The Cork Examiner, 18 June 1917

AHERN—Sixth Anniversary—In ever loving memory of my beloved husband, Andrew Ahern, who died on June 18th, 1911. Sacred Heart of Jesus have mercy on his soul. Immaculate Mother intercede for him. R.I.P.
AHERN—In loving memory of Mrs. Julia Ahern, who died on 17th June, 1912, at her residence, 271. Dillon's Cross. Sacred Heart of Jesus have mercy on her. Immaculate Heart of Mary intercede for her.

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The Cork Examiner, 20 June 1917

2nd Lieut. Moss Aherne, R.A.F. [photo caption]
He was well known in Youghal, and has been successfully through the great battle at Messines Ridge. On the eve of the fight he wrote to a friend: "We are ready to go over the top at any moment. The men of the Ulster Division are on our right, and there is a healthy rivalry between them and the Southerns as to who will reach our objective first. The North and the South are one on the field. Would that that were so in Ireland."
AHERNE—On June 19th, at his residence, Lehenagh, John, dearly-beloved husband of Eliza Aherne. Deeply regretted by his sorrowing wife and family. R.I.P. Funeral on to-morrow (Thursday) at 2 o'clock for Ballinaboy. American papers please copy.

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The Cork Examiner, 22 June 1917

The great work performed by the Catholic priests with the armies in the field of battle, their wonderful devotion to duty, and the sangfroid with which they are ever ready to face the greatest personal dangers in order to bring the consolation of religion to the seriously wounded or dying Catholic soldier, has won the admiration of all, and has been spoken of in terms of the highest praise by all those who have seen the Catholic priest go along places swept by shot and shell to reach the side of some mortally wounded Catholic soldier, to whom he may be privileged to minister the last rites of his religion before he is called before his Creator and Redeemer. Their wonderful bravery and courage have been rewarded by bestowal of decorations from the Government, and one of the latest to be so decorated is a County Cork priest, Rev. Father D. Aherne, C.S.S.R., upon whom the D.S.O. has been conferred.

Father Aherne was born near Fermoy, and was educated at St. Colman's College, Fermoy, whence he proceeded to the Irish College, Rome, to continue his ecclesiastical studies and, then going to Paris, where he finished his theological course and was ordained by Most Rev. Dr. Browne for his native diocese of Cloyne. Having laboured zealously for some years as a secular priest he joined the Redemptorist Order, and as a member of this distinguished Order he conducted with great success numerous missions in Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales. When the war broke out he was one of the first chaplains to accompany the soldiers to France, where he has been through most of the battles which have been fought, and where his great bravery and devotion to duty have been recognized by all. He was mentioned frequently in dispatches, was raised to the rank of Major, and last week was awarded the D.S.O.

He is most popular with all ranks, officers and men looking upon him with admiration because of his great zeal for souls and his utter disregard for personal risks, however great, in the execution of his duty to the Catholic soldiers. Some years ago the English as well as the Irish and Scotch papers, spoke of his great heroism on the occasion of his going down a mine in Scotland (while giving a mission there) in a big pit disaster, to minister to Catholics. Father Aherne is a great lover of his native land, and was an intimate friend of the late Major Willie Redmond, M.P., and although of middle age, his ambition is to join the self-sacrificing priests who are seeking souls for God in China (Maynooth Mission). Father Aherne, who is a real Irish and saintly priest, a true son of St. Alphonsus, is to be heartily congratulated, and his many friends trust that he shall have his ambitions realised, and that he shall be long spared to work with his great missionary zeal for the salvation of souls and the teachings of the Catholic Church, of which he is such a devoted and noble son.

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