The Dublin Intelligence, 22 October 1715

Whereas by a Decree made in the High Court of Chancery in Ireland, in a Cause there depending, wherein Sir Thomas Taylor, Bart is Plantiff, and Henry Usher, Esq; Robert Mason, Alderman, Barbary his Wife, and John Shepherd, Gent. are Defendants, bearing Date the 28th Day of January, 1714 it was ordered, adjudged and decreed, among other Things, That the Lands and Premises in the said Decree mentioned, viz. Trebly, Knockstown, Bridgend, Ballynefedock, Cooljohn and Ennistown, with their, and every of their Rights, Members and Appurtenances, lying, and being in the County of Meath, should be sold by me John Usher, Esq; One of the Masters of the said Court, to the best Bidder. And that the said Defendant Henry Usher, does join in the Sale thereof; and that out of the Money arrising by the said Sale, I should pay unto the said Sir Thomas Taylor the Sum of 3693 l. 7 s. 3 d. Half-penny, with Interest for the same from the Fourth Day of December last, together with the Cost of the said suit. In Pursuance to which said Decree, I do appoint Friday the 11th Day of November next, at Four of the Clock in the Afternoon, at the Chancery Chamber in the Four Courts, Dublin, to sell the said Lands and Premisses, upon the Cant to the highest Bidder. Dated this 18th Day of October, 1715.
John Usher.                  
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