Londonderry Journal; Tuesday, November 1, 1774

Died: a son of Will. Clifford, at Bellevue.

The Alexander, James Hunter, arrived in Philadelphia after nine weeks, passengers all well.

Londonderry Journal; Friday, November 4, 1774

James Power of this city, cooper, convert to the Church of Ireland.

The following were sentenced to death: Neal Lamb and Charles Gronin or Wabby, for chalking; James Brennan for the robbery of Mr. Moody, and Thomas M'Gauran for burglary. Elizabeth Dugan and Elizabeth Pepper are to be pilloried and imprisoned.

Married: on the 27th, James Alexander, member of Parliament, to Miss Ann, second daughter of James Crawford of Crawford-burn, Co. Down.
Died: on the 3rd, Thomas Balley, long a master of a vessel.

Londonderry Journal; Tuesday, November 8, 1774

On Oct. 12, James Bingham, a farmer near Waringstown, was found hung.

Married: Alexander Adams of Larne to Miss Jane Alexander of Donagh, Co. Antrim.

Married: Thomas Simpson of Ballyards, Co. Armagh, to Miss Jane Stirling of Wallworth.

Londonderry Journal; Friday, November 11, 1774

Converts to the Church of Ireland: Francis Carden of Castle _____, Co. Meath; Daniel Whelan and wife Lucy, of ?? arrowhouse, Queen's County; James Rainy, Mary Caffery, John Quin, John Dowling, Sarah Ingham, Michael Walsh, Hanora Carrol and others.

Daniel Morgan, butcher, ran away from Roger O'Donnell, Derry, with his father, Patrick Morgan.

Londonderry Journal; Tuesday, November 15, 1774

Dublin, Nov. 12.
Wednesday last, Neale Lamb and Charles Groom were executed for maiming, wounding and chalking.
Married: Lt. Col. Mason to Miss Mosse, daughter of the late Dr. Bartholomew Bodde;  at Dundrum, Ed. Eaton, excise officer, to Miss Mitchel; at Waterford, Richard Bowe, taylor, age 18, to Widow M'Daniel, age sixty.

This morning died Jane, wife of John Thompson, sailing master, of this city.

Londonderry Journal; Friday, November 18, 1774

James Brennan was executed near Kilmainham for robbery of Mr. Moody.
Died: Mr. Hon. Robert Rochfort, Earl of Belvedere. Hugh Holmes of Richardstown, Co. Louth, bleacher, bankrupt.

Married: yesterday, John Barclay of Ballyhofey, linen draper, to Elizabeth, oldest daughter of Samuel Curry, merchant, of this city.

Londonderry Journal; Tuesday, November 22, 1774

John Lewis, farmer near Birr, drowned.

Married: at Clonmel, Richard Moore of Lord Drogheda's Light Brigade to Widow Lowe; Michael Sweeny of Mill st. to Miss Sweeny, daughter of Rev. S. Sweeny of William st.
John Molloy, Castle st., merchant, bankrupt.
Died: at Nenagh, Mr. and Mrs. Pierce Butler; Mrs. Downs; At Cork, Walter Edward.

Married.: on the 19th, Rev. Stewart Blacker of Carrick, Co. Armagh, to the daughter of Hugh Hill, member of Parliament.
Died: Friday, at Strabane, Mrs. George Knox.

Brent Homan and Richard George Homan, woolen drapers, partnership dissolved. Late brother was William Homan.

Martha Holmes alias Barclay has left her husband William Barclay.

Londonderry Journal; Tuesday, November 29, 1774

Rev. Mr. Diamond, clergyman of the Church of Rome, convert to the Church of Ireland at the parish church of Kilrea.

Died: Rt. Rev. Dr. Dennison Cumberland, Bishop of Kilmore; Richard Wilson; James Crowe.

The Hill, George Marshall, arrived at Philadelphia in eight weeks, all well.

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