The Cork Examiner, 24 December 1881

Already acknowledged £32636
A contribution from the Cork Market Gardeners' Benefit Association 680
Edward Daly, 54, North Main street 100
Thomas Riordan, 28, do. 100
John Burke, 27, do. 0100
John Daly, 13, do. 100
Michael Mullane, 9?, do. 100
Miss Byrne, 86, do. 0100
J. Twomey, 10 and 11 do. 100
Amount of Whitechurch Collection, per Thomas Linehan 36190
P. Kielly, York street, Blackpool 100
T. Mahony, Pope's Quay 0100
John Ahern, senior, Monard 0100
Thomas Byrne, Carhue 0100
A Lady Sympathiser with the Suspects 200
Patrick O'Connor, South Main street 100
John Young, Great George's street 100
John O'Sullivan, 41, Hospital lane, St. Finbarr's 0100
John Rearden, T.C. 0100
Timothy O'Callaghan, 88, South Main st. 0100
Mrs. Cleary, 87, do. 0100
John Tobin, Paradise Place 0100
Michael Looney, South Main street 0100
Hilser Brothers, do. 0100
R. O'Sullivan, 14, North Main street 0100
P. J. Kingston, Great George's street 0100
John M'Swiney, do. 0100
E. W., per J. O'Brien 0100
Mrs. O'Regan, North Main street 050
Michael Buckley, do. 050
A Parnelite, do. 050
Mrs. Burke, do. 050
James Simcox, do. 050
John O'Connell, 87, do. 050
Joseph Carey, South Main street 050
A Parnelite, do. 050
W. Crowley, do. 050
P. Crowley, do. 050
W. Landers, do. 050
M. Collins, do. 050
John O'Donoghue, do. 050
M. O'Connor, Great George's street 050
D. Mulcahy, North Main street 030
   Mrs. Finn, Mrs. Harding, W. Flynn, P. O'Sullivan, P. Buckley, P. Curran, James Murphy, Jeremiah Murphy, and Mrs. Kelleher—2s. 6d. each.
   E. Casey. Miss O'Shaughnessy, J. Dilworth, Mrs. O'Donoghue, A Friend, per R. Walsh—2s. each.
   Smaller sums, 8s.
JOHN O'BRIEN, Patrick-street,       
DENIS AHERN, Leemount,             
Hon. Secretaries.

James Heagerty, P.L.G. £100
James Murphy 100
Edward Mulcahy 100
Thomas Linehan 200
John J. Ahern, Jun 100
Myles M'Swiney 100
Daniel M'Auliffe 100
Patrick Ring 100
James R. Walsh 100
John Murphy 0100
Laurence M'Namara 050


Rev. Joseph Nunan, C.C. 100
John Walsh 100
A Friend to the Cause 100
John Humphries, sen. 100
Timothy Hegarty 100
Patrick O'Connell 0106
John M'Auliffe 0100
Eugene Hegarty 0100
James Sullivan 0100
John Humphries, Ryefield 0100
Laurence Cotter 0100
Michael Crowley 0100
Wm. Hegarty 0100
Denis Sullivan 0100
Mrs. Humphries 0100
Timothy Hegarty 0100
Simon Hegarty 0100
John Cashman, sen. 0100
John Sullivan 0100
Michael Downey 0100
John O'Connell 0100
Timothy M'Namara 0100
Peter Hart 0100
Michael Downey 0100
Patrick Kiely 0100
Timothy Hegarty 0100
Michael M'Namara 0100
Daniel Mahony 0100
Denis Hegarty 0100
Daniel Sheehan 0100
Timothy Sheehan 0100
Thomas Healy 0100
A Sympathiser 0100
John Daunt 0100
A Lady Friend 0100
Thomas Scriven 0100
James Walsh 0100
   Daniel Riely, Timothy Sheehan, John Cashman, jun, John Hegarty, Michael O'Connell, Martin Forrest, Daniel Sheehan—7s 6d each,
   Mrs O'Leary, 7s.
   Patrick Manly, 6s
   Timothy Sheehan, Denis Twomey, Daniel Murphy, Mrs Murphy, John O'Brien, Patrick Mahony, Wm Sheehan, John M'Namara, Michael Murphy, John James Humphries, Michael Cronin, A Lady Land Leaguer, James O'Callaghan, John Sullivan, Mrs Murphy, Daniel Cronin, A Friend, William Donovan, John Murphy, Daniel Linehan, R Williamson, Jerry Reily, Garret Hayes, John Hayes, Tim Hayes, Mat Horgan, Richard Walsh, A Lady, Andrew Mahony—5s each.
   James Driscoll, Timothy O'Donoghue, Denis Murphy—4s each.
   Patrick Cronin, Mrs O'Donoghue, and Patrick Mulcahy—3s each.
   Patrick Mullane, John Nunan, Richard Nagle, Florence Donoghue, John Mulcahy, Patrick Flaherty, Daniel Duggan, Patrick Dwyer, John M'Carthy, John Collins, Maurice Hayes, Thomas Quinlan, Mrs Buckley, Michael Connors—2s 6d each.
   Thomas Lyons, Daniel Clifford, James Sullivan, Patrick Mullane, Michael Mulcahy, Jeremiah Mulcahy—2s each.
   John Ring, Michael Keene, Richard Shinnick, Michael Mahony, Denis Crowley, Owen Hasset, Michael Buckley, Denis Coleman, Michael Corbett, John Connell, John Vaughan, Wm Sheehan, Jerry Kelleher, Dan Mahony, Richard Ronan, Patrick M'Namara, Denis Sheehan, Michael Cahill, Daniel Sullivan, Mrs O'Keeffe, Larry Murphy, James Ronan, Michael Crowley, Tom Donovan, Michael Mahony, Thomas Donovan, Patrick Sullivan, John Joe Kiely, Michael Sullivan, Wm O'Keeffe, Denis Daly, Morgan Flynn, Con Barrett, Wm Dee, John Sullivan, Jerry Donovan, Jerry Sullivan, John M'Namara, Wm Murphy, David Coghlan—1s each.

