The Cork Examiner, 20 March 1861

ROBBERY OF PLATE.—At three o'clock yesterday, Timothy Ahern remanded from the previous day, was brought before Mr. Lambkin, J.P., by Constable Ransome, charged with stealing a quantity of plate valued at about £60, the property of Mr,. Benjamin Galbraith, of Ballintemple. The circumstances under which the robbery was effected and the prisoner arrested were these—About five o'clock on Sunday evening, Mr. Galbraith's servant, having locked all the doors of the house and leaving no person within, went out in company with the prisoner to whom she told where she was going and where she might be found in case her master looked for her. During her absence prosecutor returned home, but finding there was no one in the house remained about the place, and in a short time again went to see if she had come back. Then it was he found the gate leading to the rere of the premises as well as the kitchen door open, and on entering met a man going out against him with a bundle, whom he suspected to be the prisoner and addressed by the prisoner's name. The person addressed, however, did not stop to make a reply, but went his way. Prosecutor at once examined the house, and discovered in the drawing room foot prints, also the chest in which the plate was kept broken open, and the plate itself removed. In the same chest was found a pipe known to have belonged to the prisoner, and outside the gate an oyster knife supposed to have been the instrument used in forcing the locks. Suspicion at once rested on the prisoner, both from the fact of his resemblance to the person met by Mr. Galbraith on entering the house, and likewise because no stranger was so well acquainted with its interior, he being in the habit of supplying prosecutor with oysters from time to time. Accordingly, Captain Ransome, of Blackrock station, being put in possession of what occurred, soon after arrested the prisoner who stated to him that he had been in bed from five o'clock the same evening. Some hours subsequent to his arrest a large portion of the plate was left at the owner's hall door, wrapped in a napkin which, with other articles of linen, was likewise stolen. The presiding magistrates said that though the case was a very suspicious one, still as nothing positive was alleged to convict the prisoner he should discharge him. The prisoner then left the court, after thanking Mr. Galbraith.

   DEATH OF AN EMINENT IRISHMAN ABROAD.—August 15th, at Porto Rico, West Indies, Major Patrick Murray Delamere, of the Spanish service, and son of the late esteemed Peter Delamere, Esq., of Killen, county Westmeath. He entered the service of her Most Catholic Majesty of Spain, in 1835, under Lieutenant-General De Lacy Evans. He married in 1813, Elisea Vinyalsey Barges, daughter by a former marriage of Madame O'Donnell, now the wife of Marshal Leopold Perdre Delamere, who is attached to the staff of the Spanish army.—New York Journal

Parish of Whitechurch, £3, including 10s. subscription Rev. Mr. Daly.
(Before Mr. Justice KEOGH.)
O'Neill v. the Trustees of the Limerick Markets.
   This case came on for hearing before his Lordship and a special jury, at the sitting of the court this morning. It was an action for £120 damages for the unjust dismissal of the plaintiff from the service of the defendants before the term for which his engagement was made had concluded. It appeared that Mr. O'Neill had been engaged by the defendants as a Butter Inspector in the Limerick Market at £200 a year, and commenced the discharge of his duties there on the 2nd April, 1860. The engagement was for twelve months certain, and after that there was to be a month's notice if either side wished to terminate the engagement. A class of men called brokers were in the habit of annoying and obstructing the plaintiff, while in the discharge of his duty, and several of them were summoned by order of the trustees, the plaintiff being directed to attend and give evidence against them. In the course of his cross-examination on the occasion, the plaintiff made use of a remark from which arose the proceedings that led to his dismissal. He stated in reply to the cross-examining attorney, that he thought those parties were put up to annoy him by some of the buyers, who had been plundering the market before. The defendants allege that he asserted that fraud was still going on in the market, and the defence was that when the plaintiff was requested either to prove or retract those observations, by the trustees, he would do neither, and that his manner and demeanour to them was highly disrespectful. He was dismissed on the 10th Oct., and his salary from the 1st April up to that period was tendered to him. The action was for the remainder of the year's salaray. The jury found for the plaintiff on all the issues—damages £116 13s. 4d. and costs.
[Full report in our next.]

This morning, a man named Denis Neale, a labourer in the employment of the Great Southern and Western Railway Company, was run over and killed on the line near the Blackpool station. It is stated that he left Cork on a ballast train at eight o'clock, and that when it arrived at the Blackpool station he descended for the purpose of getting a portion of his breakfast which was in the waiting-room. In attempting to re-mount one of the waggons while the train was going at an easy rate, he fell between them on the line and was immediately killed. Four or five of the trucks passed over him, completely severing his head and one hand from his body. We have not been able to ascertain whether he leaves any family.

THOMAS HOLMES JUSTICE, Esq., M.D., of Mallow, has received the appointment of Surgeon to this regiment. The father of this gentleman filled the same post in 1798, of whose kindness and humanity, the history of the period makes honourable mention.
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