December 9, 1763.
     "In our bay, on the night of the 7th inst. in a most violent gale of wind, at fouth west, three ships from Liverpool were droe from their anchors on St. Mary's Rock, and are totally lost with their cargoes, one of them a brig, called the Peggy, Henry Pardo, master, bound for Dublin, fifteen people out of her were drowned, the master and mate saved. Amongst the unfortunate persons who perished, were Capt. Brabazon, and Lieut. Courtney. No person was lost out of the other two Vessels. Other Ships are put in here, with many passengers for different parts of Ireland.

     On Friday last about eleven o'clock at night a rogue opened the parlour window belonging to Mr. Naghten, in Fownes's-street, near the play-house, and got into the same, but a servant hearing some noise, and going into the Parlour, the villain made off, without taking any thing of value except a ruffled Shirt, a hat, and handkerchief. A watchman's stand is opposite the house.
     On Sunday Capt. Moore and his Lady, Capt. Lawe, Mr. and Mrs. Phillips, ____ Irwin, Esq; Dr Cunningham and Mr. Thompson, arrived on board the Dorset Yatch from Parkgate; as did a great number of passengers, and a cargo of merchandize in the Lively, Capt. Williams.
    On Sunday a charity sermon was preached in St. Audeon's church, for the support of the charity school of St. Catherine, by the Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of Clogher, after which a collection was made of 45l. A charity sermon was also preached in St. Kevan's church, by the Rev. Dr. Man, Archdeacon of Dublin, and 20l.18s.6d. was collected.
     Yesterday, the Right Hon. the Lord Mayor, reviewed the Watchmen of the several Parishes of this City in St. Stephen's-Green, when they made a formidable Appearance, particularly the Watch of St. ANN's and St. MARY's, who were provided with LIGHT INFANTRY CAPS, HALBERTS, and BACK-SWORDS, and their Lanthorns flung on belts. These and the City Watch (who attend Essex-Bridge) are worthy of the imitations of the other Parishes, which if equally regulated under the Inspection of his Lordship, the Inhabitants of this Metropolis would soon be relieved, from the Dangers, they have so long been subjected.

To the PUBLIC,
    As the melancholy Accident which happened to George Warner, at the Boot and Shoe Ware-house on Ormond-quay, Dublin, the 1st Instant December, has been attended with a considerable Loss to said Warner in his Circumstances, it is hoped the Generous and Humane will be pleased to take the same into Consideration; and all who are pleased to contribute towards making up his Loss, are requested to send their Benefactions to Edward Newenham, Esq; in Granby-row, and Thomas Cobbe, Esq; at his Grace the Lord Archbishop of Dublin's in Kevan-street, who are pleased to receive the same.

WIDOW and Executrix of MICHAEL SHARMAN, Shoemaker, late of High street, Dublin,

     AT the Britannia Man of War, opposite St. Michael's Church, who for may Years had the Honour to serve the Nobility and Public in general, in the most extensive Manner, and as she will employ none but the best Hands, hopes for a Continuance of their Favour which she will endeavour to merit by having their Commands executed in the most exact Manner: Country Merchants and others will find their Advantage to deal with her, as her Goods are known to be the best in the Kingdom, and has always on Hands, a large Assortment ready for Exportation.
    N.B. She humbly entreats the Favour of those indebted to her, to discharge their Accounts.

Freeman Journal
Dublin, Ireland
24 Dec 1763

     Mr. Patrick Bishop, of Thurles, in the County of Tipperary, has obtained a Commission for taking Affidavits in the Court of Exchequer.
     Monday an Adjournment of the Quarter Sessions for the City of Dublin was held at the Tholsel, when Thomas Dougherty and Hester Troy were tried and found Guilty for different Felonies, and ordered for Transportation after which the Court adjourned to Friday next.
     On Thursday last the honourable the Dublin Society adjudged the Premium of 15l. to Mr. James O'Neil of Rantavan in the County of Cavan, for Reclaiming and Liming dry Mountains.
     Last Sunday a most excellent Charity Sermon was preached in the Parish Church of St. Werburgh, by the Rev. Mr. Dodgson, F.R.S. first Chaplain to his Excellency the Lord Lieutenant, and a Collection made for the Support of the Boys educated in the Charity School of that Parish, amounting to upwards of 78l.
     The Watch of St. Mary's Parish, by a new Regulation, is set every Night by Beat of Drum, and the Parish perambulated by the Serjeant, Corporal, and four Men at nine o'Clock, with the Drum beating Ta-too. This Method of setting the Watch, the military Appearance of the Watchmen, and the Discipline introduced in this and St. Ann's Parishes, we hope will induce the other Parishes of this City to follow their Example: When this Regulation becomes general, which our chief Magistrate is taking great Pains to effect; we think there can be no Doubt of the future Safety of the Inhabitants under such Protection; and no small Addition of Strength afforded to the Civil Power.
     The poor Prisoners in the Four Courts Marshalsea acknowledge the Receipt of two Guineas by the Hands of Mr. William Williamton, from a Lady; for which they return their most grateful Thanks. Also half a Crown given them for them to Mr. M'Culloh, Printer, in Henry-street.
     DEATHS.] A few Days ago, in Cork, the Rev. Mr. Mahony.- In Rosemary-lane, Mr. Anthony Welsh, Taylor.- In Francis-street, the Wife of Mr. Rutherford, an eminent Bricklayer.- Yesterday, after a tedious illness, Thomas Taylor, Esq; one of the Aldermen of this City.

