The Coleraine Chronicle
May 4, 1844
Coleraine, County Derry

In the matter of Thomas Annesley, Attorney, an Insolvent.
   In this case the insolvent had been imprisoned in the Four Courts Marshalsea, at the instance of one of his creditors, in October, 1844. Shortly after his incarceration, the insolvent filed a declaration of his being unable to support himself, and applied to be placed upon the pauper allowance, of which notice was given in The Gazette. Under this declaration, if unopposed, the insolvent would have been liberated within twenty-one days. Mr. W. Collins, the Solicitor for the detaining creditor, having received notice of the application, required the insolvent to file his schedule, which he refused to do. Application was, therefore, made to the Court, and the insolvent was forthwith consigned to Newgate, upon the following order:
   "In the matter of Thomas Annesley, an Insolvent.
   "On the motion of Mr. W. Collins, Attorney, of St. Andrews-street, on behalf of a petitioner and creditor of said insolvent, it was this day ordered by the Court, that a warrant to issue to the Marshal of the Marshalsea, (J.D. Mullen, Esq.,) to commit the said insolvent to Newgate, and there to remain without bail or mainprize, for not filing his schedule."
   This is a very important decision to creditors ; and is, we understand, the first instance in which this section of the Act, 5 and 6 of Victoria, has been put in force. It will have the effect of compelling dishonest insolvents to pay their creditors, and save a large sum to the city.


  ON Monday last, an inquest was held before D. Gailey, Esq., on the body of Anne Archibald, wife of Robert Archibald, the particulars of whose death are set forth in the following evidence :--
   Sarah Pollock, of Half-mile, examined--Knew deceased ; was called to see her on Thursday ; she and her husband were sent for by the husband of deceased to remain in the house while he was absent in Derry, where he went on Thursday. Witness's husband is hostler to Archibald ; came about seven in the evening ; found deceased lying at the fire-side, stupified, in a drunken situation, and could not speak ; sat beside deceased until eleven o'clock ; witness and her husband carried her up to bed ; deceased slept all night, and in the morning asked for a drink ; deceased did not get up on Friday ; Mr. Archibald returned on Friday, at about eleven o'clock, and asked for the mistress ; he went up stairs, and when he saw the situation she was in, burst into tears : witness slept with her on Friday night ; deceased had a severe bowel complaint on Friday, Friday night, and Saturday ; deceased made no complaint against her husband, nor did witness ever see her struck by him ; he was present when she died ; deceased was in the habit of drinking to excess.
   Thomas Pollock sworn--Lives at Half-mile ; is hostler to Archibald ; knew the deceased ; saw deceased on Thursday morning, and was then sober ; she was frequently intoxicated ; witness came home from working on the new Ballymoney road, at half-past five o'clock ; deceased was sitting on a chair near the bar, with her back to the wall, nearly half-drunk ; deceased said her husband went to Derry, and also said, "Tommy, I am afraid my dear Robert will strike Andy on the way ;" witness said, "no fear--be you steady and correct till he returns, he will do his own business ;" deceased replied, "do you see me doing any thing?" witness said, "no;" she replied, "Robert bid you and the mistress stop here all night ;" he replied, "very well;" went home and returned with his wife ; when witness came back, found deceased lying along the floor near the fire, and would have been burned had not a boy who lodges in the house pulled her back ; heard that deceased had broken into the bar in his absence ; found deceased lying where he mentioned, incapable of moving hads or feet ; has often seen deceased in a similar condition before ; never heard deceased complain of her husband treating her badly, but often heard deceased complain that her husband did not give her drink ; never saw deceased beaten or struck by her husband, and has been in his employment for nearly four years ; has often seen the husband crying and deploring the conduct of his wife ; believes on his oath that deceased had scarcely been correct or sober for the last three months.
   John M'Atamney--Lodges in Robert Archibald's ; when witness returned from work at Ballysally at six o'clock on Thursday evening, saw deceased in the bar ; Paul Barr was outside the counter ; deceased came out and sat on a stool near the fire ; she appeared to have been drinking, and lamented about her husband ; she leant her head on her hand, and said, "I am afraid I have taken too much whiskey ;" the seat upset, and she fell on the floor ; the servant girl lifted her, and set her with her back against the wall, and a pillow under her head ; witness assisted Pollock and his wife to carry her up stairs ; deceased was unable to speak.
   Thomas H. Babington, M.D.--Examined the body of the deceased ; found no wounds or marks of violence on her body ; believes that her death was occasioned by habitual and excessive drunkenness.
   The verdict of the jury was--"That Anne Archibald died at Coleraine, on the 27th instant, from the effects of drunkenness ; and that no blame is attached to the husband of the deceased."


