The Cork Examiner, 15 July 1865
   At the Thames Police Station a young and respectable Welch woman named Ellen Williams, came before Mr. Patridge, with Police-sergeant Cox, No. 45 K, who said she had been kidnapped by the female agent of an infamous house in the neighbourhood of Shadwell, and brought to London for the vilest of purposes. The young woman escaped from the house, and on Wednesday night slept on the timber in the London Dock. Yesterday evening she was seen by one of her countrymen named Jenkins, seated on the steps of a door and sobbing loudly. Jenkins took pity on her, and procured for her a lodging in the house of a decent woman named Ann Parry, who was present.
   Mrs. Parry [said] she never saw the young woman until yesterday, and believed her to be virtuous and respectable, and anxious to return to Wales. Mr. Patridge questioned the young woman at great length, and she said she was in service at the Lanberies Inn, kept by William Matthews, in Lanberries [sic], in Carvonshire [Caernarvonshire]. A London woman came there, and, on the promise of better wages and good treatment, induced her to leave her place and accompany her to Liverpool, where she borrowed all the money she had in her possession, 18s. 6d., with which her fare was paid to London. On her arrival here, she was taken to a small house in a narrow street where black and white sailors were introduced to her and she was solicited by the woman who brought her to London and the landlady of the house to yield to the solicitations of the rough men in the house, and threatened with violence if she did not. After enduring great indignities she escaped from the house. Mr. Patridge asked if the young woman's clothes were saved. Cox replied that the clothes were at the Euston-square station. Mr. Patridge was very glad to hear it. He inquired if the people who had been engaged in kidnapping the poor woman had been discovered. Cox said the young woman had given a description of the house, and the street in which it was situated, but he had not yet been able to discover it. Mr. Partridge gave directions to Cox to make further inquiries, to report to him the result, and to take care of the young woman, whom he would send back to Wales at the expense of the poor-box.

THE undersigned Gentlemen have associated themselves to advance Mr. LEADER'S interests in the above Barony:—
      Denis M'Cartie , Esq, J P, Woodview,
      The Rev John Tuomy, P P, Dromtariff,
      Samuel Uppington, Esq, Ballyclough House,
      The Rev —— Murray, P P, Glountane,
      The Rev John Galbraith, The Glebe,
      Edward Foott, Esq, J P, Gurtmore,
      Daniel M'Carty, Esq, Woodview,
      Bartholomew Verling, Esq, J P, Oxclose, Newmarket,
      Charles O'Keeffe, Esq, M D, Mount Keeffe,
      James L O'Keeffe, Esq, Mount Pleasant,
      Gerard P Barry, Esq, M D, Park House,
      John Sullivan, Esq, Knockvilla,
      John H Bolster, Esq, Glenmount,
      George Bolster, Esq, Currabower,
      John A Warren, Esq, J P, Subulter,
      Jeremiah B Quinland, Esq, Meelin
      Denis O'Callaghan, Esq, Kanturk,
      William J Philpot, Esq, Knocknacolan,
      Thomas Nunan, Esq, Kanturk,
      John Rahilly, Esq, Kanturk,
      George Smith, Esq, Newmarket,
      Henry Riordan, Esq, Newmarket,
      Martin Forrest, Esq, Rathcool,
      Cornelius R O'Callaghan, Esq, Kanturk,
      George Smith, Esq, Knockarahan,
      Hugh Keller, Esq, Kanturk,
      Robert Walpole, Esq, Rathmaher,
      Jeremiah O'Callaghan, Esq, Dromina,
      Thomas Bolster, Esq, Kilnabulla,
      Timothy Linehan, Esq, Ballinaquilla,
      John Nunan, Esq, Rosaline,
      Wm. Noonan, Esq, Gooseberry Hill,
      Denis O'Callaghan, Esq, Killinleagh,
      James Burton, Esq, Kilbrin,
      Cornelius D. Curtin, Esq, Stagmount,
      Daniel M'Cabe, Esq, Droumcummer,
      John Riordan, Esq, Clounreagh,
      George A. Webb, Esq, Park.

A GENTLEMAN a few days since saved the lives of many by having
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   Midleton Wine Vaults, July 7th, 1865.

