Impartial Occurrences
Dublin, Co. Dublin, Ireland

Tues., 6 Feb 1705
Some days since, the Reverend Mr. Dean REEVES, Dean of St. Patrick's died.

Sat., 10 Feb 1705
London, 3rd Feb. The Lord LUCAS, Dollonel of a Regiment of Foot and
Lieutenant of the Tower, died last Wednesday.

Letter from a Captain in the Earl of Donegal's Regiment now in Gibraltar,
7th Jan. 'Since my last we had two officers killed viz. Captain TITCHBOURN,
the eldest Captain in the Regiment and Lieut. ARMSTRONG.'

Tues., 20 Feb 1705
The 15th the heads of one SNAVIE, alias BARRY, and one KLEAGHLY, two
notorious rogues, were brought to Cork.

On Wednesday last one Thomas BALF a robber was hanged.

Sat., 24 Feb 1705
Last Tuesday, John CAREY, Esq. on of the Trustees, was married to Madam
SCROGGS, a daughter of the late Colonel Roger MOOR.

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