Londonderry Journal; Tuesday, July 12, 1774

Married: Mr. Mitchell, merchant of Bordeaux, to Miss Lynch of the Batchelor's walk; at Limerick, Capt. Taylor of the 28th Foot to Miss Boyle; B. Eife to Miss Eife, daughter of Luke Eife, Co. Meath; Capt. Drought, of the Prince of Wales' Light Dragoons, to Miss Homan, daughter of Richard Homan, Co. Westmeath.

Died: Richard Scott, son of John Scott, of Newhay, Co. Wexford.

     A gentleman has favoured us with the following account of the emigrations from this Kingdom from the 3rd of August 1773 to the 29th of November following, which was taken in Philadelphia and the other towns upon the emigrants being landed there.
     At New York                 1911
     At Philadelphia               2086
    At Charles Town              966
     At New Jersey                326
     At Halifax                       516
     At Newport, Rhode Is    717
Total of emigrants from Ireland in four months     6522
From England, Scotland and Germany
     landed in the same period                              1400
From the Isle of Man                                             56
Total emigrants to America in four months          7978

Londonderry Journal; Friday, July 15, 1774

David Richy will not be responsible for his wife, Sarah Richy or Con.

Londonderry Journal; Tuesday, July 19, 1774

Henry Griffin, Cahinary Church, near Limerick, convert to the Church of Ireland.

Londonderry Journal; Friday, July 22, 1774

Mary Magarry, convert to the Church of Ireland in the parish of Saul.

Married: John Parnell, son of Sir John Parnell, Member of Parliament, to Miss Brooke, daughter of Sir Arthur Brooke; John Adlercron of Rathinhill, Co. Meath, son of the late Lt. Gen. Adlercron, to Miss Bermingham; Rev. William Darby to Miss Olivia, daughter of Chidly Morgan.

Bankrupt: George Ellis, late of Snugborsug, Co. Cavan, dealer and chapman; Patrick Long, Pimlico, Co. Dublin, dyer; Robert McKeon, late of Newry, Co. Down, grocer, now of Dublin.

Londonderry Journal; Tuesday, July 26, 1774

Michael Hyland, Edward Bermingham, Michael Coningham, and Margaret Doolan, converts to the Church of Ireland in the Diocese of Meath.



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