THANKS.—Lying-in Hospital—12 Suits of Baby Clothes and £1 subscription from Lady Arnott, Woodlands

THE WIDOW M'NAMARA begs to return her most sincere thanks to the Foresters' Society, Cork, for the sum of £18 17s. Mortality Money, and £26 the proceeds of the Drawing.

Received at first general Meeting. £4740
Mr. J. Healy 100
Mr. D. Cahill, T.C., P.L.G. 100
Mr. F. Nolan, per do. 100
Mr. C. Love, do 100
Mr. Jackson Bennett, do. 0100
Captain O'Loughlin, do. 100
Dr. Downing, do. 100
Mr. D. M'Kay, Coal Merchant 100
Lane's Brewery, per Mr. Barrett 100
Mr. Lordon, Westbourne, per do. 100
George Scott, Esq., per Munster Bank 110
J. W. Scott, Esq. 220
T. Lyons & Co., per Chairman 200
Lady's Well Brewery, do. 200
Charles Garfit, Esq., do. 110
N. English, Esq., do. 100
Abraham Sutton, Esq., Cork, do. 220
A Friend, do. 050
A Member of Confraternity, per Sec. 026
   Next Meeting for the furtherance of this noble object, will take place the Thursday after Xmas. Donations are requested from all sympathisers, and will be received by any of the undermentioned:—
                   Chairman T.C., Chairman.
         P. BARRETT, Sub-Treasurer
         GEO. J. M'CALL, Hon. Sec.
   Or to any of the undersigned Members of the Committee, the Clergy of all denominations, members of the Medical Profession,
       Mr. J. Hickey, East Beach
       C. J. Doran, T.C.
       J. Garde, T.C.
       T. O'Reilly, T.C.
       Mr. E. English
       J. H. Campbell, T.C.
       Mr. Nicholas English
       D. Cahill, T.C., P.L.G.
       Mr. P. Higgins, The Beach
       Mr. N. Fairley, King Street
       Mr. F. Heney, sen.
       Mr. N. Sutton
       Mr. Clayton Love, The Beach
       Mr. J. Healey, The Beach
       Mr. John O'Sullivan, T.C.
       Mr. P. Callaghan, T.C.
       Mr. P. M'Carthy, Harbour Row, and Queen Street
       Mr. W. Raymond, T.C., The Queen's Hotel
       F. J. M'Carthy, Esq., J.P.
       B. J. Alcock, Esq., J.P.
       J. Dwyer, Esq., Midleton Park
       Capt. W. D. Seymour, J.P.
       J. Ahern, Town Clerk
       Capt. O'Loughlin
       Mr. R. Swanton

THE Members of the above Society beg to return their best thanks for the following subscriptions:—
Mr. J. Lordan £100
Dr. Downing 100
E. J. Farrell, T.C. 100
Messrs. Beamish and Crawford, Cork 100
J. O'Connell 0100
An Honorary Member, per Mr. M. Barry 0100
A Friend, per do. 0100

THE Society of St. Vincent de Paul gratefully acknowledges the kind donation of Five Pounds from Joseph W. M'Mullen, Esq., High Sherriff.

