The Southern Star, 23 December 1899
Vote of Condolence
   The Chairman said that before transacting any business, he thought it right the members should pass a vote of condolence to Mr. John Aherne, on the death of his wife. Mr. Aherne was one of the oldest elected Guardians in the Union, and during the years he sat at the Board he had done his duty fairly, honestly, and well, and he thought the members should pass a resolution of condolence on the loss Mr. Aherne had sustained by the death of his estimable wife. He had the pleasure of knowing her for many years. She was much respected and esteemed, and was a great favourite with everybody. She was an exceedingly charitable and good woman. He regretted the necessity had arisen to propose the resolution of condolence. He begged to propose—"That the Board expresses its sincere regret at the loss Mr. John Aherne has sustained by the death of his wife." Mr. F. O'Neill seconded the resolution, and said the late Mrs. Aherne was a most charitable and estimable woman. Mr. T. Dineen endorsed all that had been said. He had known her from childhood. She was a very amiable and kind woman and a good mother to her children. The Chairman—Hear, hear.
   Mr. Leahy said he, too, wished, as one who had known the late Mrs. Aherne for twenty years, to endorse all that had been said. She was most popular in the community, and would be missed by a large circle of friends and acquaintances. She was, indeed, very widely known, and respected and esteemed by everyone who knew her (hear, hear). Dr, D. M'Carthy said he, too, should endorse all the remarks made by the previous speakers. It was only right the vote of condolence should be proposed to Mr. Aherne. Nothing was so consoling, nothing so comforting to one bereaved as the sympathy of friends (hear, hear). The Chairman directed the Clerk to forward the resolution to Mr. John Aherne.
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