The Cork Constitution, 5 November 1886
   Fair white hands! Bright clear complexion! Soft healthful skin! PEARS' SOAP—Pure, Fragrant, Refreshing—For toilet and nursery. Specially prepared for the delicate skin of Ladies and children and others sensitive to the weather, winter or summer. Prevents redness, roughness, and chapping. Sold everywhere. Large scented Tablets, 1s. ; smaller (unscented), 6d.

   His Worship the Mayor yesterday resumed the revision of the Municipal Franchise. Messrs. J. C. Blake, solicitor, and Thomas Babington, senr., solicitor, sat as legal assessors, and Mr. H. Barry represented the Town Clerk.
   Messrs. Babington and Babington, solicitors, with Mr. Holmes Crofts, appeared for the Conservatives.
   Mr. W. Murphy, solicitor, with Mr. J. O'Brien, for the Nationalists.
   The direct list was gone through, and the cases which were allowed stand disposed of, and a few claims were then decided.
   Thomas Beston, George's-street, objected to by the Nationalists, was struck off, it being stated by Mr. Murphy that he did not occupy the whole house. The applicant did not appear, and therefore the name was struck off.
   Rev. G. P. Quick, Homeville, Sunday's Well. Rector of St. Peter's Church, was objected to by the Nationalists.
   Mr. Bernard Skinner appeared, and proved that Mr. Quick was entitled to a vote.
   The objections were disallowed.
   The Revision then terminated.
   Mr. W. W. Babington said that as the revision was now virtually closed he begged to thank his worship for the courteous and impartial manner in which he had conducted it all through.
   Mr. Murphy said it was needless to say that he seconded what Mr. Babington had said with the greatest pleasure. They had got through the work very smoothly. There was no friction on either side, and were extremely thankful to the Mayor for his kindness during the revision.
   Mr. Babington—There was the greatest impartiality and courtesy shown by his worship. (Hear, hear.)
   The Mayor was much obliged to both gentlemen. They had got through the work smoothly and harmoniously, and also very rapidly. He had to thank his assessors, too, for their courtesy and the assistance they had given him.
   The court then adjourned until Monday, when the list will be gone over to class the names.
   The following new Conservatives were put on the burgess roll :—John Atkins, Mount Verdon Place ; Samuel Baker, Roseville ; Henry H Beale, Adelaide Place ; Rev E Berry, St Patrick's Place l Joseph H Carroll, Ballyhooly Road ; Edward Droman, Middle Glanmire Road ; John Gilbert, Crown Park ; George Grubb, Smithgrove Terrace ; Benjamin Haughton, jun., Afgan House ; Noble Johnson, Middle Glanmire Road ; Richard Lonergan, 18, Grattan's Hill ; James M'Kenzie, Lower Glanmire Road ; Alfred C Maltby, Carolina Terrace ; George Nash, Grattan's Hill ; Charles R Oakshott, Sidney Place ; Norman Roberts, Farleigh Place ; Thos Sandham, Alpine Terrace ; Thos Steele, Audley Place ; Colonel T B Stewart, Montenotte ; Edmond Wakefield, Ballyhooly Road ; Henry Warren, Lower Glanmire Road ; Arthur Wheeler, Ballyhooly Road ; Joseph Williamson, Myrtle Hill Terrace ; Benjamin Wright, Ballyhooly Road ; Rev Robert W De La Cour, 15, Summerhill ; George Gorham, Ballyhooly Road ; Rev John H Thorpe, 1, Adelaide Place.
   New claims admitted:—Thomas G Atkins, 17, Patrick's Hill ; Wm Atkins, 6, Adelaide Place ; Major Broadley, Sidney House ; Stephen Cave, Lake View Lodge ; George P Murphy, solicitor, Woodville ; Sir D V O'Sullivan, Spencer House ; Wm Thornton, Waterloo Terrace.
   Samuel Anglin, Janemount ; William Cooke, Hardwick street ; Jacob Dalton, York street ; John Johnson, Abbey street, North ; Frederick Marlow, Upper Panorama Terrace ; Henry Browne Sandham, 72, Sunday's Well road ; Wm Smye, Lee View Place.
   Thomas Garde, 122, Shandon street.
