The Cork Examiner, 26 September 1890
THE black cannibals of Northern Queensland are exceedingly partial to Chinamen. The reason is said to be that the flesh of the Chinese is peculiarly tender and palatable, owing to rice being their staple article of diet. There is now a numerous Chinese population in the North of Australia, and scores of them who have ventured beyond the confines of civilisation have been captured and devoured by the natives. This explains the nonchalance with which the Northern Queensland surveyor recently reported in these terms to the Government :—“The blacks have stolen all my provisions and sampled two of my Chinamen.” “Sampled” in this connection is good.

DR MACMAHON will be absent from 5, Camden Place, until October 14.

NIGHT NOTICE FROM WM. HARRINGTON & SON, LTD. —Medicines can now be obtained until 11 o'clock, p.m., and all day on Sunday, at our Pharmacy, 78 Patrick-street, Cork. Established 1805.
TRALEE BOARD OF GUARDIANS—At the meeting of the Tralee Board of Guardians yesterday, Mr J J O'Connor presiding, a letter was read from the Local Government Board, stating that they had issued a sealed order, removing from the office of rate-collector Mr Patrick Cronin, who was said to have left the country, and requesting the guardians to elect a successor. The clerk was directed to advertise. Some routine business in connection with the Castleisland water supply was transacted. Adjourned.

THE CORK POLITICAL PRISONERS—The Mayor visited the gaol yesterday and saw the following Coercion prisoners :—Father Crowley, Messrs P Stanton, W and T kent, T Troy, J Donovan, and J Madigan. They were in excellent health and spirits. His worship also visited Miss Cullinane and Mrs Ring. They were quite well and made no complaint. Mr Jeremiah O'Callaghan, Belleview House, and Mr and Mrs Goggin, Skibbereen, also visited the prisoners and found them in good health.
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The Cork Examiner, 29 September 1890
   Mr Patrick Raleigh presided. Present—Messrs W Manahan, T Lane, J Lee, J Russell, P Mannix, James Walsh, John Sullivan, W Fogarty, P Aherne, and J Lewis. 
   The Clerk said that he had written to the Local Government Board with reference to the water scheme, and he had got a reply stating that the scheme was now sanctioned by the Board, and that the area of charge assessed by the Local Government Board would be as follows :—Half the total cost of the scheme to be levied off the Mitchelstown Dispensary district, and the remaining half off the town of Mitchelstown.
   The Chairman inquired when could the Board invite contractors for the work.
   The Clerk—In a couple of month's time.
   Several guardians asked that the Clerk should go through the preliminaries with all possible despatch.
   Mr Manahan said the Board could not adjourn without expressing its condemnation of the arrest of Mr Wm O'Brien, Mr John Dillon, and other honest workers in the National cause. He begged to move—“That we emphatically mark our protest against the proceedings of the Government, at this crisis in the affairs of the country, towards Messrs Dillon, O'Brien, and other representatives of the Irish people, and, that it is the opinion of the Board that the Government is wanting in its duty in not looking to the wants of the poverty stricken districts of the country and the imminent danger of widespread distress prevailing.”
   Mr Lane seconded the resolution, which was carried unanimously.
   The Chairman read a circular from the committee of the Father Mathew Centennial Celebration in Cork asking the co-operation of the Board in the coming demonstration, and asking if the guardians wished to be assigned a place in the procession.
   The Chairman—I think the Board should be represented on the occasion.
   Mr Lane said it would be a disgrace if the Board was not represented at the demonstration in honour of Father Mathew.
   The Chairman said they should all honour and respect the memory of Father Mathew. He would attend the celebration, and he hoped many other members of the Board would likewise be present.
   Mr Manahan asked that the members of the Board should get time to consider in what manner the Board would be represented, and the suggestion was adopted.
   During the recent storm in the Irish Channel an unknown steamer collided with the Norwegian barque Drapner, from Newcastle, America, to Whitehaven, with timber, cutting her down to the water's edge, and carrying her head gear away. The Drapner has arrived at Holyhead leaking badly.
   A telegram from Macassar states the French steamer Jeannie touched ground entering port, and will probably float in high water ; undamaged.
   A cablegram from San Francisco states the Gretna, from London, experienced heavy weather ; had cargo shifted, and sustained slight damage.

SIX members of the Order of Friars' Preachers were raised to the priesthood on Thursday morning in the Church of St Mary's, Pope's Quay, by the Most Rev Dr O'Callaghan, O P. His Lordship was assisted by the Rev Father Magrath, of the Cathedral. The following are the names of those who were ordained—Revs Maurice J O'Kelly, Michael D Sheehan, John H Jones, Joseph A M'Conville, Matthew A M'Gowan, and James J M'Govern. Besides the community of St Mary's there were also present—The Very Rev Father Paul, the Provincial of the Capuchin Order in Ireland ; the Very Rev Father Browne, O S F ; the Very Rev Father Begley, O S F, and Very Rev James J Bannon, O P, Dundalk. A number of relatives of the newly- ordained likewise assisted at the solemn ceremonies, as well as a large congregation of devout persons, who were attracted by the impressive and sacred occurrence.

   At the last meeting of the Tralee Harbour Board, Mr R Latchford, J P, presided, and there were present— Messrs St John H Donovan, J P ; R M'Cowen, J P ; T Galvin, C E Leahy, E W Hickson, and Captain Bingham. Several of the Commissioners complained strongly of the want of accomodation on the Tralee and Fenit railway, and the opinion was expressed that the causes of complaint would never be removed until the line was handed over to the Great Southern and Western Company from the Waterford and Limerick. The chairman strongly dissented from these views.
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