The Cork Examiner, 21 February 1878
   The marriage of Sir Henry Becher, Bart., of Ballygiblin, near Mallow, and Creagh, near Skibbereen, county Cork, to Miss Walker, daughter of Henry Walker, Esq., of the Priory, Bathwick Hill, Bath, took place at the early hour of eight on yesterday morning, at St. Mary's church, Bath. Miss Walker being one of the belles of Bath the marriage attracted great attention. The best man was the hon. baronet's brother.

   QUEENSTOWN PETTY SESSIONS.—Yesterday there were no cases of public importance before the court.—Adjourned.

   WATERFORD MARKETS—TUESDAY.—The supply of new butter on Saturday consisted of six firkins, which were quickly sold at from 146s. to 156s. per cwt. None to market this day (Monday). Bacon—Best sizeable, 50s. to 51s. per cwt. Hay—Hay has gone up to 65s. per ton. Inferior, 55s. to 60s. per do.

   LIMERICK MARKETS, TUESDAY.—Butter—There were 5 firkins in market to-day. Top price 64s ; good ordinary 70s to 80s ; inferior 0s to 0s. ; medium 65s. to 73s. Grain—There were 650 barrels of oats, 50 barrels of barley, and 200 barrels of wheat in market on to day. Prices—Black oats 11¼ to 12d ; white do 10½d to 12¾d ; barley 13d to 16d, wheat 13½d to 17d. Meat—Best beef 8d to 10d per lb ; mutton 7d to 9d per lb ; veal, fed, 9d to 12d per lb ; lamb, 7s to 9s per qr. Eggs—Duck eggs 16d per dozen, hen eggs, 13d per dozen.

   CORK SKATING RINK.—the Austro-Hungarian band will play a selection of dance music at the Rink this evening from 8 to 10 o'clock, for the members of the club and their friends.

   GREENCASTLE, COUNTY LONDONDERRY, WEDNESDAY.— (By Telegraph). —During a fresh gale from S.S.W., with squalls last night, the lifeboat, the Mary Annette, belonging to the National Lifeboat Institution, was called out to the assistance of the schooner, Mary Elizabeth, which had lost her foretop mast and head-gear, during a squall, off Innishowen Head, and which was at anchor in a dangerous position. The boat was promptly launched, and after being away about four hours, she returned with the schooner's crew of five men, whom she landed in safety. Both boat and crew behaved very well while performing this service. The vessel was bound from Worthington to Londonderry, with a cargo of iron.

IF the Gentleman who took the Hat by mistake from SS. Peter and Paul's Church, on last Sunday, will return it to Mr. THOMAS MURPHY, Clothier, Marlboro' Street, he can have his own.

FOUND, a small sum of Money, in Mrs. H. Scannel's stall, No. 14, Prince's-street Market. The Owner can have it by applying to Mrs. Scannell, at the above address.
M. POWER, Plumber and Gasfitter, 78, Patrick Street, Cork. Town and Country Orders promptly attended to. None but first-class workmen employed.

BOOK-KEEPER.—Wanted by a respectable Young Man (R.C.) a Situation as Book-keeper in a Merchant's Office. Has had seven years' experience in that capacity in two first-class houses. Understands the Seed, Guano, Bakery, and Wine and Spirit Businesses. Has excellent Discharges, and can give the highest references. Please address T. F. D., Office of this Paper.

SITUATION WANTED—A respectable Man, with Wife and Family, who understands Farming very well, and whose Wife can manage a Dairy, wants a Situation as Steward. He will Plough and do all Farming work. Apply to DANIEL HENNESSY, Glenview, Commons Road, Cork.

A STEADY, respectable Woman wants a Situation as a Nurse. Would take charge of a baby from the Month, and also take charge of a few grown children. Has long and satisfactory testimonials. Address “Nurse.” at this office.

SITUATION WANTED by a Man and Wife ; no family ; would make himself generally useful on a gentleman's place ; understands plain gardening ; the wife would milk, wash or care a gate ; best of reference. Address Mr. Richard Burke, Coachford, for W.S.

P E R R Y ' S
L A R G E   T R U N K S
With Name painted on
F R E E   O F   C H A R G E ,

£3 10S. 0D.
FOR Three Pounds Ten Shillings, one of the new celebrated American Waltham Company's Silver Lever Watches, with Jewelled Escapement Expansion Balance, Fogg's Patent Pinion to prevent damage to the train by the accidental breaking of the Mainspring—a more durable and reliable time-keeper than the English Lever at three times its cost.
   Send for descriptive pamphlet and the Official Report on American Watches, International Exhibition, Philadelphia, 1876, to
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