   Christopher Haly Hutchinson, Fisher's Lane ; Richard Keating, Deane street ; Thomas Magahy, Lower George's street ; Abraham Woulfe, 16, Lavitt's Quay.
   David Breton, 100 Patrick street ; C M Harvey, Anderson's Quay.
   John Atkins, 49, South Mall ; Wm R Atkins, 30, South Mall ; John Lee, Prince's street ; Hatton R O'Kearney, South Mall ; John Reid, Keeffe street ; Keanrs [Kearns?] D Roche, 13, South Mall ; Wm C Townsend, M D, 57, South Mall ; Robert Wynne, 21, South Mall.
   John Lee, 19, Prince's street ; Joseph Thompson, 2, South Mall ; Robert W F Townsend, 18, South Mall.
   New Conservatives admitted on list ;—Joshua G Beale, Allen's Court ; Henry N Down, 36, Prince's street ; F W C Fozier, 19, Winthrop street ; John N Knott, 39, Cook street ; Abraham Manley, 18, Winthrop street ; John Geo Moore, Prince's street ; Barry Porteous, 128, George's street ; Samuel Sikes, 56, Grand Parade.
   Wm Penwyth, M D, South Terrace ; Elwin Hall, Croese's Green ; John J Wagner, Albert Road.
   Frederick Smith, Hillsboro' place.
   Pierce Goold, 18, North Main Street.
   The following National burgesses were struck off before the Mayor and assessors :—Francis M Barry, 131, Old Youghal road ; James Bowland, 9, Richmond Terrace ; James Boyng, Ballyhooly road ; Thomas Bunley, Patrick's Quay ; Terence Brody, 10, Belgrave place ; Rev J Cassidy, St Patrick's terrace ; Thomas Cavanagh, 35, Lower Glanmire road ; Henry Conboy, Grattan's hill ; Henry Connell, Military road ; James Coughlan, 48, King street ; Thomas Coughlan, 6, Penrose quay ; William Daly, Charlemont terrace ; Edward Delany, 10, King street ; J Dwinan, solicitor, Grattan's hill ; Timothy Driscoll, William street ; Philip Duffey, 25, King street ; Michael Dunlea, King street ; Thomas L Hackett, Patrick's Quay ; Valentine J Haley, Ballyhooly road ; Patrick V Hendrick, Lower Glanmire road ; John Hennessy, Ballyhooly road ; John Hughes, 2, Myrtle Hill terrace ; William Lane, Ballyhooly road ; Timothy Leahy, Lower Glanmire road ; Fred Lima, Tivoli road ; William P Lyons, 2 Bridge street ; W L M'Carthy, Waterloo place ; John M'Grath, Ballyhooly road ; Barry M'Mullen, Lower Glanmire road ; — Martin, Magnolia terrace ; J Milling, Waterloo place ; Thomas Murray, Old Youghal road ; James O'Brien, 16, Charlemont Terrace ; James O'Connor, 39, King street ; Very Rev. Dr. O'Mahony, 1, Patrick's Place ; Jeremiah O'Sullivan, 123, Lower Glanmire road ; Michael O'Sullivan, 1, Lower Glanmire road ; William O'Toole, Clarence Place ; James Riordan, 68, Lower Glanmire road ; William Spillane, 18, Military road ; Michael O'Sullivan, 137, Lower Glanmire road ; George A Sutton, 14, Waterloo place ; Patrick Tobin, 5?, Lower Glanmire road ; William Welstead, 14, Gardiner's Hill.
   Francis Lyons, 6, St Patrick's Hill.
   Thomas J Barter, 21, Academy street ; Patrick Cahill, 11, Cornmarket street ; Patrick Casey, Half Moon street ; William Connolly, 28, Paul street ; John Daly, 10, Drawbridge street ; John Dynan, 1, Patrick street ; Cornelius D Horgan, 49, Fish street ; Thomas Kiely, 29, Cornmarket street ; Thomas Leahy, 17, Merchant's Quay ; Jeremiah Linehan, Nelson Place ; John Lynan, 18, Bowling Green street ; John M'Carthy, 75, Patrick street ; James Murphy, 25, Warren's Place ; Matthew O'Callaghan, 13, Cornmarket street ; Patrick O'Callaghan, 33, Warren's Place ; John O'Connor, M P, 35, Maylor street ; James Smithwick, 12, Drawbridge street ; George Sutton, junr, 24, Warren's Place ; Michael Francis Twomey, 44, Fish street ; John Wall, 23, Merchant's Quay ; James Walsh, 30, Fish street ; William Walsh, 22, Merchant's Quay ; William Whistler, 15, Fish street.
