Impartial Occurrences
Dublin, Co. Dublin, Ireland

Sat., 1 Sept 1705

On Thursday Mr. Sheriff WILKINSON's Lady was buried in very great splender,
abundance of citizens having gloves and scarves besides a numerous train of
mourners and the Hospital Boys, who sung before her had gloves. Her loss is
much lamented by everybody that knew her, especially among the poor to whom
she gave very largely.

Tues., 11 Sep 1705

On the 1st Major HOLDRIDG of Colonel TIDCOMB's Regiment fell from his horse
as riding to Rathfarnham and broke his neck.

Tues., 25 Sept 1705
London, 18th. Major General RAMSEY and the Earl of MARCH died at Edenburg on
the 2nd instant in one hour. General RAMSEY was a person of great military
worth having many times signalized himself, particularly at the memorable
attack of the Fort Couquelet before Namure in 95, in which, together with my
Lord CUTTS, he commanded five Battalions of Foot Guards, English, Scottish,
and Dutch; forced enemy's intrenchments and drove them to the very gates of
the town.

Last Wednesday died in the County of Limerick, the old Lady SOUTHWELL, who
has left her grandson Sir Thomas SOUTHWELL her sole executor, by which it is
said he will get 4 or 500 per ann.

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