The Southern Star, 25 January 1896

Antwerp, Monday.    
The British schooner Jane Kingour, which was to sail hence from Dublin to-day, is prevented from leaving owing to four of her crew having been asphyxiated by the fumes of a fire which they had lit in the cabin during the night. John Scott, American ; Paul Rud Rrodt, German ; and Gunsius Johnsen, Norwegian, are already dead, while Giunor, another Norwegian, is dying. The British Consul has ordered an inquiry into the matter.

At the Cork Police Court on Friday, John Ahern, a plasterer, was fined 10s and 15s compensation, for malicious injury to property. John Cronin was sent to gaol for a month for being drunk and disorderly, and for assaulting the police, he got two months' imprisonment.
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