Candles and Soap,

ANN VICKERS, Tallow-Chandler, who some Years ago followed Business in Truck-street, has now opened a Shop on Crooked-Staff, near Newmarket on the Comb and hopes for Encouragement from her Friends and the Public, as she is determined, by the Quality of her Goods, and by the greatest Dilligence and Care in executing their Commands, to do every Thing in her Power to deserve their Favour.

    Freeman Journal
Dublin, Ireland
27 Dec 1763


     Belfast, Dec. 23. By a letter from Madeira to this Town, dated the 13th of October, there is an Account, that the Robert and Betty, Capt. John Cottiman, from Liverpool for St. Augustine, with 216 Passengers, and 16 Sailors, were cast away on the Voyage; and of the whole, but 26 were saved; the Captain being among the Number of those who were drowned.
     The Ship Pitt, John Montgomery, from Larne, with Passengers, arrived safe at New York after an agreeable Passage of only five Weeks, and all well.
     Cork, Dec. 2. Yesterday Evening Mr. Selle performed in the County Court-house on the Stiff Rope and Slack Wire, with great Applause; in particular, his standing on his Head on the Wire and the Wire in full Swing, was allowed by all Spectators, to exceed any Thing ever performed here in that Way.
     Yesterday morning died at his House on the Coal-Quay, Mr. Thomas M'Namara, Merchant, a Gentleman of exceeding good Character, and much lamented by his Acquaintance.


     Leave is given to bring in Heads of a Bill for Relief of Hugh White, of the City of Dublin, Merchant, and of the Creditors of the said Hugh White.
     A new Writ is ordered to be issued for Electing a Burgess to serve in Parliament for the Borough of Banagher in the King's County, in the Room of John Pigott, Esq; deceased.
     21st] There was taken up near Howth, several Casks and Bales of Goods; their Marks on the Bales are T E on the Casks P P S; there were also young Trees taken up; It is imagined, that the Vessel which had these Goods on Boards was from Bourdeaux.
     22.] A Party of Villains made an Effort to rob Mr. Dutton's House in Dorset Street, by shattering the Shop Door; but on hearing a Noise they decamped without any Booty.- For several Nights past, other Houses in that Neighbourhood have been attempted, it is thought by the same Villains.
     His Excellency the Lord Lieutenant has been pleased to appoint John Hamilton of Brown Hall in the County of Donegal, Esq. to be a Deputy Governor in that County.
     Monday Night, Mr. Flood Butcher on the Glibb, driving a Cow down Dirty Lane, was attacked by a Number of Rioters, who abused him in  most shocking Manner without the least Provocation; One of the Offenders has been taken and lodged in Newgate.
     MARRIED.] A few Days ago, Edward Butler, of Edmondsbury in the Queen's County, Esq; to Miss Sarah Harrington, only Daughter of Anderson Harrington, of Grangecon in the County of Wicklow, Esq; - At Tullig, near Mill Street in the County of Corke, Joseph Barry, of Mallow, Esq; M.D. to Miss Elizabeth Leader, eldest Daughter of Henry Leader, Esq.
     DEATHS.] A few Days since, in the County of Tyrone, the Rev. John Ker, Rector of the Parish of Doneavy, and one of the Prebendaries in the Diocese of Clogher.- In Mary's Lane, Mr. John Horner, Jun. he was a dutiful son, a steadfast Friend, and a good Liver.- In James's Street, Mr. Peter Curtis, Wine Merchant; Son of Mr. Richard Curtis, Tanner.- At Castletown near Tuam, deservedly lamented, the Rev. John Echlin, Vicar General of the Diocese of Tuam.- At Lyread in the County of Corke, Mr. Timothy M'Carthy.- Mr. Robert King, of an unblemished Character, who for many Years belonged to the Custom House Stores.- In New John's Lane Mr. Ephraim Smallwood.- At Ballyree, near Armagh, the Revd. Mr. Maxwell, Dissenting Minister of that Place.- In Church Street, Mr. Christopher Tute, Son of Mr. Nicholas Tute, Grocer.- In Skinner Row, the Wife of Mr. John Talberry.