TERRIBLE ACCIDENT.—A little boy named Michael Cullinane, of Rathpeacon, was admitted to the North Infirmary yesterday, suffering from the effects of a severe burning. He was standing at the fire in his mother's house when his clothes caught fire, and he was severely burned about the body. He is at present in a precarious state, and faint hopes of his recovery are entertained.


Michael W. Richardson £100
Daniel Bradley 100
James Ryan 0100
Richard Smyth 0100
Denis Fenton 0100
Edward Cooney 0100
Michael Cooney 0100
John Roche 050
Cornelius Murphy 050
Denis Riordan 050
Jeremiah Ford 050
   Patrick Desmond, John Carney—4s each.
   John Ryan, labourer ; Daniel Connell, labourer ; Denis Mahony, labourer ; Denis Healy, labourer—2s each.
   George Payne—1s 6d.
   Thomas Horgan, Myles Sweeny, John Cronin, Michael Mahony, labourer ; Dan Kelly, do. ; Thomas Connell, do. ; Jerry Connors, do. ; Thos. M'Carthy, do. ; Jerry Harrington, do. ; Richard Sisk, do. ; John Gust, do. ; John Finn, do. ; Denis Murphy, do. ; George Brien, do. ; Timothy Setton, do. ; Jeremiah Corcoran, Carrigrohane ; John Lynch, do. ; John Hennessy, do. ; Thomas Magner, do. ; Timothy Sullivan, Jeremiah Wall, Jeremiah Kerrigan, Michael Mahony, Daniel Murphy, Patrick Twomey, Daniel Murphy, labourer ; Jerry Sullivan, do. ; Ned Murphy, do.—1s each.
   Additional subscriptions by the Committee.
                  JOHN SULLIVAN, Secretary
                  JEREMIAH O'SULLIVAN, P.L.G.,

DANCING BY ELECTRIC LIGHT.—A novelty has been introduced by a local club, particulars of which can be found in our advertising columns. It consists of a ball, given by electric light, in the assembly rooms. The light will, of course, be so shaded by tinted globes as to prevent injurious effects to the eyesight. We may add that the Colonel and officers of the 20th Regiment have given permission for the splendid band of the regiment to attend.

DR. DENIS O'FLYN.—The rumored retirement of the medical officer, of Ringaskiddy district, from this, the present field of his labours has caused much sorrow amongst the poor of this district, by whom he was much respected. Dr. Denis O'Flyn will long be remembered by the people of this district. He and his lady, carry with them the blessings of the inhabitants of this locality.

CORRECTION—In the list of donations for the poor of Glountane, published yesterday, the contribution of Mrs. Cotter, Factory-hill, should have been £2, instead of £1, as per manuscript list.

SKIBBEREEN PETTY SESSIONS.—At the weekly petty sessions the presiding justices were—Messrs. J. R. H. Becher, chairman ; R. B. Hungerford, H. R. Marmion, and G. Robinson. Mrs. Fitzmaurice made an application for warrant of arrest, upon information that would be sworn by Mrs. Margaret M'Carthy, of Lisangle, whose farmyard had been entered in the middle of the night, a shot fired, and some of her cattle driven away. She is the widow of the poor-law guardian who recently fell from his horse and was killed while returning from Ballydehob. Mr. Downes observed that it was a most unusual course. He would not like to be the magistrate who signed such a warrant. The bench decided on hearing the evidence. Mrs. Margaret M'Carthy, widow (sworn), said her farmyard had been entered into in the middle of the night, a shot was fired ; she got out of bed, and followed the party ; came up with them ; one of them turned around, she saw his face, and said, “I know you” ; it was Denis M'Carthy. Mr Collins, Petty Sessions Clerk, who had taken down the evidence, was directed by the bench to prepare a warrant for the arrest of Denis M'Carthy to issue on the information being sworn.—Adjourned.

PROCESS-SERVER'S TROUBLES IN QUEENSTOWN.—Yesterday a process-server named Butler applied to several of the carmen for conveyance to serve processes on the Great Island, but not one of them would drive him on his mission. The process-servers complained to the police of the cab-drivers' refusal.

HOME MADE BOOTS AND SHOES.—Ladies and Gentlemen wanting first-class Cork made Boots and Shoes to order from the very best Cork tanned Leather, and made by the best Cork workmen, at the lowest possible profit for cash, can have them at Carmody's Home-made Boot and Shoe Manufactory, 9, Tuckey-street, Cork. Perfect fitting guaranteed.