   MELANCHOLY DEATH BY DROWNING.—A melancholy and fatal accident occurred at 5 o'clock yesterday morning by which Mr. George De M. Pinchin unhappily lost his life. Mr. Pinchin had been for some years an able and courteous officer in the National Bank, Tralee. From what we can learn, he was seized with a cramp while bathing at the Piers of the Canal, and although only a few yards from “the point,” and actually in only four feet of water on the slope—after a few struggles he sank into the water to rise no more. Mr. George Crosbie, who was with him, was unable to swim, and, therefore, could not render him any assistance. Mr. Fitzelle, an employé of Mr. F. M'Carthy, who was in the opposite pier, boldly jumped in as soon as he learned what occurred, but, although he dived after, he could not raise him. Mr. Pinchin was about 20 years old, and son of John Pinchin, Esq., Sub-Manager of the European Bank, Dublin. He was a young gentleman of ability and promise, of quiet habits, and much esteemed as well by his superior officers in the Bank as by all who had the pleasure of his acquaintance—His remains were found about four hours after the melancholy occurrence, close by where he went down.—Tralee Chronicle.

DURING the last few days a good deal of rain has fallen, and the character of the weather has been, on the whole, rather gloomy. Last night the rain fall was exceedingly heavy, and it was accompanied by a strong wind from the S.S.W. From an early hour this morning the harbour, and the sea outside for a considerable distance along the coast was covered by a dense fog. The weather was so thick that the R.M.S. Asia, the homeward bound American steamer, had nearly entered the harbour before she was observed from Roche's Point. The fog lifted about ten o'clock, and the weather has since been fine though there are still threatenings of more rain.

   July 12, at 13, Cabra-terrace, Dublin, the wife of C. J. Golden, Esq., of a son.
   July 12, at her residence, 6, Leinster-square, Rathmines, Dublin, the wife of Richard Graves, solicitor, of a daughter.
   At Ballinamona, the wife of Wm. Murphy, Esq., of a daughter.
   Yesterday, at Strand-street, Tralee, the wife of Daniel Riordan, Esq., of a daughter.
   On Tuesday, at her residence, Quay, Waterford, Mrs. Francis Dawson, of a daughter.
   On the 13th instant, the wife of James Barry, Esq., Stamp Distributor, Limerick, of a daughter.
   July 6, at Ardgowan, The Lady Octavia Shaw Stewart, of a son.

   July 13, in Monkstown Church, by the Rev. Ronald Macdonnell, D.D., Rector of the parish, John Galloway, jun. of Clifton-terrace, Monkstown, to Harriette Wingfield, daughter of the late James Atkinson, Esq., of Longford-terrace, Monkstown, county of Dublin.
   July 11, in St. Gabriel's Church, Warwick-square, by the Lord Bishop of London, assisted by the Rev. George Murray, Vicar of Dedham, James R. Swinton, Esq., second son of John Campbell Swinton, Esq., of Kimmerghame, in the county of Berwick, to the Hon. Blanche FitzGerald De Ros, only daughter of Lord and Lady De Ros.
   At the Cathedral, Barronstrand-street, Waterford, on Monday, 10th instant, by the Rev. Thomas English, C.C., Mr. William Sage, Great George's-street, to Anastatia, youngest daughter of Mr. John Long, Summerland, Waterford.
   On Sunday, the 9th instant, at the chapel of Ballyduff, county Waterford, by the Rev. Mr. Hearne, C.C., James Walsh, Esq., of Washington, D.C., U.S. of America, to Catherine, youngest daughter of the late Mr. George Phelan, of Portlaw.
   July 11, at the Catholic Church, Lucan, by the Rev. F. Murphy, S.J., assisted by the Very Rev. Monsignor Woodlock, Thomas Woodlock, Esq., only son of the late Thomas Woodlock, Esq., to Emilia Jane, eldest daughter of William Moran, Esq., of Mountjoy-square, Dublin, and late of Calcutta.
   May 23, in Philadelphia, Charles D. Cazenove, of New York, only surviving son of the late Philippe A. Cazenove, of Matanzas, Cuba, to Frances Margaret, second daughter of the late James Huggard, of Tralee, county Kerry.

   On the 13th instant, at 5, Harbour Terrace, Queenstown, in the 69th year of her age, after a long and tedious illness, which she bore with Christian patience, Eliza, relict of the late George Swayne, Esq., of Midleton, in this county.
   July 13, at Clontarf, county Dublin, after a most painful and protracted illness, borne with perfect Christian patience, Kate Mary, the beloved wife of M. Haverty, Esq.—May she rest in peace.
   At her residence, Barrack-street, Waterford, on the 10th inst., Mrs. Mary Harrington.
   July 7, at Queen's-gate, London, Nigel, youngest son of the Right Hon. H. A. Bruce.
   April 9, at Sydney, N.S.W., Sir Frederick William Pottinger, Bart., aged 34.
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