The Cork Examiner, 27 December 1865
In the Estate of CATHERINE WALL, deceased.
TAKE NOTICE, that pursuant to the Statute 22nd and 23rd Vic., chap. 55, entitled “An Act to further Amend the Law of Property and to relieve Trustees,” all Creditors or Persons having any Debt or Claim against or upon the Estate of CATHERINE WALL, otherwise DUNNE, late of the South Mall, Lismore, in the County of Waterford, widow, deceased, who died on the 16th day of September, 1865, are hereby required to furnish, on or before the 15th day of January next, particulars in writing of such Debts or Claims, to SYLVESTER YOUNG, of the South Mall, Lismore, in the County of Waterford (the Executor to whom Probate of the Will of said CATHERINE WALL was duly granted), or to his Solicitor PEIRSE KELLY, of Number 37, of North Great George's Street, Dublin, and 2, Little George's Street, Waterford; or, in default thereof, the said SYLVESTER YOUNG will, after the said 15th day of January next, distribute the Assets of the said CATHERINE WALL, pursuant to the Statute, having regard to the Claims or Demands only of which he or his said Solicitor shall have had notice.
   Dated this 16th day of December, 1865.
            PEIRSE KELLY, Solicitor for said
               SYLVESTER YOUNG, 37, of North Great
               George's Street, Dublin, and 2, Little
               George's Street, Waterford.

THE LANDS OF BALLINAMODREY, 7 miles from Cork, on the Ballyhooly Road, will be Let, from the 25th March next, in Three Lots of 193, 152, and 125 Acres ; or the whole Lands will be Let together.
   Proposals will be received by JAMES HUNT, Esq., Danesfort, Mallow. Mr. HUNT, Jun., will attend to show the Farms on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

THE SISTERS OF MERCY gratefully acknowledge to have received £20 from FRANCIS LYONS, Esq., South Terrace, his Annual Christmas Subscription to the Orphanage.
   St. Marie's of the Isle, Dec. 27, 1865.

THE Earl of Cork has been appointed Master of Her Majesty's Buckhounds, vice the Earl of Bessborough, who has received the appointment of Lord Steward of Her Majesty's Household.

   The Rev. J. Clancy, P.P., gratefully acknowledges the receipt of £1 from Francis Allen, Esq., Dunlauda, Glanmire, and £2 from Thomas Galwey, Esq., Gelnburn [sic], for the relief of the poor of the parishes of new Glanmire and Knockraha.
   The Rev. C. Murphy, C.C., gratefully acknowledges the receipt of £1 from Richard Pigott Beamish, Esq., Harmony Lodge, and 5s. from Capt. Stuart, R.N., Combermere, for the relief of the poor of the parishes of new Glanmire and Knockraha.

   The Morning Herald anticipates an outbreak in Ireland during the present winter. It grounds its belief on two reasons—one, that Ireland is now full of returned emigrants from America, who are reckless, but first-rate soldiers ; the other, that it is generally supposed that there are at present at sea, on their way from America, steamers laden with arms and ammunition, and considerable numbers of fighting men.
Queenstown, December 24, 1865.
   ARRIVEDStar of the Teign, Edwards, Bassein, rice ; Fusthia, Brooks, Galatz, maize ; Carl Frederich, Rock, Odessa, maize ; Anna Cobjolbson, Balkin, Sulina, maize ; Vizguya, Hayes, Sulina ; Margaret Leach, Walsh, Prince Edward's Island, deals ; Christine, Davidson, Carthagena, to Newcastle, lead and grass, windbound ; Johannes, Lundgren, Taganrog, wheat ; Scotia steamer, New York to Liverpool ; Phillis, Sulina, maize.
Queenstown, December 25, 1865.
   ARRIVEDMolfino, Massoni, Kustendje, maize ; Fuschia, Taganrog, wheat ; Peony, Young, Mauritius, sugar ; Christina [sic], Davidson, Carthagena, lead, for Newcastle ; Carl Frederick [sic], Koch [sic], Odessa, maize ; Eolo, Izzo, Odessa, wheat ; Antonetto, Molcore, Monte Video, bones ; Maria Anna, Martinolich, Marianople, wheat ; Bejapore, Gunning, Rangoon, rice ; General Windham, Leslie, Callao, guano ; Java, Orr, from Glasgow, general, for Negapatam, put in with head of mainmast gone and all attached (10 days out) ; Thor, Samuelson, Taganrog, wheat ; George Carragio, Sablich, Odessa, wheat ; Ostsee, Permica, , Taganrog, wheat ; Sisters, Pryde, Sulina, maize ; Sobeisky, Radomiro, Odessa, wheat ; Sarenta, Jamieson, Taganrog, wheat ; Brothers Secluna, Zarb, Berdianski, wheat ; Warden Law, Prudenza, Gazzolo, Sulina, barley ; M. M. Peter, Wilkie, Mauritius, sugar.

   On the 26th instant, at Brookvale, the wife of Mr. C. J. Graves, of a son.

   Dec. 23, in St. Kevin's Church, by the Rev. G. A. F. Patton, George Thomas Greer, Esq., fourth son of Alfred Greer, Esq., Dripsey House, county of Cork, to Mary Elizabeth Margaret, eldest daughter of the late John Theophilus Boileau, Esq., of Stephen's Green, Dublin.

   On Christmas Day, at Ballintemple, Blackrock, Donald McCay M'Donald, Esq., aged 29 years.

   Lying-in Hospital—Six suits of Baby clothes, from Mrs. J. Murphy, Sidney Place.

   We have reason to believe that the Government have decided on not calling out the Militia for training during the ensuing year.—Irish Times.

AN inquest was held yesterday at he Bridewell, by Mr. Gallwey, Coroner, on the body of a woman named Mary Hayes. The deceased was about sixty years of age, and earned her livelihood by selling fruit through the city. Last Saturday she was arrested by Constable Hughes, for being drunk, and taken to the bridewell. On Sunday morning, whilst assisting another prisoner in taking a bucket into the yard, she fell in a fit and almost immediately died. The Matron, Miss Connolly, states that after the deceased had fallen her eyes and mouth closed and opened two or three times convulsively, and then closed altogether. Dr. Beamish deposed that, in his opinion, death arose from a sudden cessation of the action of the heart, to which she might have been predisposed from excessive indulgence in drink.
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