   Richard Fitzgerald, 21, Drawbridge street.
   Stephen Baily, 17, North Mall ; Timothy Brosnan, Soho Terrace, Shanakiel ; Francis Coffin, 69, Sunday's Well Road ; Rev A Coleman, 40, Pope's quay ; Timothy Collins, Pope's quay ; Edward Connell, Moylan's lane ; Richard Connor, Wellington place ; Rev John A Coveny, 40, Pope's quay ; John Cronin, North Abbey Square ; Rev Thomas Deely, Pope's quay ; James Donovan, Pope's quay ; James Dunne, Hillgrove lane ; John Dunne, Hillgrove lane ; Matthew Finucane, North Abbey Square ; John Flynn, 38, Pope's quay ; James Foley, Upper Panorama Terrace ; James Forde, 8, Upper Panorama Terrace ; Peter Geraghty, 3, Upper Panorama Terrace ; Michael Harnett, 115, Shandon street ; Cornelius Harte, 5, Devonshire street ; James N Haly, 2, Soho Terrace ; Patrick J Hegarty, Wellington Terrace, Shanakiel ; Rev Joseph Hickey, 40, Pope's quay ; Rev Joseph C Horgan, 30, Ebenezer Terrace ; Danl Hurley, Dominick street ; John Leahy, Old Market Place ; William Linehan, Buxton Hill ; Henry Lyons, Leitrim street ; Patrick M'Cormack, York street ; William Madden, North Abbey Square ; Dominick W Mahony, 4, Church street ; Jeremiah Mullins, 41, Fair Lane ; Daniel Murphy, Blarney street ; Timothy Murphy, Glasheen Lane ; Patrick F Murphy, 38, Watercourse road ; Timothy Murphy, Shandon street ; Michael Nolan, Leitrim street ; Matthias O'Callaghan, 21, Leitrim street ; Rev Michael Twomey, Pope's quay ; Michael O'Keeffe, Sunday School Lane ; Thomas Sullivan, 80, York street ; Edward Riordan, 3, Dublin street ; Rev Bartholomew Russell, Pope's quay ; Michael Ryan, 18, Cattle Lane ; Patrick Sheehan, 57, Shandon street ; John Slattery, 2, Bleasby street ; Daniel Sullivan, 55, Shandon street ; Michael Sweeney, 31, York street ; Michael J Twomey, Dominick street ; Edmond Walsh, Janemount ; Rev John Willard, Pope's quay.
   William Ahern, 24, Pope's quay ; James Canter, 113, Mountview Terrace ; John Duffy, Sunday's Well Avenue ; John Fitzpatrick, Nicholas Well lane ; Jeremiah Hennessy, 80 and 79, Shandon street ; Jeremiah Nagle, 15, Cattle lane.
   Timothy Daniel Breen, 47, George's street ; Michael J Buckley, 34, South Mall ; James Connel, Lower George's street ; John Daly, Alderman, South Mall ; John E Dowman, Solicitor, Cook street ; Wm Hartnett, 17, George's street ; Maurice Healy, M P, 25, South Mall ; James Hegarty, 30, Cook street ; S H Hynes, South Mall ; Joseph Jenkins, 18, Pembroke street ; Matthew Linehan, 54, South Mall ; Edwd M'Carthy, 22, Marlboro street ; Patrick M'Namara, 41, George's street ; James Magner, M D, 35, South Mall ; Wm B Massy, 27, George's street ; Wm Nunan, 37, George's street ; Francis W O'Callaghan, 46, George's street ; Michael O'Sullivan, 23, Marlboro street ; John Sheehan, 8, Parliament street ; Rev Lewis Soler, Charlotte Quay. 
