The Dublin Intelligence, 23 July 1709

These are to give Notice, that a Light gray Gelding about 4 Year old, a feather in his far Eye, a blaze in the Face, lately bob'd, two White spotts on his two fore Knees, between 15 and 16 hands high, and a light Dapl'd gray Gelding about 8 Year old, broad well set, Bob tail'd, some White on his near hind Legg and about 15 or 16 Hands high, are taken up at Galgorm near Ballymenagh in the County of Antrim, suppos'd to be Stollen and are now in the possession of Mr. Nathan Galland, and will be restor'd to the owners; they making out their property in them, paying the expence, and giving security to prosecute the Fellons.
Taken-up in Smith-Field - Dublin, on Thursday the 21st of this Inst. July 1709, by Philip Atkinson at the Butcher's=Arms, 1 Black Bullock about 4 Years old, and 1 Black Heffer about 3 Years old, both Cut on the Right Ear and a piece taken out; the Man that had them in Custody when Seazed, owned he stole them out of the County of Wicklow, and is now in Newgate; The owner of the said Cattle may have Intelligence of them at the Butcher's=Arms aforesaid.
On the 11th of this Instant July 1709, at Night some Persons broke in at a Window of the House of Captain Peter Daunis in Portarlington in the Queen's=County, took several Things away with them, and beat his Servant-Maid to that degree, that she is in danger of her Life; Whoever will discover the said Persons, or any of them, So that they or any of them be brought to Justice, shall have 2 Guineas Reward, or if any of the said Persons will discover the rest so as to be brought to Justice, shall be Pardon'd, and have two Guineas, paid by the said Capt. Daunis.
MRs Perrow, Widdow of the late Master of the Duke of Ormond's Bagnio in Essex=street lives now next door to the Golden Ball in St. George's Lane at the Sign of the Truss-makers, and continues to make all sorts of trusses for Ruptures or broken Bellies. This Notice is given to Caution the Publick from making use of Counterfit trusses.
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