The Cork Examiner, 31 December 1847

B I R T H S .
   Yesterday morning, at Clifton Terrace, the lady of Wm. Galgey, Esq., of a son.
   On the 26th inst., in Blackfriars-road, London, Mrs. James J. Blake, of a son.

M A R R I E D .
   On the 21st inst., by the Rev. Dr. Neligan, at St. Mary's Shandon, Sophia, third daughter of the late Mr. James O'Brien, to Mr. William Smyth.
   On the 28th, in the Union Church of Berehaven, by the Rev. John Halahan, the Rev. Frederick Elliott, Wesleyan Minister of Berehaven, to Jane, fourth daughter of John R. Reed, of Berehaven Mines.
   On Tuesday, the 28th inst., at St. Mary's, Bryanston-square, by the Rev. Wm. Penfold, the Right Hon. Henry Lord Montfort, to Miss Ann Burgham. daughter of the late William Burgham, Esq., of Upton Bishop, Herefordshire.

D E A T H S .
   On Monday, the 27th inst., at the residence of his brother-in-law, at Blackrock, with a suddenness which aggravated the deep regret felt for him by a circle of respectable friends, Mr. John Horgan, aged 25 years. He was much respected for his gentle habits, mildness of disposition, unexceptionable good conduct, and his unflinching steadiness as a member of the Temperance Society.
   Dec. 23, at his residence, Mount Rivers, Fermoy, Mathias Hendley, Esq., aged 76 years.
   At his lodgings, in Nile-street, on the 28th inst., in the 59th year of his age, Timothy Callaghan, Esq., late of Kanturk.
   At Cork Barracks, on the 23d inst., Staff- Sergeant Henry Jesse, late 57th Regt.
   On Monday morning, the 27th inst., at his residence, North Main-street, Mr. James Ahern, much regretted by his family and friends.
   At his residence, Upper Rathmines, after a painful and protracted illness, which he bore with Christian resignation, Mr. George Walker, for many years Conducting Printer to the Messrs. Grierson, her Majesty's Printers, aged 45 years, deeply and deservedly regretted.
   On the 27th inst., at his residence in Youghal, The Rev. Maurice F. Hewson, Rector of Clonpriest.
   At his seat, Ratton Park, Sussex, Inigo Thomas, Esq., brother-in-law to Viscount Middleton, and uncle of the late Haynes Bayly, Esq.
   At Short Castle, Mallow, on the 27th instant, of inflammation on the lungs, after a few days' illness, George Baggs, Esq., Solicitor.
   On the 22d inst., at Kilmacow, aged 72, the Hon. and Rev. G. Theobald Bourke, only surviving brother of the Right Hon. the Earl of Mayo.
   At Edinburgh, Thomas Rodmell, Esq., Collector of her Majesty's Customs at the port of Leith.

T H A N K S .
   The Ladies' Committee of the Blind Asylum thankfully acknowledge to have received 」1 from Lord George Bentinck ; 」1 7s 6d, collected by B. Foley, Esq. ; and 5 Bags of Biscuit and 3 Barrels of Indian Meal, from the Society of Friends.
   The Sick Poor and Destitute Society acknowledges to have received through their Treasurer, Mr. J. Connell, 27, South Main-street, from Major Beamish, 2 Bags of Biscuits and 12 Bed Ticks ; from the Rev. Wm. O'Sullivan, 2 Barrels of Meal ; from a lady, 5s ; from John Shea, Esq., T.C., 10s., for which they return sincere Thanks.
   The following have been entered at the Custom-House for the past week :悠ndian corn, 5040 quarters ; flour, 100 sacks ; bread, 200 bags ; rice, 60 bags ; wheat 50 sacks ; cheese, 29 baskets.
   For past week :唯utter, 8081 firkins ; oats, 3623 barrels, 616 sacks ; oatmeal, 65 barrels, 38 sacks ; bacon, 270 bales ; pork, 92 barrels ; provisions, 145 tierces, 194 barrels ; hams, 11 hhds ; Wheat, 661 barrels, 300 sacks ; flour, 132 sacks ; bread, 711 bags ; rye meal, 35 sacks ; eggs, 262 boxes ; fowls, 49 boxes, 20 baskets ; sprats, 29 boxes ; fish, 32 boxes. Head of cattle, 252 ; sheep, 100 ; pigs, 310.

A CASE of rather singular character was brought on today at the police office, which excited considerable attention in court. A respectable-looking young man, named Alexander M'Cullan, who is the foreman of the printing establishment of Mr. Scraggs, was going home about 8 o'clock on Wednesday night, when he was met by two soldiers of the 67th regiment, in the neighbourhood of the military barracks, and assaulted in a most violent manner. One of the prisoners, named Patrick Donnelly, seized him by the throat, while the other fellow rifled his pockets ; but fortunately they were disappointed in their expectations, as all the property he had on his person were two pence, a piece of tobacco, and a key. The prisoners took the money and the tobacco, but left the key in his possession.
   The plaintiff, not withstanding that he is both deaf and dumb, appeared to be a shrewd, intelligent person, and answered readily and properly to the questions which were put to him by Mr. Good, a cabinet-maker, through the medium of the 電umb alphabet.
   Informations were ordered to be taken against the prisoners.

A SAILOR, named John Resor, appeared at the Police Office on Wednesday, to prosecute a woman of disreputable character who resides in Godsill's-lane, for having stolen a purse containing 」3 10s from him on the previous night. What renders this robbery most heartless is the circumstance that the plaintiff was totally wrecked a few days since, in the ship Henrietta, at the Coast of New Ross, and with thirteen of his unfortunate shipmates, was taken from the wreck. The remainder of the crew, amounting to fourteen persons, were lost. The plaintiff stated that he was induced to visit this place in ignorance of the character of the woman, and that the money taken from him left him totally destitute.

R E C O R D   C O U R T Y E S T E R D A Y.
Eliza Green a M. E. Mahony.
THIS was an action of trover to recover the value of furniture seized under attachment by the defendant against James Green.
   Robert Wm. Edden, Esq., William Mannix, Esq., Mrs. Mannix, of Mahon Abbey, and several other witnesses were examined for the plaintiff, to prove her property in the goods, with which the plaintiff's case closed.
   On the part of the defendant it was sought to be proved that James Green was the real owner of the goods, and Mr. Corab, auctioneer, and a Watchman were produced for that purpose.
   The jury after a very clear, and elaborate charge from the Recorder found for the plaintiff with 」22 10s. damages, and 6d. costs. Counsel for the plaintiff柚r. Scannell ; Agent Mr. Edward Fitzgerald. Counsel for the defendant, Mr. Walsh ; Agent, Mr. J. J. O'Brien.
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