The Southern Star, 23 January 1932
Larceny of a Turkey

At Carrigaline Court, before District Justice O'Sullivan,
   Patrick Johnson, Glenbrook, was summoned for having, on November 21th [sic], 1931, unlawfully stolen one turkey, value 18s., the property of Edward Aherne, Maulbawn, Passage West. Supt. O'Driscoll, Cove, prosecuted, and the accused was not professionally represented.
   Edward Aherne said he was a farmer, residing at Park Farm, Passage West. On November 21st he had eleven turkeys in his possession. He saw them on the evening of November 21st, when they were all there. The turkeys were always locked up at night. On Sunday morning, November 22nd, he missed one of the turkeys. He searched for it and he could not find it. He had given nobody authority to remove the turkey from his lands.
   In answer to the defendant, the witness said he could not say anything against the character of the defendant.
   Sergt. P. J. Brennan, Passage West, said he interviewed the defendant on Sunday, November 22nd, and told him he was making inquiries into the larceny of the turkey. The defendant denied stealing it. The defendant's wife said they had a turkey for dinner. Later his wife told him (defendant) to tell the truth. The defendant then made the following statement :— "I left home about 4 o'clock on yesterday, November 21st, 1930. I saw a bunch of turkeys on the farm of Edward Lynch, and I saw one turkey away from the others. I brought home this turkey with me. I arrived home with it about 10.30 at night.
   John Brady, aged 11 years, stated that on the evening of November 21st, he was in the company of another boy named John Twomey. They were in Mrs. Aherne's yard, and they saw the turkeys. He saw the defendant near Mrs. Aherne's yard. He stayed there about two or three minutes and then went away. Later he saw the defendant going down a field, and the turkeys were following behind him.
   The defendant, giving evidence, stated that he pleaded guilty. He walked down the field and the turkeys followed him. At the bottom of the field he saw a turkey lying on the ground flapping one of its wings. On examining the bird he found that it was wounded, and he put it behind a bush and left it there. He went to Cork that night, and when he came home he went to where he had put the turkey and found that it was dead. He then brought it home. On the following day he cooked it for dinner. On learning it was the property of Mr. Aherne he paid him for it.
   Mr. Aherne was recalled, stated that the defendant had paid him the price of the turkey.
   The Justice said he was struck by the honesty of the defendant's wife, and, secondly he was impressed by the manner in which Mr. Aherne had spoken of the defendant, and that he had been paid for the turkey. He would give the defendant a chance and would bind him over in his own bond of £5 and one surety of £5 to come up for judgement when called upon.
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