The Dublin Intelligence, 20 June 1710

A Good House and 100 Acres of Land in Tipenan, within 2 Miles of the Curragh of KIldare, 3 of Kilcullen-Bridge, and 7 of Athy, belonging to Robert Dixon, Esq; are to be Sett from next March or May, Together or in Parcels, for any Term. Gurteen, part of Cullaghill in Ossery, within 7 Miles of Kilkenny, and 2 of Duraa, being about 300 Acres, most part Sheep-Walk, to be Sett by Mr. Dixon from any of the Times aforesaid, for 3 Young and Healthful Peoples Lives. Part of Tullomac-james in the County of Tipperary, adjoining to Ossery, commonly called Brickanagh, Listillin, and Drummon ; as also Longorchard, being all choice Sheep- Walks, to be Sett Severally or Together for a Lease : And also a fine Stock of Sheep and Cattle are to be Sold, at any of the Places, and good Mares and Colts, and a good Stallion. Mr. Dixon may be Treated with ; Or Proposals may be sent to Mr. Mic. Harburne in Bridge-Street, Dublin ; to Mr. William Reeves near Duraa ; or to Mr. Robert Hackett at Thurles, And answers returned before the 25th of December Next.
A House on the Upper-End of Arran's-Key, where Mr. Short lately Dwelt, well Sash'd and Wainscotted, in good Repair, with all Conveniencies, large Stables, and double Coach-Houses. the Interest to be Sold, or the Concerns to be Lett : Inquire of Mr. Michael Harborn, Attorney in Bridge-Street, or the Printer hereof.
WHereas one William Hughburn alias Moran, a Cobler by his Calling and formely kept a Coblers-stall under Mr. Lion's in Fishamble=street, and likewise under Mr. Grime's at the Cross-Keys in Smithfield ; but of late a Hackney-Coachman to the Widow Garnet on the Inn's Dublin, a middle size young Man, with thin black Hair, or a Wig, his Legs goes outwards, and his left Knee comes into his right Ham, and is also bandy Leg'd. 'Tis said now goes about the Country with a Wooden Leg having his own up ; did on the 23d of March 1708-9 ; on the Inn's aforesaid, barbarously Murder on Henry Mac-Cullagh of the same City Brewer, first by striking him with a Coach Hammer, and afterward by striking him with a Gimlet through his Scull into the Brains : Whoever secures the said Hughburn, so that he may be brought to Justice, and gives Notice thereof to Patrick Mac-Cullagh, Gardner, at the Cherry=Tree in Drumcondra= Lane, shall receive from him a Guinea Reward, and Reasonable Charges.
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