QUEENSTOWN PETTY SESSIONS.—At these sessions, yesterday, before J N Beamish and W R Starkie, R M, Mr James Demery, ship agent, summoned a tinker, named James Grady, to recover possession of two rooms in a house at Kinnear's-lane, Queen-street. A warrant to eject was granted. Adjourned.

   The most Fashionable Colour in Hair is that called cheveux de la Reine, a certain shade of ash blonde with a reflection of pale gold, and it is to be obtained by a few applications of “LAUGIER'S EAU ROMAINE D'OR.” This fashionable tint looks lovely when the hair is cut short all over the head, á la Titus, and dressed in the charming, graceful style which is now la mode. This colour requires a light coiffure, and the front hair should be made to form a kind of aureole of tiny vapoury curls over the forehead. For ornament, a large half-blown rose with two or three leaves, and no buds.—JOSEPH PIGOTT & SON, Court Hair Dressers, 36, Marlborough Street, Cork.

THE QUEENSTOWN LIFEBOAT.—The quarterly meeting of this branch was held yesterday at the Harbour Commissioners' room. Rear-Admiral Hamilton in the chair. The hon. sec. read a statement of the expenses for the quarter amounting to £16 19s. 10d., which was passed. Mr. R. U. Penrose Fitzgerald and Captain Usborne, R.N., were elected members of committee. Vice-Admiral J. R. Reed, Chief Inspector of Lifeboats, wrote saying he quite agreed with the views of the committee as to keeping the lifeboat in her present position. A letter was read from Captain W. D. Seymour, in which he said that, after re-considering about subscribing to the local lifeboat, he had decided to withhold. He thought the amounts forwarded to the parent society were far in advance of the expenses here, and, further, the lifeboat should be placed in a position other than where it is now stationed, so that she may be useful in saving life.

WEAK AND FALLING HAIR IS REMEDIABLE.—Pigott & Son's original preparation of Cantharidine is now acknowledged to be a specific in all cases where loss of hair has been considerable and baldness is imminent, or has actually commenced. It is not a mere “placebo,” but an active rubefacient, which slightly irritates the epidermis and stimulates the nerves of the head. It is the remedy of remedies for that tedious affection “alopecia circumscripta,” or baldness, which appears in the form of spots or patches, and it is the only reliable preventive of premature greyness. Price is 1s. 6d., 2s 6d. and 3s. 6d. per bottle. This preparation can only be had “genuine” direct from the proprietors and sole manufacturers, Joseph Pigott and Son, Coiffeurs and Perfumers, 36, Marlboro'-street, Cork.

We have never seen a larger or better stock of cheap Christmas Candles in fancy colour wax, &c., than at present in Mr. Stephen Bailey's, 44, Great George's- street. We would ask our reader to go and see them.

