The Cork Examiner, 9 December 1864
   On the 5th instant, at Dromore, near Mallow, the wife of Pierce Purcell, Esq., of a daughter.
   On the 5th instant, at Pencil-hill, the wife of Richard Spratt, Esq., of a daughter.
   December 4, at Dunluce Cottage, Glenarm, the wife of Wm. Hamilton Bushe, Esq., of a son.
   On the 6th instant, at Macken Lodge, county Leitrim, the wife of Thomas Rutherford, jun., Esq., of a daughter.
   On the 6th instant, at Wellpark, Drumcondra, the wife of Mr. Samuel Griffin, jun., of a daughter.
   December 6, at 7, Castle-avenue, Clontarf, the wife of James Skerrett Colahan, Esq., of a daughter.
   December 6, at 27, Synge-street, Dublin, the wife of George Sigerson, Esq., of a son.
   December 2, at Dawson-street, Mrs. Arthur B. Cane, widow of A. B. Cane, Esq., of Collinstown, county Dublin, of a son.

   On the 7th instant, at Ballintober, near Kinsale, Pierce Hardy Meade, youngest son of John Meade, Esq.
   December 7, Ellen, wife of Samuel Healy, Esq., of James's-street Harbour, Dublin.
   December 4, at 31, Lower Mountpleasant avenue, Honoria, widow of John Carroll, Esq., of Dublin, and eldest daughter of the late John Max, Esq., of Maxfort, county Tipperary.—R.I.P.
   December 7, at 55, Marlborough-street, Dublin, Mrs. Sarah Wyse, relict of James Wyse, Esq.
   December 7, at Gorey, Minnie, the beloved wife of John Byrne, Esq., S.I.C., and daughter of the late James Jones, Esq., Mallow.
   December 1, at Cheltenham, William Morris, Captain Royal [sic], eldest son of the late Richard Morris, Esq., Ballycanvan, county Waterford.
   On the morning of the 7th instant, at his residence, Knockdromin, Rush, in the 83d year of his age, the Right Honourable Louis Perrin.
   On the 25th January, 1864, drowned in crossing the river Rangitata, Canterbury, New Zealand, Francis Kenny, aged 23 years and six months ; and, on June 6th, 1864, of fever, at Christ Church, Canterbury, Claude Hamilton Kenny, third and fourth sons of the late Rev. Simon Kenny, vicar of Caragh, county Kildare.
December 8, 1864.
   ARRIVEDAbraham Barber, Scharffnorth, Belize, mahogany ; Gladiator (steamer), Gard, Pernambudo, sugar ; Porto Slavo, Bonnecie, Sulina, maize ; Pavinetto, M'Nab, Trinidad, molasses ; Susan G. Owens, Norton, Callao, guano ; Scotland, Rollins, Philadelphia, oil ; Pensiero, Marchese, Kustendje, barley ; Sun (steamer), Liverpool to New York, and proceeded.
(By Magnetic Telegraph.)
December 8, 1864.—Wind calm.
   ARRIVEDAvoca, from Mauritius ; Susan M. Dudman, Moulmein ; Star of Hope, Quebec.
   SPOKEN—November 3rd, 20 N, 25 W, barque Ochtartyr, bound S.W. ; 4th November—30 N, 22 W ; French vessel Pulyminia, bound south ; 5th November, 30.40 N, 25.30 W, ship showing 3 dispen, number 0736 ; November 5th, 3.50 N, 25.30 W, Norwegian ship Preston, white flag, with W on top and No. 303 underneath ; November 7th, ship Rosdale, bound S, 7 N, 25.20 W. ; ship Peeress, for Falmouth (68 days out)—by the Susan M. Dudman arrived here.

THE NEXT of KIN of the late JOHN FRAWLEY, are requested to communicate with F. E. BLATSPIEL, Esq., 9, Warwick Court, Holborn, London ; or JOHN HEACOCK, Esq., 31, Dame-street, Dublin—of whom they may hear of SOMETHING TO THEIR ADVANTAGE.