  PUBLIC TESTIMONIAL TO THE REV. T. KEARNEY, P.P., COLERAINE.--Yesterday evening one of the largest and most respectable meetings of the Catholics of Belfast it was ever our good fortune to witness, was held in St. Mary's chapel, for the purpose of presenting the Rev. T. Kearney with addresses and testimonials on his removal to the parish of Coleraine. Four addresses were presented to him on the occasion, all of which, with the replies of the rev. [sic] gentleman, shall appear in our next.--Belfast Vindicator.


  Railways.--It is said that all the shares in the Junction Railway between Drogheda and Portadown and between Drogheda and Kells are bought up.  This is exceedingly gratifying intelligence to all anxious to see the resources of the country developed, and the people employed.--Drogheda Argus.


  Mayor’s Court.--We understand a Petition to the Lord Lieutenant, praying for the abolition of this Court has already been respectably signed in Town.--We may probably given an abstract of the memorial in our next.


  Watering the Streets.--A Subscription has been set on foot for the very laudable purpose of buying a Watering Cart. There is not a Shopkeeper whose goods, nor a householder whose furniture will not reap from it tenfold the value of his Subscription. We therefore hope there will be no excuses offered, but that all our good townsfolks will at once “down with the dust.”


  Guano.--We understand by our Liverpool letters that an article of the most pernicious nature is now being sold as Guano. We therefore recommend our farming friends, who are not themselves judges, to buy of an agent on whom they can depend.


  Body Found.--We understand the body of Gray, who has been missing for the last ten days, and who was much intoxicated when last seen, has been found in the river; he is supposed to have walked off the Slip at Ferryquay-street.


  GIANTS CAUSEWAY HOTEL.--By our advertising Columns, it will be seen that Mr. M’Naul, who, in a few years established an excellent business for the Portrush Hotel, has taken that at the Causeway. That his house is comfortably and neatly fitted up, his cellar well stocked, and his wines excellent, we can vouch from our personal knowledge. That he will receive the patronage he deserves, we have little doubt.


Agents for Chronicle.
LONDON ... Mr. Barker, Fleet-street.
                    Mr. Shinkwin, Westminster.
DUBLIN ... Mr. R. Shinkwin, Prince's-street.
                    Johnston & Co., Eden-quay.
EDINBURGH ... Messrs. Robertson & Scott.
BELFAST ... Mr. Henderson, Castle-place.
AGHADOEY ... Mr. Patteson, Post-office
ARTICLAVE ... Mr. J. Dugan, Post-office.
BALLYMENA ... Mr. G. White, Bookseller.
BALLYMONEY ... Mr. M'Cormick, Bookseller.
BALLYCASTLE ... Mr. T. Wilson, Merchant.
BUSHMILLS ... Mr. A. M'Kinlay, Woollendraper.
DERVOCK ... Mr. R. Camac, Merchant.
DRAPERSTOWN ... Mr. Duff, Hotel.
KILREA ... Mr. Henderson, Seneschal.
MAGHERA ... Mr. M. Lytle, Woollendraper.
MAGHERAFELT ... Mr. J. G. Adams, Merchant.
MONEYMORE ... Mr. Richey, Post-office.
NN-LIMAVADY ... Mr. Smyth, Teacher.
PORTSTEWART ... Mr. John Clarke, Merchant.
PORTRUSH ... Mr. D. M'Curdy, Teacher.


  FIRE.--Last night between nine and ten o'clock, a fire broke out in the flax stores of Mr. Cramsie, in Waring-street, which for some time threatened very destructive consequences; but, by the prompt attention of the police authorities with the town engines, as well as the assistance of other engines and a good supply of water, the fire was confined to a store-house in which it had commenced. A considerable quantity of hemp, however, has been completely destroyed, together with the building in which it was deposited. We observed Mr. Clarke, the Mayor, together with several active officers of the police on the spot, renering [sic] every assistance in their power.--Belfast Chronicle.


