The Southern Star, 2 May 1896
Before Col. Shuldham, J.P., D.L., presiding ; Major Thackeray, R.M. ; Mr. F. Crowley, Mr. J. Beechnor, Dr. M. O'B. Neville.
   Daniel Horgan summoned Timothy Ahern for alleged injury to a cow. Mr. J. H. Powell appeared for the complainant, and Mr. Fitzmaurice for the defendant. Complainant gave evidence of the defendant beating the cow with the flat of a saw. There were also several cases and cross-cases between the parties. Johanna Horgan deposed that Ellen Aherne assaulted her ; she knocked her down ; Ellen Aherne had a stone in her hand at the time.
   Daniel Horgan deposed that Jeremiah Aherne used abusive language to him, and challenged him to fight. Evidence was also given that on the day in question Ellen Aherne had assaulted Johanna Horgan. The cases were adjourned.
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