The Cork Examiner, 4 November 1864
November 4, 1864.
   ARRIVEDSan Giacomo, Trapani, Sulina, maize ; Bathurst, Brein, Youghal, ballast ; Ciano, Sayers, Chester, brick ; Alert, Best, Portsmouth ; Hulsah, Winter, Bridgewater, wheat ; Victory, Gibbons, Cardiff, coals ; Orselina, Mangoni, Sulina, maize ; Jamestown, Whelan, Cardiff, coals ; Cricket, Moynihan, Bantry, ballast ; Sofia and Anna, Mactigh, Menlaef, wheat ; Emilia Migano, Arbosa, Sulina, maize ; Kangaroo (s.), New York to Liverpool and proceeded, City of London (s.), Liverpool to New York and proceeded.
   SAILEDHarkaway, Doren, Bristol, oats ; Highland Maid, M'Kenzie, Glo'ster.
(By Magnetic Telegraph.)
November 4th, 1864—Wind N.E.
   ARRIVEDHedwig, from Sulina ; Artemus, Cameroons, for Liverpool—crew sick and short of provisions.
   OFF PORTDoon, from Mauritius.
   ARRIVEDSeptimus, from Sulina ; Gilda, Taganrog ; Undecimus, Sulina.

   On yesterday, at Ardmanagh, Passage West, the wife of Mr. Maguire, M.P., of a daughter.
   On November 1st, at Oubeg House, Lismore, the wife of James Ahearn, Esq., of a daughter.
   On November 1st, at Ballinamult, the wife of James Haslitt, Esq., Sub-Inspector, of a daughter.
   On the 30th Oct., at the Rectory, Great Horkesley, Essex, the wife of Major Fitzgerald, 49th Regiment, of a son.

   On the 30th at Johnstown Villa, William C., and on the 2nd instant, John, the infant children of John T. Wakeham, Esq.
   On the 2nd instant, at her residence, 28, Lower Gloucester-street, Dublin, Anna, wife of Henry Higginson, Esq., late Collector of H.M. Customs.
   On the 1st instant, at the Military Barracks, Tralee, Quartermaster Sergeant John O'Sullivan, of the Kerry Militia, in the 46th year of his age, of typhus fever.
   On the 1st inst., of typhoid fever, at The Cottage, Mallow, Edward Graves Reardon, Esq., aged 46, Engineer-in-Chief, of the Southern District of the Great Southern and Western Railway Co., only son of the later William Herrick Reardon, Esq.
   On the 28th October, at Queenstown, Co. Cork, Sidney Anna, second daughter of the late Rev. Thomas Acton.
   On the 1st inst., at her residence, 71 Leinster-road, Rathmines, Anne Hunt, relict of the late W. S. Hunt.
   On the 29th Oct., at Killernly Lodge, Cahir, Co. Tipperary, Maria, the wife of the Rev. William Stevenson, M.A.
   On the 31st Oct., at the residence of her father 2, Burlington-road, Dublin, Jane Adelaide, the beloved wife of N. G. Elliott, Esq., of Johnstown House, Co. Carlow.
LAMBETH, WEDNESDAY.—Patrick Quinlan, a recent arrival from the county of Cork, was charged with assaulting two policemen.
   It appeared from the evidence that the day before was appointed for the marriage of the prisoner and Miss Bridget O'Connor, and the wedding party had actually started for the chapel where the ceremony was to have been performed. On the way “a drop of gin” was proposed, and the party entered a palace that stood invitingly open. Here one drop followed another, until the parties got tipsy, and the prisoner was so far gone as to think that that which belonged to Biddy O'Connor was his, and therefore helped himself to her purse and its contents. Biddy, on the contrary, did not think he was justified before the ceremony to assume such a right, and on his refusing to give her back her purse, she gave him in charge to Police-constable Reece, for stealing her purse. The officer was about to remove his prisoner to his station-house, but Pat Quinlan got “rusty,” as her friends called it, and refused to go, and the assistance of a second policeman was obliged to be called in. While removing him the prisoner became very violent, and struck and kicked both the officers, and at the station Miss O'Connor refused to press the charge, but the prisoner was locked up for assaulting the constables.
   In reply to the charge, he said that he had no recollection what he did, and was convicted in a penalty of forty shillings, or in default of payment to forty days' imprisonment.

   As we anticipated some time since, Charles R. Barry, Esq., Q.C., of the Munster Circuit ; and Richard Dowse, Esq., Q.C., of the North East Circuit, have been appointed to conduct the Commission of inquiry in relation to the Belfast riots. It is but justice to the Government to state that the task could not be committed to abler or more trustworthy hands. Now that the Quarter Sessions are over, we believe that no time will be lost in speeding the Commission.—Dublin Evening Post.

   By the death of the Rev. Mr. Hastings, the living of Kilmacrenan, Donegal, in the gift of the Provost, Fellows, and Scholars of Trinity College, become vacant. The value of the living is about £400 a-year. The Rev. Mr. Hastings held it for 53 years, having been inducted in the year 1811.
   Viscount De Vesci has contributed the handsome sum of £2,600 towards rebuilding the parish church of Abbeyleix ; and Lady De Vesci, has expressed her intention from her private purse to furnish the interior.

CARRIED OFF BY A CUTTLEFISH.—A late letter from Cuba contains an account of the carrying off a boy eight years old by a cuttlefish. Several children, coming upon the fish on the beach, attacked it with sticks and stones. So soon, however, as it had got to the water's edge it threw one of its long arms upon the arm of the boy nearest to it, and, to his and his playfellows' horror, began to drag him into the sea. The poor child struggled to get loose and screamed agonizingly, and some of the larger boys rushed to his aid, but too late. His body was almost instantly dragged out of sight.—American Paper.
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