Londonderry Journal; Friday, September 3, 1779

Limerick, August 2.
At the assizes, Margaret M'Coy, for destroying her new-born infant, was sentenced to be strangled and burned next Saturday.

Died: at Swadlinbar last Sunday, William Henry Viscount Carlow, aged 67.

Londonderry Journal; Tuesday, September 14, 1779

Limerick, August 30.
Last Saturday, Margaret M'Coy was hanged and burned at Gallows green.

At the assizes at Maryborough, Catharine Parkinson, for the murder of her husband James Parkinson, was to be burned alive, Sept. 16; Daniel Daly, for the murder of Michael Conrahy by cutting his throat in the jail of Maryborough, was to be drawn, hanged, and quartered on Sept. 9.

Londonderry Journal; Friday, September 17, 1779

Thomas Allen, grenadier in the 30th Foot, was killed by Antonio Dies Monte, a Portuguese sailor.

Londonderry Journal; Tuesday, September 21, 1779

Married: George Bateson, London, to Miss Prudence, daughter of Edward Brice, Belfast.

Died: Rt. Rev. Dr. Richard Chenevix, Bishop of Waterford; near Waterford, aged over 100 years, Widow Sheafts, commonly called the Queen of Creaden; near Dromore, Rev. John Cochran, a young dissenting minister.

Londonderry Journal; Friday, September 24, 1779

Jane Martin, daughter of the late Catherine Martin, Freeschool lane, will continue her mother's cake-making business.


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