Michael Coakley, Sheskinny £150
Rev. F. O'Regan, R.C.C. 110
Rev. J. M'Carthy 100
Andrew Ahern, Sheskinny 100
Mrs. O'Leary, Clonmoyle 100
John T. Healy, Clonmoyle 100
Michael Healy, Ahavrin 100
Maurice G. Murphy, Dromatimore House 100
Paul M'Swiney, Peake 100
John T. Murphy, Woodfield 100
Mac. Na. Mechomhairle 100
Richard Burke, Coachford 100
John Dwyer, Rock Lodge 100
Thomas Carroll, Hayfield Cottage 100
Bryan M'Swiney, Clonlead House 100
   John Ahern, Aghabullogue, 15s.
   Cornelius Kelleher, Sheskinny ; D. Buckley, Rylane ; Jeremiah J. Murphy, Coolinea ; Thos. J. Murphy, Coolinea ; Edmond M. Murphy, Clonmoyle ; John O'Keeffe, Brinny Mills ; Jeremiah O'Sullivan, Oldcastle ; Timothy Lehane, Aghabullogue ; Rev. J. Gleasure, R.C.C. ; John Byrnes, Clonmoyle ; Timothy O'Sullivan, the Rock, Coachford ; Maurice D. Murphy, Tullig, Coachford ; Edmond D. Murphy, Coachford ; Edward E. Murphy, Clontead ; A Friend ; Michael O'Sullivan, Fargus, Coachford ; John Crowley, Tullig, Coachford —10s. each
   Michael M. Byrnes, Fargus, Coachford ; Thos. O'Sullivan, Divreen, Coachford ; Patrick O'Callaghan, Sheskinny ; James Twomey, Ahavrin ; Daniel Coakley, Ahavrin ; Matthew Twomey, Aghabullogue—7s. 6d. each
   Timothy Herlihy, Tullig—7s.
   Jeremiah Casey, Sheskinna ; Mrs. Dineen, Peake —6s. each
   John Healy, Aghabullogue ; Jerh. Looney, Aghabullogue ; John Hinchion, Aghabullogue ; Daniel Coffey, Aghabullogue ; Mrs. O'Connor, Aghabullogue ; Patrick O'Keeffe, Aghabullogue ; Patrick Kelleher, Aghabullogue ; Daniel Murphy, Tullig, Coachford ; John B. Murphy, Aghabullogue ; David Dwyer, Tullig ; Denis M. Murphy, Dromatimore ; John O'Shea, Aghabullogue ; Timothy Kelleher, Aghabullogue ; Jerh. D. Murphy, Aghabullogue ; Jeremiah Twomey, Aghabullogue ; Mrs. Lane, Tullig ; Mrs. D. Twomey, Sheskinny ; John Ryan, Sheskinny ; Jeremiah Long, Sheskinny ; Jeremiah M'Swiney, Sheskinny ; Timothy Fitzgerald, Sheskinny ; Michael O'Sullivan, Sheskinny ; Thomas Carroll, Sheskinny ; Jeremiah Buckley, Coachford ; John Dinan, Coachford ; Daniel Dinan, Coachford ; Mrs. Hallissey, Coachford ; John Roche, junr., Coachford ; Timothy Whelan, Coachford ; James M'Auliffe, Coachford ; Michl. O'Callaghan, Coachford ; Michl. O'Brien, Coachford ; John Horgan, Coachford ; Michael P. Byrnes, Coachford ; Laurence Connor, Tullig ; Denis Kelleher, Old Castle— 5s. each
   Thomas Long, Peake, 4s.
   John T. Gleeson, Sheskinny, 3s.
   John Carroll, Patrick Twomey, John Cooney, Denis Gleeson, John C. Sullivan, Daniel Cronin, J. T. Sullivan, Sheskinny ; Edmond D. Murphy, Jacky, Mrs. Twohig, Anonymous, Timothy Sheehan, Cornelius Crowley, Jeremiah Long, Jeremiah Linehan, Daniel Byrne, Land Leaguer, Tim Cronin, Cornelius Dinneen, MIchael Carroll, Timothy Crowley Aghabollogue ; Matthew Twomey, William Ford, Mrs. Mahony, K. Baldwin, Chas. Field, a Friend, J. Roche, Coachford—2s 6d each.
   Denis M'Swiney, Patrick Buckley, a Friend, J. Hogan, Coachford—2s each.
   John Shaw, Sheskinny—1s 6d.
   Thomas Gleeson, Ellen Cremin, John Buckley, Timothy Connors, Daniel Moriarty, E. Coffey, Denis Morrissey, Patrick Twomey, N. Hubbort, Cornelius Casey, Timothy Riordan, Thomas Callaghan, Daniel Healy, Denis Sullivan, J. W. O'Connell, Jeremiah Crowley, John D. O'C., Maurice J. Murphy, Michael Cronin, John Connor, J. J. O'Connell, J. Sweet, D. Sweet, M. Crowley, J. Looney, D. Casey, D. Lynch, J. Lynch, J. Scully, J. Callinane, P. Connor, D. Coughlan, M. Horgan, P. Looney, D. Walsh, C. Twomey, A Friend, J. Herlihy, M. Healy, Ds. Nunan, Ml. Corkery, J. Desmond, Well-wisher, Wm. Casey, David Walsh, D. Miller, Aghabollogue ; D. Riordan, J. Murphy, J. O'Connell, J. Foley, M. Hayes, P. Duggan, J. O'Sullivan, T. Cronin, D. Cronin, T. Dinan, P. Long, P. Herlihy, J. Shea, J. Halnan, M. Kelleher, D. Hill, D. Gleeson, P. Lucey, J. Twomey, T. Leary, M. Sullivan, J. Kelleher, D. Long, D. Leahy, J. Leary, J. Ahern, Sheskinny ; J. Mynihan, C. Connor G. Radley, a Friend, J. Scannell, M. Cowhig, D. O'Connor, C. Duggan, J. Cunningham, J. Ford, Coachford—1s each.
   Smaller sums—£1 7s 8d.
   December 23rd, 1881

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