The Coleraine Chronicle
May 11, 1844
Coleraine, County Derry

  Police Investigation at Shinrone.--This investigation was held on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday last, in Shinrone, before Mr. Martley, Q.C.  The charges were confined to two of the constabulary, and were stated to be, that these policemen were concoctors of certain plans to inveigle persons into giving evidence against others, innocent of the offence imputed to them, in order to obtain pecuniary rewards for efficiency and activity, and to exhibit their zeal as constables of police, for the purpose of obtaining preferment in the constabulary.--Nenagh Guardian.


Presbyterian Deputation.
  A Deputation, consisting of the Rev. Doctor Stewart, Moderator of the General Assembly, John Boyd, Esq., M.P., the Rev. Doctor Cooke, the Rev. Doctor Brown, and the Reverend H. Dobbin, had an interview with the Lord Chancellor at his Lordship’s Chambers at Westminster-Hall, on the 6th instant. The following members were present to receive the deputation. The Right Honorable Lord Wharncliffe, the Right Honorable Sir James Graham, the Right Honorable Lord Eliot. The deputation were accompanied by Lord Hillsborough.


  Outrage.--On the night of Sunday, the 28th ult., an armed party entered the house of a man named Taylor, who resides near Mohill, and beat him and his wife in an unmerciful and savage manner. Taylor bears a most excellent character, and the only reason which can be assigned for his receiving this inhuman treatment is, that he has been put in possession of a waste farm which was formerly held by the late B. Norris, Esq.


  We feel pleasure in announcing that Lieut. Nicholls, R.N., of this Town, has been promoted to the rank of Commander, with additional pay.


  The Committee of the Rev. W. Magill’s church have gratefully to acknowledge the receipt of £5 from T. Bateson, Esq., M.P., through Andrew Spotswood, Esq.


  Colonel Cairnes, K.H., thankfully acknowledges the following additional Subscriptions to the Shipwrecked Fishermen and Mariners’ Benevolent Society:--Mrs. M’Cord, Mrs. Ross, J. Boyle, Esq., Samuel Lawrence, Esq., J.P., Lieutenant Thornley, Alexander Barklie, Esq., Mr. Thomas Caldwell, and Mr. Andrew Gibson, of Portrush, 2s. 6d. each.


  Mr. James Dugan, Honorary Secretary for the Dunboe Branch of the above Society, also acknowledges several subscriptions in aid of its funds. The names, which arrived at a late hour, will appear in our next.


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