The Cork Examiner
12 February 1898


Mr E A Murphy, presided and afterwards, Mr J O'Keeffe.
Present--Messrs J Brien, A Heskin, M O'Gorman, T Murphy.

Finance--Balance in favour of the Union 1 3s 4d.

The Clerk said the Guardians should insist on the rate
collectors going to work more energetically, as there
was a large amount of rates outstanding and several of
their cheques were being dishonored. The Board made an
order calling on the collectors to lodge larger sums
every week in future.

Several improvements were ordered to be carried out in
the Dispensary room, such as erecting a timber and glass
porch inside the waiting room, to protect patients from
cold, etc.

A bill from Dr. Russell, for medical attention was passed.
Several other matters were dealt with, all of which were
confirmed by the Board.

An eviction notice was handed in by Relieving Officer
Stafford, at the suit of Thomas St John Grant, landlord,
against John Coleman, notifying his intentions to evict
him from his holding at Inchinleamy East, at the expiration
of 48 hours.

A resolution was received from the Limerick Corporation
with reference to the sale of the Waterford County Railway
by the Treasury. They viewed with alarm the proposed sale
to the Great Southern and Western Railway Company, as it
would mean giving that company a complete monopoly of
railway traffic in the South of Ireland. In conclusion
they trusted that the Waterford line would be sold to the
Rosslare Company. Mr Heskin proposed the adoption of the
resolution, as the arguments put forward in it only bore
out what they in Lismore were saying all along. The
Limerick people were a disinterested body and did not
care about any line, but at the same time they knew what
the monopoly of the Great Southern and Western Railway
Company would mean in the South of Ireland if they could
get control of the Waterford line, and for that reason
they opposed the sale to that company, and supported
the Rosslare Company, which guaranteed a fair and open
competition in the South. Mr. Brien seconded the adoption
of the resolution.

                      POLICE OFFICE.-Yesterday
      (Before Messrs C E B Mayne, R M ; and E O'Flynn.)

Bridget Murphy, of no fixed abode, was charged in custody
with drunkenness and having been found loitering in the
Cork Military Barracks last night. Evidence of the offence
having been given, accused was sent to gaol in default of
finding bail to be of good behaviour.

Mary Lynch, residing in Bailey's Lane, was charged by
Sergeant Finn with drunkenness and occasioning unnecessary
suffering to to two of her children. The sergeant stated
that last night he found the defendant drunk in charge of
her two children who were crying. Inspector Murphy (of the
Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children) said
defendant received very bad treatment from her husband and
was to be pitied. The Bench imposed a fine of five shillings.

The other cases heard were devoid of public interest.--Adjourned.

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