   The Treasurer of the Cork Fever Hospital thankfully acknowledges the receipt of a hamper containing two jars of brandy and two dozen porter for the use of the hospital, sent by F. G. Deverill, Esq., which he has received from some person anonymously.
   Lying-in-Hospital— £1 donation from Mr. Robinson, Shamrock Lawn, per Mr. George Baker.
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The Cork Examiner, 13 December 1864
(From the Times' Correspondent.)
   I think that I ventured a fortnight ago to predict that, come what might, the Confederate war ship Florida, piratically seized in the harbour of Bahia, would never be surrendered to the demands of Brazil, or any other Power ; and that if the Federal Government were compelled to apologise to Brazil, had otherwise to make reparation and the amende honorable, means would be invented to render it impossible to give up the ship. The prediction has been verified. The agency I supposed was that of accidental fire. In this respect I was wrong. The Florida has been “accidentally” run into by a Federal transport, under heavy pressure of steam, and sunk in nine fathoms of water. The “accident” will impose upon no one. Whether it will tend to exalt the character of the American people or that of their Government in the estimation of the world is a matter in which the majority of the Americans will give themselves no concern. It is a “smart Yankee trick,” and in a country where “smartness” ranks among the vertues [sic] the captain of the clumsy but effective transport which did the grateful mischief will doubtless expect to share the applause which has already been bestowed upon Captain Collins of the Wachusetts, and to be entertained at a public dinner by the solid men of Boston and the solider men of New York. There is but a small likelihood that he will be disappointed.

A POLICEMAN DROWNED.—At about half-past five o'clock on Saturday morning, a policeman named John Ward, 92 F, fell into the water at Kingstown harbour, near the Jetty, and was unfortunately drowned before assistance arrived. Three men who were near the Kingstown Railway Station, heard shouts, as if from a person who had fallen into the water, and ran as fast as possible to the spot, but on arriving could see nothing but a hat floating on the surface. At the same time two men out of Pilot boat No. 1, which was at anchor in Kingstown harbour, pulled to the place in a small boat, but could find no trace of the unfortunate man but a hat, which, on examination, proved to be that of the deceased, who had been on duty in that district, and who, it is supposed, while walking his beat, went too near the edge, being deceived by the glare of the lamp, and accidentally fell into the water. The body was recovered by means of a drag during the course of Saturday, and now awaits an inquest. The deceased was a fine looking man of good character, and about twenty-seven years of age. He had been about four years in the Metropolitan Police Force.—Saunders.
December 12, 1864.
   ARRIVEDTerzo, Marupich, Sulina, maize ; Jane, Picot, Shippegan, fish and oil, to Cork ; Balclutha, Bowden, Matanzas, sugar ; Mary Ada, Seville, Rechabucto, deals ; Alice Thompson, Neve, Cuba, sugar ; Mirra, Romano, Taganrog, wheat ; Carlos, Irvin, coals, for Montreal, windbound ; Grace Sargeant, Mitchell, Cardiff, coals, bound out—reported leaky ; City of Dublin (steamer) Liverpool, general cargo, and proceeded to New York ; Colliers—Lady Saie, Planter, Perfect, Staghound, Rebecca, Sarsfield, Alma, Girl I Love, St. Catherine, Elisha Thayer, Black Diamond, Mary, Zephyr, Smith, Rambley, Vesper, Ann Catherine, Jessie, Perilla, Mary Jones, Hebe, White Eagle, Mary Curran, Jersey Tar, Frances Markland, Ellen Smith, Kaloolah, Iris, Sarah Jane, Herbert, Lee, Sisters, Onward, Active, Queen Adelaide.
(By Magnetic Telegraph.)
December 13, 1864.—Wind S. by E.
   ARRIVEDBlanchard, from Callao ; T. Brandello, Messina.
   PUT IN—Brigantine Naid, from Glasgow to Bermuda, short of water.

   On the 13th inst., at her residence, 89, South Mall, the wife of Daniel Gillman, Esq., of a son.
   On the 11th instant, at Aglish, the wife of Thomas Waggett, Esq., of a son.
   December 11, at 9, Upper Temple-street, Dublin, the wife of Edward Thomas O'Brien, Esq., of a son.
   On the 6th instant, at Tinahely, county Wicklow, the wife of Richard John Leeper, Esq., L.R.C.S., &c., of a son.