   Patrick Buckley, 40, George's street ; Michael Francis Carey, South Mall ; Daniel Valentine Donegan, 90, South Mall.
   Peter Allen, 43, Patrick's Hill ; Michael Arnold, 5, Cook street ; Francis Arnold, 48, South Main street ; Andrew Browne, 24, South Main street ; Daniel Butler, 105, George's street ; Patrick Cahill, 51, Great George's street ; Daniel Canty, 3, Caroline street ; Daniel J Galvin, 5, Castle street ; Thomas Hodnett, 16, Caroline street ; Michael Hurley, 44, South Main street ; Michael Lucy, 14, Brunswick street ; Nicholas M'Carthy, 14, Grand Parade Market ; Patrick M'Donnell, 38, South Main street ; Daniel Mahony, 87, George's street ; Cornelius Millard, 2, Grand Parade Market ; Patrick Moore, 40, Marlboro street ; Peter Murphy, 3, Marlboro street ; John J O'Connor, 5, Cook street ; Rev. F O'Connor, 46, Great George's street ; Denis O'Riely, 5, Marlboro street ; Denis O'Riordan, 114, George's street ; James Russell, 19, Grand Parade Market ; Joseph Sheehy, 44, South Main street ; William Sherlock, Marlboro street ; William J Shinkwin, 40, Prince's street ; Thomas Farrer, 14, Grand Parade ; Denis Twomey, 30, Grand Parade Market ; Michael Walsh, 13, South Main street ; Thomas Wood, 39, Prince's street.
   Daniel Donovan, 42 and 43, Grand Parade Market ; Thomas O'Connor, 6, Cook street.
   Mathew Ahern, 68, North Main street ; Rev Cornelius F Begley, Liberty street ; William Blake, Woods' lane ; Patrick Connell, Hanover street ; William Connell, 22, Great George's street ; John Cronin, 78, North Main street ; William Daly, Vandeleur's lane ; Michael Dillon, 12, Home Rule terrace ; David Dilworth, 98, North Main street ; James Dwyer, Great George's street ; Michael Fagan, 8, Home Rule terrace, Western road ; Daniel Fitzgerald, 37, North Main street ; George Henry Fitzgerald, 12, Adelaide street ; Patrick Flynn, 21, Nile street ; James Foley, Hanover street ; John Forrest, 100 and 101, South Main street ; Edward Hayes, 15, Castle street ; Jeremiah Hagerty, Nile street ; John Herlihy, North Main street ; Rev P Kennedy, 14, Liberty street ; John M'Carthy, 14, Liberty street ; William M'Carthy, 10 and 20, Kyrl's quay ; Hugh M'Cullough, Home Rule terrace, Western road ; Rev John M'Manus, 14, Liberty street ; Michael Maher, North Main street ; Jeremiah Murphy, 80, North Main street ; John Murphy, 80, North Main street ; Jeremiah Murphy, 15, Hanover street ; Matthew O'Callaghan, 10, Home Rule terrace ; James O'Connor, 28, Great George's street ; James O'Connor, 16, Nile street ; Michael O'Driscoll, 34, Nile street ; William O'Keeffe, 1, Queen's place ; Eugene O'Sullivan, 56, Cornmarket street ; John Sheehy, North Main street ; Herr Swertz, 14, Dyke Parade ; Michael Verling, Cornmarket street.
   James Chambers, 1, Great George's street ; Michael Maher, North Main street ; William Roche, 55, North Main street ; John Sheehy, North Main street ; Michael Verling, 51, Cornmarket street.
