The Dublin Intelligence, 28 October 1719

    ** A handsome Pladd-Bed, with Curtains double lined, will stand 12 or 13 foot high ; with a very good Clock, ot [sic] be sold very cheap : Enquire of Joseph Lee Upholder at the Dyer's in Sycamore Alley.
    Stolen or Stray'd from off the lands of Ballyheath in the County of Killkenny, on Wednesdaynight, the 14th of October, 1719, a Brown bay Mare, about 15 hands High, about 11 Years Old, mark'd with IM on the near buttock, mealy Mouth'd, a short twitch Tail, with some Saddle spots, Trotts well, but Paces ill. Also a small light bay Nagg, about 12 Hands high, bob tail'd, trim'd about the Neck, Paces well, but dull, about 9 Years old, a very large Hoof for his Size, mark'd I M on the near Buttock, has an old Hurt on one of his fore Feet, about the Fetlock. Whoever secures th said Cattle and the Thief, or Thiefs, so as he or they may be brought to Justice, shall have ten Guineas Reward, or three Guineas for the said Mare and Horse, to be paid by Mr. James Langely Merchant in Dublin, Mr. Patrick Brennan at Castledermot, Mr. Green in Catherloe, Mr. John Oldfield in Killkenny, Capt. Chanler in Callen, Mr. Richard Perry in Clonmel, Mr. Benjamin Lawton in Cork, Mr. Samuel Taverner in Limerick or Mr. Edward Weeks in Waterford.
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