Faulkner's Dublin Journal
Dublin, co. Dublin, Ireland
2 June 1747

For Sale by Auction on Tuesday 2nd June next all the Household Furniture of
Samuel GREY, Esq., one of His Majesty's Commissioners of Excise, deceased,
at his late dwelling House in Dawson Street, consisting of Crimson Silk
Damask, Chintz, Needle Work, Tapestry, Vangran and Mohair Furniture, a fine
wrought and other Kinds of Beds and Bedding, Japanned and gilt Leather
Screens, japanned chests, Indian and other Kind of Cabinets, Persia, Turkey
and Needle-work Carpets; Egyptian, Marble and gilt Tables, fine carved
Mahogany Side-board Tables, Mahogany Dineing, Card, Tea, and Breakfast
Tables, Desks and Book Cases, carved Chimney Pieces done in the best Manner,
India Paper Hangings with carved Mouldings round them; gilt, pier and
Chimney Glasses, Sheds and Bells, a curious Collection of Prints, Drawings
and Paintings, gilt Stands and Brackets, a Parcel of Plate made up in the
newest Fashion, a large Parcel of useful and ornamental old China, a Parcel
of House Linen of different Sorts the most of it never used, a Sedan Chair,
Kitchen Furniture, several Sorts of choice Wines in Bottles and sundry other
curious Articles too tedious to insert.
The sale to begin at 10 o'clock in the Morning and Catalogues may be had a
few Days before the Day of Sale at Edwin THOMAS at the Mahogany Ware-house
on the Blind Quay.

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