   Rev James Ambrose, 29, Green street ; Jas. Burgess, 32, Mary street ; Denis Burke, 61a, Douglas street ; David Carey, 37, Warren's row, Cove street ; Patrick A Carroll, 56, Gillabbey street : Maurice Conway, 3, Union quay ; John Donovan, 4, Mary street ; Moses Essemond, Albert row ; Rev John Fahy, 8, George's quay ; Richard Fitzgerald, 10, Albert street ; Rev James Fleming, 8, George's quay ; Timothy Hennessy, 135, Barrack street ; Michael William Hughes, 64, Douglas street ; John Jones, 4, Albert road ; Rev John Lane, 9, Fitton street ; Michael Lawlor, 35 and 37, Douglas street ; Michael Lynch, 5, Sullivan's quay ; Christopher James M'Carthy, 14, George's quay ; Thomas M'Carthy, 23, Rutland street ; Michael M'Donnell, 113, Barrack street ; Samuel M'Kenttrick, 3, Evergreen terrace ; Daniel Murphy, jun., 15, Douglas street ; Daniel Murray, 122, Barrack street ; Daniel Murray, 121, Barrack street ; Joshua Nunn, 27, Barrack street ; John O'Callaghan, 22, Gould street ; James Charles O'Connor, 37, Douglas street ; Joseph O'Connor, Southern road ; James O'Donnell, 8, Langford row ; John O'Driscoll, 38, Douglas street ; Rev J O'Keeffe, 8, George's quay ; Jeremiah O'Keary, Albert street ; John T O'Neill, 30, Nicholas street ; Joseph O'Regan, 2, Proby's quay ; James Simcox, 122, Barrack street ; Francis Turpin, 7, Fitton street ; William Whistle, Mews lane ; Michael Wilson, 21, Douglas street ; Rev Joseph Zimmermann, 5, Tory Top lane.
   Richard Fitzgerald, 10, Albert street ; Daniel Joseph Lucy, 14, Barrack street ; Jeremiah Mullane, 16, Margaret street ; James Charles O'Connell, 37, Douglas street ; John O'Lehane, 48, Douglas street ; Jeremiah O'Neill, 7, Margaret street ; Thomas O'Shea, 2, Copley street ; James Walsh, 121, Evergreen road ; James Walsh, 6, Albert road ; Michael Walsh, 21, Douglas street.
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The Cork Constitution, 22 November 1886
   On Saturday Mr. Coroner Blake and a jury held an inquest at 4, York road, Blackpool, on the body of a child named Timothy Donovan, aged 6½ years (the son of a cattle dealer), who had been accidentally poisoned. . . . 

   GOULD—November 15, at Worcester Park, Surrey, the wife of Charles Gould, of the Inner Temple, Barrister-at-Law, of a daughter.
   PHILLIPS—On the 18th instant, at Thurlow Lodge, Anerley, the wife of Alfred Phillips, of a daughter.
   YATES—On the 17th instant, at Chorlton- cum-Hardy, near Manchester, the wife of Simon P. Yates, of a son.
   YOUNG—On the 17th inst., at 58, South Lambeth road, London, the wife of G. Ord Young, Rangoon, Burma, of a son.

   PEDLOW AND BATES—November 18, at Armagh Presbyterian Church, by the Rev. John Elliott, William Henry Pedlow, Warrenpoint, to Elizabeth Bates, third daughter of the late George Bates, Loughgall, County Armagh.
   VEALE AND EDMONDS—On the 17th instant, at St. Matthew's, Upper Clapton, by the Rev. W. B. Gascoigne, ?.A., Vicar of Chittlehambolt, Devon, and by the Rev. L. H. Bradford, M.A., vicar of the parish, Henry Mallet Veale, of Passaford, Hatherleigh, Devon, to Ellen, widow of Christopher Edmonds, late Ceylon Civil Service.

   AHERN—On the 21st inst., at his residence, No. 10, Warren's Place, Michael Ahern, after a short but painful illness (borne with Christian fortitude.)
   JACKSON—On the 20th inst., Annie Honor, eldest daughter of Samuel Jackson, Southern Road, aged 27 years. Funeral from the Incurable Home, Military Road, on Tuesday morning, at 8 o'clock, for Douglas.
   PERROTT—November 19, at Erinville, Cork, of typhoid fever, Francis John, aged 21 years, youngest and dearly loved son of George Perrott. Funeral private.
   SULLIVAN—On the 20th instant, at 6, Adelaide Terrace, Cork, Thomas J. Sullivan, Professor of Music. Funeral from St. Patrick's Church at nine o'clock on Tuesday morning.
   ALLEN—On the 18th instant, at Vine Cottage, Hackney, Eve Mary, elder daughter of Edgar Wontner Allen, in her seventh year.
   ANDREW—On the 15th instant, at his residence, Melbourne Crescent, Northampton, Alfred Andrew, solicitor, in his 38th year.