   On the 11th inst., at his residence, Alta Terrace, Monkstown, Francis Sugrue, Esq., solicitor, aged 47 years.
   On the 9th inst., at Aghavrin, suddenly, from the bursting of a blood vessel on the lungs, Mary, wife of Thomas E. Crooke.
   On the 3rd ult., at Madras, Margaret Affleck, wife of the Rev. Clifford Bell, and third daughter of the late John Johnston Thompson, Esq., Manager of the Provincial Bank, Bandon.
   On the 4th instant, at Boulogne-sur-Mer, aged 75, Margaret, widow of the late Wallop Brabazon, Esq., of Rath House, in the county Louth.
   On the 3rd November, drowned by the capsizing of the ship's cutter, in Tunis Bay, with seven other officers and four men, Samuel Brooke Kemble, midshipman of H. M. S. Orlando, second son of the Rev. Charles Kemble, rector of Bath, aged 15 years and 3 months.
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The Cork Examiner, 14 December 1864
December 13, 1864.
   ARRIVEDJ. F. Buller, Shapcott, Havre, refined sugar, to Cork ; Maria Anna, Martinolich, Sulina, maize ; Maid, Richardson, Liverpool, general cargo, to Ceinfuegos—put in through stress of weather ; Ector, Audreales, Sulina, maize ; Mariette, Caduli, Sulina, maize.
   SAILEDAvon, Philpott, Sulina, wheat ; Annie Brooks, Plymouth, fish ; Penselinos, Rosavio, Cardiff, ballast ; Moderation, Shiels, Limerick, wheat ; Melicete, Gould, Liverpool, timber ; Kent, Boyle, Fleetwood, timber.
(By Magnetic Telegraph.)
December 14, 1864.—Wind calm.
   ARRIVEDFlorence steamer, Glasgow to Nassau, to coal.

   THE CHARGE OF SCUTTLING A SHIP.—Joseph John Mitchison White, of 5, Ogle-terrace, South Shields, and Robert Sutton, of 5, Robinson- terrace, Sunderland, were yesterday again placed at the bar of the Mansion House, upon the charge, that they being respectively the captain and chief mate, did, on the 4th day of October last, feloniously destroy a British ship called the Snowdrop, on the high seas, with intent thereby to defraud the various underwriters. It will be remembered that the ship ran upon a reef of rocks in the Baltic ; but it was said by the carpenter that she made no water till he, by the direction of the prisoners, bored several holes in her bottom. The prisoners were again remanded, the Lord Mayor refusing to accept bail for either of them.
   On the 13th inst., at Sunday's-well, the wife of Wm. Cuming, jun., of a son.
   On the 10th inst., at Birch Grove, Kill-o'-the- Grange, county Dublin, the wife of Thomas Pim, Esq., jun., of a daughter.
   On the 11th inst., at Strandville, Clontarf, the wife of Alexander Tyndall, Esq., of a son.
   On the 12th inst., at 27, Upper Clanbrassil-street, Dublin, the wife of Mr. John Barge, Inland Revenue, of a son.
   December 1, at Patrick-street, Kilkenny, the wife of Mr. M. Potter, of a son.
   December 7, at Clunagh House, King's county, the wife of A. Connolly, Esq., J.P., prematurely, of a son, who survived birth but an hour.
   December 11, at Gortbelly Castle, county Tipperary, the wife of Andrew Ryan, Esq., of a daughter.
   December 11, at 3, Merrion-square, East, Dublin, the Lady Lurgat, of a daughter.

