The Cork Examiner, 11 March 1862
(Before the Recorder).
His Worship sat to-day for the hearing of civil bill cases.
Mullins v. Neenan.
   This was an action brought by Mr. Michael Mullins against G. J. Neenan, for a sum of £3 12s., the amount of a promissory note for which the defendant had gone security. The defence set up was that, at the time Neenan signed the bill he was under age. This having been proved in evidence, the case was dismissed on the merits. Mr. Blake appeared for the plaintiff, and Mr. Gill for the defendant.
   The other cases were devoid of interest.
INQUEST.—Mr. Coroner Gallway held an inquest this day on the body of John Sheehan. It was deposed to in evidence, that the deceased lived at Mayfield, that he got a horse to hold from a horse trainer named Barry, that he rode the horse, that the horse ran away and threw the deceased down, and that he died from the effects of the fall. Verdict, accidental death.
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The Cork Examiner, 20 March 1862
THE steam-ship Kangaroo, outward bound, arrived in the harbour this morning. She took on board 132 passengers, principally females of the humble class in life. The Etna, homeward bound, had not arrived up to half-past 1 o'clock to-day, but was hourly expected.

   “POST-OFFICE ROBBERY.”—Under this heading we published on Saturday a statement derived from a contemporary, relating the circumstances under which there had been stolen, it was said, from the Post-Office a registered letter containing £5,000, in Bank notes and cheques, the whole of which had been realised at the Bank of England in gold, and was consequently irrecoverable. We are now able to state, on the best authority, that with the exception of the fact that a registered letter had been stolen, the statement was utterly false. The stolen letter contained the halves of notes to the value of £65, and a cheque for £9 9s. —together £74 9s. ; and as one set of halves reached their destination, and payment of the cheque was stopped, nobody will lose a farthing by the disappearance of the letter.—Globe.
   PLYMOUTH, MARCH 19TH.—The ship Negociator, of Sunderland, with coal for Genoa, ran down the Russian brig Ahiti, on the morning of the 15th inst., about seventy miles off Sicily. The brig sank immediately. One man was drowned. The Negociator was abandoned shortly after, in a sinking state. The crew of both vessels were picked up, and have just been landed here.

ACCIDENT.—A woman named Ellen Aherne was severely scalded about the legs last night, by the bursting of a jar filled with boiling water, which she was conveying to the bed of a person suffering from illness in the house. She was taken to the North Infirmary.
BRUTAL ASSAULT.—Last night a poor woman from Chapel-street applied for surgical treatment at the North Infirmary, having had her arm broken by a blow of a sweeping-brush inflicted on her by her husband, who had come home in a state of intoxication.
   M. Victor Hugo has received £16,000 for the copyright of “Les Miserables.”
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