     A Large Parcel of Smart Beer and Beef Barrell Hoops; to be sold by William Rawlins, at his Timber-Yard in Indian-Alley.

     This Day is published by A. M'Culloh, in Henry-street, and S. Price, in Dame-street, Booksellers. Price 3d.
     As performed at the Theatres in LONDON and DUBLIN.

Freeman Journal
Dublin, Ireland
31 Dec 1763


     Cork, Dec. 26,] Friday Morning was lost off Kilbrittain in the violent gale of Wind, the Union, Captain Harvey, from Bristol to Limerick.
     Same Morning a Collier, Vernon, Master, was lost off Ballycotton, but the Crew were all saved.
     By the above mentioned Storm on Friday Morning, nine Boats which lay at Anchor near Cove, were entirely wrecked to Pieces; its feared some Lives were lost.
     Yesterday a young Infant was found dead on the Red-Abby-Marsh, near the old Sugar-House, being rooted up and Part of its Legs and Arms eat by the Pigs; it had several Marks of a Knife on the Body, supposed to be most inhumanly murdered by its unatural Parent, and afterwards buried there. The Coroner's Inquest sat on the Body, and brought in their Verdict, Wilful Murder.
     The Commissioners of his Majesty's Revenue having advanced Colville Moore, Esq; one of the Land Waiters of the Port of Cork, to be Collector of the Excise of this City, have thought fit to promote Adam Newman, Jun. Esq; to succeed him as Land Waiter, and Thomas Millerd, Esq; to succeed said Newman as Coast Surveyor.
     DEATHS.] Wednesday last on Tuckey's-Quay, Mr. Richard Noble, an eminent Plumber and Glazier.- Saturday Morning, at her Lodgings on said Quay, Mrs. Newingham, Lady of Thomas Newingham, of Coolmore, Esq.

To cure the Bite of a mad Dog.

     A Pint and half of strong Ale. Half an Ounce of Venice Treacle. Half an Ounce of Rue. Half an Ounce of Garlick. Half an Ounce of Fileings of Pewter. Boil them on a slow Fire for one Hour, give three Spoonfuls cold each Morning, within nine Days after the Bite.

     DEATHS.] A few Days ago, in Bolton-Street, Mrs. Nugent, Relict of John Nugent, of Castle-Nugent, in the Co. of Longford-In Moor-Street, Mr. Michael Ferrall, Publican, a Man of good Character.- At Malahide, Mrs. Cotter, Wife of Mr. Henry Cotter.- Mrs. Adamson, Wife of Mr. Adamson, Surveyor of Malahide

     The Suit instituted in the Consistorial Court of Dublin, by Martha Rochforr, otherwise Shee, against Singleton Rochfor, Esq; was lately determined before the Right Worshipful Alexander Mc'Auley, Esq; Judge of the said Court, when Sentence was given for the Marriage, and Mr. Rochford was ordered to cohabit with the said Martha, his Wife.  [Note: Various surname spellings not typos.]
                                                                                London, Dec. 2, 1763.
     NOTICE is hereby given to the Publick, that no Person in Dublin, is authorized by John Page, Esq; Sir John Fielding, Kt. and Robert Dingly, Esq; to vend, or direct for Use, the late Mr. Ward's Medicines, but R.M. Dickson, at the established Ware-House, or Dispensary, in Silver-Court, in Castle-Street.
                            [Attested]                 Robert Withy.


     THE ANN and CATHERINE, Patrick Brown, Master, now taking in Goods at the Batchelor's-Walk, and will sail the 15th of January next, Wind and Weather permitting, or sooner if full.
     For Freight apply to said Master on the Custom-House Quay, or to Alexander Montgomery and Son. Dublin, 27th December, 1763.

     Just published by SARAH COTTER, under Dick's Coffee-house in Skinner-row,
     A CHARGE given to the GRAND JURIES of the County of the City of Dublin, and County of Dublin, at a Sitting of His MAJESTY's Commissions of OYER and TERMINER, and General Gaol Delivery, for the said Counties, on Saturday, the 3d Day of December, 1763, By the Right Honourable RICHARD ASTON, Esq; Chief Justice of his Majesty's Court of COMMON PLEAS. Published at the Request of the CITY GRAND JURY.

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