-- The Cork Examiner 12 January 1849



We have been informed that a respectable merchant, residing on the Quay,
has been served with a notice from the Admiralty, suing for a penalty of
500, for having, on the morning of Christmas Day, a green flag with a
harp, minus a crown, painted thereon, flying from the topmast of one of
his vessels, then lying in the river.  On being observed by some of the
naval officers now in Waterford, it was taken possession of and an
immediate report made to the Lords of the Admiralty, who have instituted
proceedings in the matter.  It appears that the flag, which had been lying
by in the ship for several years, was hoisted that morning, through
ignorance, by one of the sailors on board, without the owner having the
slightest knowledge of the transaction, than whom there is not a more
peacable or loyal inhabitant in the city, and one who never, directly or
indirectly, interfered with any political party whatever.  It is with much
pleasure we have heard that a memorial on the subject, backed by some
magistrates and influential government officers, has been forwarded to the
proper quarter. -- Waterford Mail

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