   On the 13th instant, at his residence, Lower Glanmire-road after a short illness, Mr. John Barrett, proprietor of the Imperial Posting Establishment, Pembroke-street. The funeral will leave Mr. Barrett's residence at 10 o'clock on Friday morning.
   On the 6th inst., James Sullivan, of Knockilly, in this county, aged 79 years.
   December 11, at his residence, 2, Pearemount, Rathgar, in his 58th year, Robert F. Murphy, M.D.
   In Bishop-street, Dublin, with the most perfect resignation, Miss Margaret Baker, sister of the Third Order of Our Blessed Lady of Mount Carmel.
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The Cork Examiner, 17 December 1864
December 16, 1864.
   ARRIVEDZia Maria, Martinolich, Sulina, maize ; Avon, Calish, Sulina, maize ; James Hackett, Reynolds, Cardiff, coals ; Eliza and Ann, Chandler, Bridgewater, bricks ; John, Snow, Dungarvan, flour ; Irish Lass, White, Dungarvan, flour ; Brothers, Harris, Newport, coals ; Enterprise, Carroll, Cardiff, coals ; Alexandria Victoria, Murphy, Newport, coals ; Hattie (steamer), Lambert, Greenock, ballast, for Havana ; Eneil, Ficke, Philadelphia, oil ; Elizabeth, Lamb, Demerara, timber ; Clyde, Wakeham, Matanzas, sugar ; Rubens, Roberts, Mauritius, sugar ; Sans Spiridiole, Avanite, Galatz, maize ; Adelaide, Day, Newport, coals ; Patriotta, Myles, for Newport, put back, windbound.
   SAILEDFavourite, Canessa, Genoa, coals ; Petrel, Jeffers, Newport, ballast ; Caros, M'Irvin, Motreal [sic], coals ; Cowlitz,, Cooper, London, timber ; Buona Anicia, Buggani, London, maize ; Guilia D., Glassar, Limerick, maize ; Nevoda, Bartlett, Leith, guano ; North Star, Cleavat, Leith, guano ; S. Blanchard, Meady, Hull, guano ; Scotland, Rollins, Bremen, oil.
(By Magnetic Telegraph.)
December 17, 1864.—Wind N.N.E., light.
   ARRIVEDSan Nicola, from St. Petersburg to Cork.
   SAILEDAlice Thompson, for Greenock ; Emil, Bremen.
   SPOKEN—December 14th, Mary Ridley, of Liverpool, to St. John's, N.F., 10.50 W., 51 N.—by the Elizabeth, from Demerara, arrived here.

   The Sick Poor Society (South Parish), beg to acknowledge the receipt of £2 from Wm. Hayes, Esq., 1, Clarence Terrace, per the Very Rev. Dean Murphy.
   Lying-In Hospital—Six suits of baby clothes from Mrs. Paul M'Swiny, 5, Sydenham Terrace, Monkstown, Cork.
   Lying-In Hospital—Some flannel and calico from Mrs. Wm. Murphy, Richmond House.
   On the 17th inst., at Sidney Place, the wife of Patrick J. Forde, Esq., of a daughter.
   On the 13th inst., at Pembridge Gardens, London, the wife of Louis Kuhling, Esq., of a son.

   On the 18th of November, at Gibraltar, Mr. John Elliott Wooley, to Mary Harriett, eldest daughter of Mr. Francis Martin, formerly of Dublin.
   On the 13th inst., at the British Embassy, Paris, Alfred Martin, Esq., of Elgin House, Raglin-road, Dublin, Principal of the Income-tax Department in Ireland, to Lucy, widow of the late Richard Peter, Esq., of Clanwilliam-place, Dublin.
   On the 15th inst., E. Winfield Verner, Esq., M.P., second son of Sir William Verner, Bart., M.P., to Selina Florence, daughter of Thomas Vesey Nugent, Esq.

   At Midleton, on the 17th inst., of scarlatina, after giving birth a few days since to a son, the dearly beloved wife of John Callaghan, Esq., aged 33.
   On 24th September, at Belle Vue House, Auckland, New Zealand, Eleanor Mary, infant daughter of Lieut.-Colonel Gamble, C.B., Deputy Quarter- Master-General.
   On the 10th inst., at 23, Westmoreland-street, Liverpool, aged seven months, Henry Upton, son of Mr. Thomas Keogh.
   On the 12th instant, at the Glebe, the Rev. John Tottenham, rector of Rathangan, county Kildare, aged 58.
   On the 24th November, at Quebec, Francis Neil Primrose, eldest son of the late Hon. Francis Ward Primrose, aged 32.
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