The Cork Examiner, 25 January 1882

Rev. J. Twohig, P.P. £1 0 0
J. Wiseman 1 0 0
D. Manning 1 0 0
M. Manning 1 0 0
T. O'Leary, P.LG. 1 0 0
J. O'Mahony, P.L.G. 1 0 0
M. Kelleher 1 0 0
Rev. D. Williams, C.C. 0 10 0
D. Daly 0 10 0
W. O'Connell 0 10 0
P. Sweeney 0 10 0
J. M'Carthy 0 10 0
J. Ambrose 0 10 0
D. Corcoran 0 10 0
J. Corkery 0 10 0
E. Casey 0 10 0
J. Lehane 0 10 0
Con. Cremin, P.L.G. 0 10 0
R. Hyde 0 10 0
J. Scanlon 0 10 0
D. Coakley 0 10 0
T. Connor 0 10 0
Con Ahern 0 12 0
W. Wiseman 0 7 6
R. Wiseman 0 7 6
T. Corkeran 0 7 6
T. Buckley 0 7 6
W. Ambrose 0 7 6
Bat Cotter 0 7 6
W. Rearden 0 7 6
John Haly 0 7 6
J. Sullivan 0 7 6
Mrs Coakley 0 7 6
D. M'Carthy 0 7 6
J. Cahill 0 7 6
   Edward Twohig, Michael Twomey, John Twohig, Thomas Haly, Daniel Reardon, Denis Coakley, Jeremiah Twohig, James Sullivan, and Patrick Kelleher—6s.each
   David Nagle, Cornelius Callaghan, Patrick Horgan, Wm. Cahill, Mrs. J. Daly, Stephen Horgan, Owen Twomey, Peter Scanlon, John Wiseman, A Friend, John Horgan, Peter Ring, James Twomey, Denis Kelleher, Timothy Ahern, Robert Wiseman, James Sullivan, John Twohig, James Twohig, Cornelius Shea, Owen Sullivan, James Bohan, Maurice Haly, Denis Lucy, Mort. Kelleher, and John Roche—5s. each
   Mrs. D. Coakley, Mrs. J. Kelleher, Timothy Twohig, John Sullivan, John Kelleher, Timothy Twomey, and Jeremiah Coakley—4s. each
   Patrick Lucey—3s. 6d.
   Denis M'Carthy, Timothy Cronin, Denis Shea, Robert Wiseman, Jas. Wiseman, Owen Murphy, Patrick Quill, Daniel Ring, Daniel Healy, James Nagle—3s. each
   David Nagle, Michael Leary, Cornelius Hayes, Cornelius Duggan, Daniel Healy, Denis Duggan, Edward Ring, Patrick Connor, Daniel Hyde, Hihn Wiseman, John Deasey—2s. 6d. each
   Patrick Linehan, John Cronin, Denis Long, John Kelleher, Richard Leary, Mrs. Sullivan, Patrick O'Connell, Michael Healy, Daniel Connell, Daniel Cronin, Timothy Horgan, John Looney, Henry Howard, Timothy Connell, John Wiseman, John Harrington, Daniel Lucey, Timothy Cronin, Mrs. Twomey, Michael Allen, James Rourke, Timothy Callahan, Mrs. C. Sullivan, Arthur O'Leary—2s. each
   Michael Lynch, Jeremiah Connor, Timothy Leary —1s. 6d. each
   John Coakley, John Duggan, Andy Connell, Jeremiah Buckley, Patrick Twomey, John Kelly, James Looney, William Looney, Bryan Conner, Philip Hyde, Daniel Coughlan, John Barret, Tead Kelly, John Finnegan, John Burns, John Neville, Michael Neville, Denis Sheehan, John Lucy, Michael Shea, Jer. Duggan, James Shaw, Pat Sullivan, Dan Creedon, Michael Connors, Tim Carroll, Tom Deane, Jeremiah Sullivan, Peter Herlihy, Dan Leary, Jeremiah Day, Timothy Day, Thomas Daly, Cornelius Creedon, Dan Cronin, Jeremiah Callaghan, Jeremiah Lucey, Mary Kelleher, H. Sullivan, Denis Cronin, Jeremiah Sullivan, Cornelius Donoghue, Michael Ring, Denis Coakley, Dan Long, Wm. Callaghan, Wm. Cronin, Wm. Crean, John Desmond, John Hinchin. [1s. each?]
   Smaller Sums—£1 12s.
   Total—£39 12s. 6d.
TIMOTHY O'LEARY, Treasurer      

   Thomas Kerley, shopkeeper, Frankford, King's County, formerly Land League secretary, and William Heffernan, farmer, were arrested yesterday under the Coercion Act

Buttevant, Tuesday.   
   Yesterday the luggage train from Dublin brought to the Buttevant station materials for the erection of a wooden house for Daniel M'Carthy, lately evicted near Doneraile. Scarce had the train arrived when two policemen were among the railway porters, making busy enquiries. Several carts to-day removed the timber to a field adjoining M'Carthy's farm. The procession through Buttevant excited much curiosity. At M'Carthy's late residence there were over twenty policemen, with Sub-Inspector Lanyon, Mallow, and Mr. Butler, R.M., who were summoned by telegram to attend. There was no disturbance.

Dublin, Tuesday Night.      
   The Vice Chancellor to-day appointed Mr. Gardiner, official liquidator of the Belgooley Distillery, Cork.