MOST DISTRESSING ACCIDENT ON LOUGH NEAGH.--THREE YOUNG GENTLEMEN DROWNED.--It is with painful regret we have to announce a very afflicting calamity that occurred on Lough Neagh, on Friday, by which Mr. Alender Charters, son of our esteemed townsman, Mr. John Charters, Mr. Henry Nelson, son of Mr. James Nelson, Ballinderry, and Mr. Allen Bell, Glenavy waterfoot, have been consigned to an early grave [sic] They had, that day, gone on the lake, on a pleasure excursion ; and between three and four o'clock in the afternoon, when rounding Ram's-island, the yacht in which they were capsized, in a sudden and violent squall, and sunk, when the three young men perished. Several persons on the shore witnessed the occurrence ; but, at the distance, and the wind blowing an unusually stiff gale from the North, no assistance could be afforded. All the bodies have been recovered. Mr. Alexander Chartes [sic], whose untimely death it is thus our melancholy duty to record, had been on a visit to his uncle, who resides near the shore of the lake. His body was interred yesterday morning, in the family bury-ground, at Muckamore, near Antrim.--Belfast Chronicle.


  BODY FOUND.--We understand the body of Gray, who has been missing for the last ten days, and who was much intoxicated when last seen, has been found in the river ; he is supposed to have walked off the Slip at Ferryquay-street.


   On Sabbath last, the Rev. Mr. M'Gilvray, of the Scottish Free Church, preached in the Rev. Mr. Ussher's Meeting-house. A collection for the purpose of liquidating a debt on the house, was taken up by Capt. Kirwan, James Cramsie, Esq. sen., James Cramsie, Esq., jun., Rev. Messrs. Parke and Beare, and Messrs. H. Moore, Wm. Hopkins, J. Robinson, R. Steele, Hugh Small, Wilson, Doherty, &c. The proceeds amounted to about £60.

   We have much pleasure in stating that Mr. W. Gilmour, of this town, bas [sic] been appointed Apothecary to the Liverpool South Dispensary. Mr. Gilmour's brother was, a few weeks since, appointed to the same office to the Liverpool Work-house.--Banner.

   We understand that the subject of the Agency to the Kilrea Estate was brought before the Court of the Mercers' Company, London, on Friday last. Messrs. Barnes, Johnston, and Bignal were among the Candidates, but nothing decisive was agreed upon.--[Communicated.]

   A poor woman, wife to Patrick Rowan, while burning ash-pits to make manure for their little farm, was burnt to death last week, from her clothes taking fire.

   The Rev. Smyley Robinson, late minister of the Maghera, was set apart on Wednesday week as a Missionary to the Jews, by the Magherafelt Presbytery. Syria, we believe, is the first country he visits.

On Sabbath last, the Rev. R. Gage, who has been for the last thirteen years Curate of this Parish, preached his farewell sermon, having been presented to the parish of Tamlaght-Ard or  Magilligan, by the Lord Bishop of Derry and Raphoe. His text was taken from Philippians i. 27. The sermon was attentively listened to by a large and deeply-affected congregation. While every class of the community are highly pleased at his recent promotion, they sincerely regret the departure of such a zealous and efficient minister of the gospel ; and fondly hope they will find a substitute in the person of his successor, the Rev. Thos. Olphert.--[COMMUNICATED.]
   WESLEYAN MISSIONARY SOCIETY.-- The annual meeting of the Newtownlimavady Branch of this Society was held in the Methodist Chapel on Monday evening last--Marcus Dill, Esq., M.D., Ballykelly, in the chair. On the platform we observed the Rev. Messrs. Oyliffe and M'Afee, (Wesleyan) G. Steen, R. Dill, (Presbyterian) P. Finian, (Independent,) Wm. M'Arthur and Joshua Pritchard, Esqrs. The meeting having been constituted by praise and prayer, and the Report having been read, Mr. M'Arthur moved, and the Rev. G. Steen seconded the first resolution :--"That the Report now read be received, and that this meeting offers devout thanksgivings to God for the prosperous state of the Wesleyan Missionary Society and other kindred institutions." The Rev. Daniel M'Afee proposed, and the Rev. P. Finan seconded the next resolution :--"That this meeting, recognising the progressive character of our holy religion, and the providential openings for Missionary labour which present themselves in various parts of the world, pledges itself to prayer, and to increased efforts for the extension of the Redeemer's kingdom throughout the world." Doctor Dill having been moved from the chair, and the Rev. D. M'Afee moved thereto, the usual vote of thanks was put and passed. A collection was then taken up by Wm. Cather, Hermitage, and Wm. Pollock, Roe-green, Esqrs., amounting to £5 6s. 4--1/2d., including donations of £1 each from Dr. Dill and Mr. Pritchard. It was truly gratifying to behold the unanimity of sentiment and feeling which pervaded the meeting--proving that how much soever they may differ in some respects, there is one place--the Missionary platform--where every true follower of Jesus can repair, to promote the one grand object--the glory and extension of the Redeemer's kingdom.


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