Impartial Occurrences
Dublin, Co. Dublin, Ireland

Tues., 3 July 1705
Last Saturday night, the Rev. Mr. POULTNEY, Minister of St. Mary's died

Sat., 7 July 1705
Last night James SOMERVILL Esq., a Member of Parliament, died.

Tues., 10 July 1705
On Sunday last, the Hon. Mrs. Sarah ANNESLY, wife of Maurice ANNESLEY Esq.

Sat., 14 July 1705
On the 10th instant, Alderman BURTON's daughter, who was married to the Lord
Chief Justice DOYNE's son about ten months ago, died.

Sat., 21 July 1705
London, 14th July. Nevil PAIN famous for enduring the torture of boots and
thumpkins in Scotland is dead, as is Titus OATS famous for his evidence in
the Popish Plot.

Tues., 31 July 1705
On Sunday last, the Rt. Rev. Father in God Dr. Richard TENNISON, Bishop of
Meath, departed this life much lamented. His Lordship was a great reliever
of the poor in his lifetime and did not forget them at his death, by leaving
considerable sums for them, as also for the relief of the poor widows of

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