The Cork Examiner, 29 April 1878

   LEAHY—At 6 Wellington-terrace, Limerick, the wife of William Leahy, Esq., of a son.
   SULLIVAN—April 24, at 122 Stephen's-green, Dublin, the wife of J. M. Sullivan, of a daughter.
   MARTIN—April 25, at 95 Leinster-road, Rathmines, co. Dublin, the wife of Charles H. Martin, of a daughter.

   MACMULLEN—RONALDS—On the 24th inst., at St. Paul's, York-place, Edinburgh, by the Rev. W. Douglas, M.A., William Francis, eldest son of Joseph Wm. MacMullen, Clontymon, Cork, to Barbara Grahame, eldest daughter of Edmund Ronalds, Bonnington House, Edinburgh.
   BARROWS—PHELAN—At St. Anne's Church, the Hon. Benjamin H. Barrows, Consul of the United States for Dublin, to Lizzie, youngest daughter of William Phelan, Esq., Barrister-at-law, Cashel.
   HUNTER—WILSON—April 24, at the First Presbyterian Church, Armagh, Mr. Samuel Hunter, F.R.A.S., of 41 Westmoreland, Dublin, to Lizzie, only child or Mr. Samuel Wilson, merchant, Portadown.

   KIRBY—On the 27th inst., at Ballinachrusse, Queenstown, after a protracted illness, the Widow Kirby, relict of the late Michael Kirby, aged 60 years.
   BOWEN—At his residence, Ballinacurra, Kinsale, on the 27th inst., James Bowen. Funeral will leave for Sisason on Monday at 3 o'clock, p.m.
   CRAWFORD—April 24, at 8, Portland-street, Dublin, Anna, third daughter of the late John Crawford, Dublin.
   HAYDEN—At the Presentation Convent, Carrick-on-Suir, in her 86th year, Mother Mary Patrick Hayden, Sister of the late Patrick Hayden, Esq., Carrickbeg.
   O'CONNELL—April 24, at St. Mary's, Frankfort-avenue, Rathgar, county Dublin, Jeremiah O'Connell, Esq., J.P., of Beach House, Bantry, co. Cork.

   INQUEST.—On Saturday Mr. Bryan Gallwey, city coroner, held an inquest on the body of a young man named Watkin Charles, who had fallen into the river on the previous night. Alfred Haughton, sailor on board the steamer Whitley, was the first witness examined, and stated that on Friday night, about half-past eleven o'clock, he saw the deceased approaching the steamer for the purpose of getting on board. Another vessel intervened between the steamer and the jetty. Witness assisted the deceased, who was under the influence of drink, to get on board. They passed over the deck of the first vessel, and then got on the plank leading to the steamer outside. There was a space of about nine feet between the steamer and the vessel. Deceased was holding witness by the arm. When they got midway on the plank deceased fell into the water and never rose to the surface. Ropes and lifebuoys were thrown out immediately, and every exertion was made to save him, but to no avail. Witness was perfectly sober at the time. The steamer Whitley was from North Shields, and had a cargo of grain assigned to Mr. Hull, of Cork. Leonard Ashley, Custom-house officer, gave corroborative evidence, and said that every exertion was made to save the man. Deceased was twenty-five years of age and a native of Newport, Monmouthshire. He was unmarried. The second officer of the steamer complained bitterly of the want of grappling irons on the jetties of Cork. He was two hours looking for them on Friday night, and could not get any until seven o'clock in the morning. The jury found a verdict of “Accidental death.”

THE Rifles are busy preparing to embark on the 1st prox., but it is stated by them that they will not leave until several days of the month have gone into the dead past. Saturday was a busy day with the Royal Commandant, who was exceedingly active in connexion with the movements of the troops. It is now confidently asserted that after having served a little longer with his regiment he will be promoted to the rank of Adjutant-General of her Majesty's forces, a post which will afford opportunities for acquiring the peculiar knowledge requisite for a high command. —Correspondent.
Mr. P. D. Garton, Liverpool £500
Sir John Arnott & Co., Cork 500
Mr. D. Ahern, Kinsale 100
Mr. Richard Coghlan, do. 100
The Carmelite Fathers, do. 100
Captain Hollingsworth, The Sarah Jane 0100
Captain Tyrrell, Dolly Varden 100
Mrs. E. Barter, Ballywilliam 100
S., Kinsale 100
Messrs. Newsom & Sons, Cork 200
Mrs. N. J. Walsh, Kinsale 0100
Capt. Hegan, Wild Wave 0100
Capt. English, The Shamrock 0100
Capt. Byrne, Lotty Roberts 0100
Capt. Toole, The Virtue 0100
Mr. Michael Driscoll, Courtmacsherry 0100
A Lady Friend, Kinsale 010
Sergeant Soniter, R.A. 010
A Lass that is fond of a Sailor 020
E. Daly, Esq., B.L., Kinsale 050
A Widow's Mite, Youghal 016
A. F. A. M., Kinsale 050
H. T., Cork 050
Archy Cooke, Cambeltown 050
Mr. John M'Leane, do. 050
Mr. Thomas Lawlor, Kinsale 050
Maurice Curran, do. 050
A Sailor's Mother, Queenstown 020
Commander Jephson, R.N. 050
Mrs. Jephson 050
Charles Minnis, The Slieve, Dowand 050
Captain Haugh, The Jolly Tar 026
Mr. John Williams, Kinsale 050
Mr. Wm. Murray, Kinsale 050
Mrs. S. 050
Mrs. Simmons 016
Mr. E. Chapman 010
Richard M'Carthy 010
Jeremiah Collins 010
W. Hayes, Cork 100
John Donovan, The Ferry 026
Surplus of the “Eurydice” Concert Fund,
   per R. Cogan
   Further subscriptions will be thankfully received and duly acknowledged, by R. Cogan, Main street, and D. Ahern, Long Quay.
   Kinsale, April 26th, 1878

   AN INEFFECTIVE MILITIAMAN.—Private Flynn, who lately joined the 87th South Cork Light Infantry Reserve at Fermoy, cut off his right hand index or trigger finger on Friday last, evidently to avoid being sent to do battle against the foe. From what we can learn the cowardly son of mars got a stone in a remote part of the Barrack-square and softened the bone of the finger at the joint, and then carved it off with a knife. When the blood, which flowed copiously, was stopped, he was put under arrest to await his trial for cowardice by court-martial. It is asserted that he will be presented with an axe instead of a firelock, or in other words he will be promoted to the rank and pay of pioneer when he can dispense with the missing finger. —Correspondent.

   LANDED ESTATES COURT, FRIDAY—(Before Judge Flanagan).—Estate of Richard O'Connell.—The farm of Knockananig, near Fermoy, was on this day sold to Mr. Rae for £570. Mr. Daniel O'Callaghan, solicitor, had the carriage of the sale.
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