Impartial Occurrences
Dublin, Co. Dublin, Ireland

Sat., 5 Jan 1706
On Sunday last, the Bishop of Derry's Lady died.

Tues., 15 Jan 1706
On the 16th John BAGGS, Esq. who was one of the Trustees died. This morning
Sam JACKSON Esq. died, 'tis said he was worth 30,000 which he left to his
two nephews.
About half an hour after, Madam MITCHELBURN, sister to the said JACKSON,
died in the same house.

Tues., 29 Jan 1706
Some days since, one Mrs. BENNET who lived at Colledge-Green and had five
houses there, drowned herself in a hogshead of water.
On the first night, Ensign STROUD of the Earl of Orrery's Regiment was
killed by one CLARK of the Groom Porters.

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