Dublin, Tuesday.      
   To-day the police arrested another clerk employed in the office of United Ireland. At twelve o'clock in the afternoon a detective went into the office in Abbey-street and asked for a copy of the Shamrock newspaper. Mr. Michael Shelley, a clerk, gave it to him, and the policeman then arrested him on a warrant charging him with inciting others to abstain from paying rents. Mr. Shelley is one of the Political Prisoners' Aid Society, of 14, Redmond's Hill. The prisoner was taken to Armagh Gaol.
Limerick, Tuesday.     
   Last night, some soldiers of the 76th Regiment paid a visit to the old town, and for some cause or other, not as yet well explained, they came into collision with a number of civilians, with the result that something like a riot occurred. The military were outnumbered, and had, considerably, the worst of it, the Rifles in the end having to seek shelter in the Castle Barracks from their assailants. Stones and bricks were seen flying after the Rifles, and matters at one time became so serious that the military guard had to turn out at the barracks to keep back the crowd. An officer, who was passing up at the time, received a stroke of a stick in the leg, and some of the soldiers were also cut and scratched. No arrests have been made in connection with the occurrence.
   This morning a batch of eighteen ordinary prisoners were transferred from Limerick to Ennis Gaol, there to undergo the remainder of their sentence of imprisonment. Owing to the large number of suspects and ordinary prisoners in Limerick Gaol, the Ennis prison has been recently prepared for the reception of prisoners.
   To-day William Mullane, a private of the 87th Regiment, was remanded to Petty Sessions on a charge of using seditious language on Sunday night in Limerick, by proclaiming himself a Fenian. There was also a charge against the accused of having stabbed with a knife, though not seriously, two gunners in the Royal Artillery and assaulting Constable M'Donogh, of William Street, who made the arrest. The police are on the lookout for some other persons who are said to have been concerned with the prisoner in the attack made on the artillerymen on Sunday night.
Tralee, Tuesday Evening.     
   His Honour, Mr. O'Connor Morris, entered court at ten o'clock, this morning, and took up the hearing of the remaining ejectments.
   Mr. F. B. Chute obtained decrees of ejecment against Elizabeth Bourke, and Hugh Connor ; Francis Peet against Jeremiah Connor ; Garnett Fitzgerald against Michael Butler.
   This finished the hearing of the ejectments, and at twelve o'clock his honour heard the one remaining Crown case.
   Four respectable countrymen named James Coakley, John Coakley, Denis Counihan, and William Sheehy, were put forward charged with assaulting one Michael Ahern on the 1st Nov. at a place called Lacca, near Miltown.
   Mr. D. D'C M'Gillicuddy, S.C.S, prosecuted and Mr. M. J. Horgan, solicitor, for the defendants.
   It appeared from the evidence that on the night of the 31st October (All Hallow's Eve) the four prisoners, and the injured man met at Counihan's house ; they had a half tierce of porter in the house, which they drank, and in the morning they fought, and the man Ahern was injured.
   The jury found the defendants “not guilty,” and they were discharged.
   Maurice Kearney v. Thomas Shanahan. This was an action for £50 for false arrest and imprisonment. . . .

DEATH FROM STARVATION.—On Monday Coroner Horgan held an inquest at Cloghroe, on the body of a man named Thomas Dilworth, aged 62 years, who was found dead in his house on Saturday morning. Denis Healy, publican, Cloghroe, stated that the deceased lived in a hut opposite Ardrum gate. He lived alone for four or five years since his wife died. He had no occupation and no means of support except the weekly relief of 2s. which he received from the relieving officer. He got the relief every Friday, but last Friday he got none, as he was not able to go to the relieving officer's office at Matehy. A woman who drew the relief-money on last Friday, came to his house on that night. She knocked and he answered, “I don't know what you want.” The voice was strong, and considering he was all right she came away. The next morning, Old Dilworth not making any appearance his hut was broken into, and the poor man was found on the floor naked and quite dead. Relieving- officer, O'Connell, deposed that the deceased was in receipt of 2s. a week out-door relief, but he did not come for the relief on last Friday. He gave it to a woman who lived near him to take it to him. It was witness's duty to take him the relief, as he did not call for it ; but as the woman who lived near him was there he gave it to her to take to him. Dr. Madrass, dispensary doctor, said the deceased had never been under his care. He examined the body, and it presented a very starved appearance. There was no food whatever in the stomach, and he believed death was caused by cold and exposure. The jury returned a verdict that death was caused by exposure to cold, the body having a starved appearance.

Dublin, Tuesday.      
   A considerable display of force was made near Malahide, county Dublin, to-day. A Mr. John Wills had proceeded against four of his tenants, who owed a hanging gale of rent, and had recovered judgement in ejectment against them. Six Emergency bailiffs, protected by a force of thirty policemen and a company of the 104th Regiment, went to the tenants' holdings, but in each case the rent was paid, and the decrees accordingly were not exectuted.

WRITS FOR RENT.—A few days ago a writ was served by a bailiff on Mr. Thomas O'Brien, Sandy-hill, near Midleton, dated 31st October, for a half-year's rent due on the 29th of September. The rent of the farm is £130, and the valuation £90. The writ was at the suit of the following—George G. Bruen, Cheltenham, Elizabeth Bruen, same place ; Rev. Henry Kingsmill Moore, clerk, Newenham Terrace, Cork ; Constance Moore, same place ; Henry Turpin, Queenstown ; Horace Turpin, Maryboro', Queen's County, sol. On Friday and Saturday last 400 persons assisted on the farm and did all work necessary for the preparation of the crops.
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