The Cork Examiner, 11 August 1847

P O L I C E   O F F I C E — Y E S T E R D A Y .
As soon as Captain White had disposed of the persons brought before him from the Bridewell, for examination, this morning, he immediately addressed the Constabulary, and wished to ascertain who was the Sergeant on duty for the day. On being informed that it was Constable Phelan, he then said it was necessary for him to give him some directions respecting several nuisances in the public streets, but more particularly the beggars, who still continue to infest them, notwithstanding all the precautions that had been adopted for the purpose of suppressing the practice.
   Bench—I should like to learn whether Mr. Walker has yet got a copy of the Vagrant Act?
   Constable—I don't believe he has, Sir.
   Bench—It will be very necessary that he should be supplied with it, for indeed it would be right that you should all peruse it, and be perfectly acquainted with the powers entrusted to you by the provisions of this act. Let me know whether the Inspector has been furnished with a copy.
   Constable—I shall make the enquiry, your Worship immediately.
   Bench—Let the Constables be directed to clear the streets at once of all such characters as may be found begging from the Public, and annoying and blocking up the doors and passages of the shopkeepers and dealers all through the city. The condition of the respectable traders on the Parade and in Patrick Street indeed is lamentable —Let me find that every one of these Beggars shall be brought before the magistrates forthwith as they are taken up and be dealt with under the act—It is really time that something should be effectively done to suppress this abominable nuisance. For my part I will take care that every one of them shall be visited with the most condign punishment that the law imposes, as they have outraged every feeling of decency and every degree of forebearance. It is not in human nature to endure such an outrageous system of mendicant persecution, and it must be put an end to. The shopkeepers are really to be pitied, and I have at various times done my best to get them rid of this abomination.
   PIRACY ON THE COAST OF IRELAND.—The following vessels are employed on the Coast of Ireland, in protecting the meal vessels and merchantmen from being plundered by the lawless pirate fishermen who infest the particular localities for that purpose. The Fearless, steam-vessel, Lieut. Commander Richardson, cruising between Limerick and the river Fergus ; the Lucifer, steam vessel, Lieut. Commander Smith, cruising between Sligo and Killybegs ; the Dasher, steam vessel, Lieut. Commander French, cruising in Black-sod Bay ; the Emerald, tender, Second Master Commander Beach, cruising along the islands in Black-sod Bay ; the Bloodhound steam vessel, Lieutenant Commander Phillips, Broadhaven Harbour ; Belmullet, cruising between Eagle Island and Killala Bay ; and the Myrmidon, Lieut. Commander Roberts, cruising between Carrick, Ross, and Waterford.
   THE FEVER IN THE SQUADRON.—In consequence of reports of fever prevailing on board the Andromeda, store and provision depot, stationed at Killybegs, Deputy Inspector of Hospitals, Dr. Lindsy, has proceeded from Cork thither in the Swallow, steam vessel, to inquire into the state of the ship's company.
   LONGEVITY.—At Limerick city election on Thursday, David O'Brien, of Borheen, farmer, and £10 house holder, voted for O'Brien and O'Connell. He was aged 105 years, and was brought in a chair to the polling booth.

The Schooner BLARNEY (Screw Propelled,) Captain SULLIVAN. Agent in Paris, Mr. HENRY BENNETT, 6, Rue de la Paix. Agent at Havre, Mr. WM. DAVIDSON. Agent at Liverpool, WM. WILSON & SON, 15, Water-st.
   Carriages, Horses, and Goods intended for Shipment should be at the Packet an Hour before the time of Sailing.
   The Company requests Passengers to look after their own Luggage, as they will not be accountable for same, unless entered and paid for.
THOS. WINDER, Manager.    
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