   ASSAULT ON A BAILIFF.—At the Kilfinane Petty Sessions on Saturday two men named Daly were charged, in custody, with having, on the 3rd instant, grievously assaulted a sheriff's bailiff named John O'Neil. O'Neil deposed that he visited the farm of the defendants at Darragh to execute a decree for a debt due to a Mitchelstown trader, and he was set upon by the defendants, who beat him with a spade and a hay-fork. He sustained a deep wound on the head. The prisoners were returned for trial at the Winter Assizes.

   FORTNIGHTLY AUCTION OF HORSES AT MESSRS. ASHE'S, 36, GEORGE'S-STREET.—The fortnightly sale of horses, &c., at this repository took place on Saturday last at 12 o'clock, and was largely attended by purchasers. When business began there was a decent collection of animals on view, including a few promising hunters and carriage horses, with a good lot of cobs and ponies, also several useful hacks and farm horses. Fifteen lots changed hands at prices varying from 5 guineas to 33½ guineas. The principal buyers were—Messrs. O'Brien, Murphy, M'Donnell, Daly, Cross, Dwyer, and Smyth.
   A NEST OF JUVENILE THIEVES BROKEN UP.—For some time past various larcenies have been committed in and round Castletown Bere. On Thursday night the shop of Mr. Denis D. O'Shea was entered and some groceries taken therefrom. Constables Ward and Willis got on the track, and they unearthed in an old unoccupied house three young lads who were put forward in custody, at Saturday's petty sessions before Messrs. E. B. Warburton, R.M. ; D. J. Lyne, and D. V. Hancock. Their names are James Cronin, Timothy Sullivan, and James Sullivan. Some of the missing articles were found in their possession. James Sullivan was discharged and Timothy Sullivan and James Cronin were sentenced to one month's imprisonment each. Sullivan's father asked to have the term of imprisonment increased to give him the right of appeal. This was acceded to and the young fellow was sentenced to two months, and bail for his appearance at the quarter sessions accepted.


Established for the Sale of Sweet and
Unadulterated Bread.
(Manager to the late RUSSELL MARTIN),
BEGS to acquaint his numerous Friends and the Public that he will guarantee an article equally good as that supplied by the late Russell Martin, and which gave such widespread satisfaction.
   A trial respectfully solicited.

TO-NIGHT (MONDAY), and Five following nights, at 8 o'Clock,
In the entirely New Drama, written by J. W. Whitbread, Manager Queen's Royal Theatre, Dublin, entitled
Performed last week before enormous audiences in Dublin—For Press Opinions see last Saturday's Constitution, Examiner, and Herald.
Magnificent Stage Effects.
New and Beautiful Scenery.    
   Act 1—Shamrock Dale, co. Wicklow.
   Act 2—Kate O'Brien's House, Dublin
   Act 3—Scene 1—A Garrett on the Coombe. Scene 2— College Green ; the Bank of Ireland. Scene 3—The River Liffey.
   Act 4—Scene 1—House on Rogerson's Quay ; the Murder. Scene 2—The Custom House by Moonlight.
Monday Next, for one week only, the
Eminent Comedian,

   CORK HARBOUR SHIPPING.—Arrived—Saturday—Steamer Servia, New York, and proceeded for Liverpool ; West Riding, 913, Thomas, British, Antifogasta, nitrate, orders ; Olaf Tryguersen, 810, Svendsen, Norwegian, Java, sugar, orders ; Noatum, 501, Jorgensen, Norwegian, Campana (River Plate), maize, orders ; August Leffler, 514, Pedersen, Norwegian, Wilmington, turpentine, orders. Sailed—Candidate, Hull ; Ringdove, Leith. Arrived—Sunday—Steamer Lord Clive, Philadelphia, and proceeded for Liverpool ; steamer Samaria, and proceeded for Liverpool ; steamer Etruria, Liverpool, and proceeded for New York ; steamer Wisconsin, Liverpool, and proceeded for New York ; Speranza, 446, Ericksen, Norwegian, Mexico, mahogany, orders. Sailed—Oakworth, Stockton-on-Tees, olagnum [?], Liverpool ; Noatum, Liverpool.
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