The Cork Examiner, 4 March 1846
O ' C O N N E L L   T R I B U T E .
M A L L O W .............£67 2s. 6d.
Mallow, March 2nd, 1846    
DEAR SIR—I send you herewith a Credit Letter for £67 2s. 6d., amount of the O'CONNELL TRIBUTE collected in this town and paid for the past year ; also a list of the Subscribers, which you will please have published in the Cork Examiner and Southern Reporter Papers.
I am, dear Sir, yours,            
   THOMAS LYONS, Esq., Cork.
Rev. D. M. Collins, P.P. ...... £1 10 0
Rev. Justin M'Carthy, C.C. ........... 1 0 0
Rev. John M'Carthy, C.C. ........... 1 0 0
Dr. Curtin ........... 1 10 0
Dr. Linehan ........... 1 0 0
Dr. Barry, T.C. ........... 1 0 0
O. Madden, T.C. ........... 2 0 0
J. O'Connor, T.C. ........... 1 10 0
J. Ahern, T.C. ........... 1 0 0
Michl. Ahern, T.C. ........... 1 0 0
Tim. Collins, T.C. ........... 1 0 0
John Bourke, T.C. ........... 1 0 0
Pat Corbett, T.C. ........... 1 0 0
R. Barnett Barry, T.C. ........... 1 0 0
Wm. B. W. Williams, T.C. ........... 1 0 0
James Roche, T.C. ........... 1 0 0
J. Fitzgerald, T.C. ........... 1 0 0
Tim. Canty, T.C. ........... 1 0 0
James Jones, Solicitor, T.C. ........... 1 0 0
Edward O'Connor, Solicitor ........... 1 10 0
Anthy. O'Connor, Solicitor ........... 1 10 0
R. Jones, Solicitor ........... 1 0 0
Philip W. Creagh, Solicitor ........... 1 0 0
Edwd. O'Sullivan ........... 1 0 0
T. Punch, P.L.G. ........... 1 0 0
William Quaine ........... 1 0 0
Andw. Mahony ........... 1 0 0
James Gallaher ........... 1 0 0
M. J. O'Connell ........... 1 0 0
Robt. J. O'Connell ........... 1 0 0
Pierce Nagle ........... 1 0 0
John Cronin ........... 1 0 0
Corns. O'Mullane ........... 1 0 0
Wm. O'Callaghan ........... 1 0 0
Edward Browne ........... 1 0 0
Patrick Daly ........... 1 0 0
Denis O'Regan ...........   10 0
Timothy Madden ...........   10 0
A Friend, per Rev. Mr. Collins, P.P. ...........   10 0
Daniel O'Reilly ...........   7 6
Jeremiah Dorney ...........   7 6
A Friend, per Mr. R. B. Barry ...........   5 0
James Nagle ...........   5 0
Peter Deady ...........   5 0
Patrick O'Brien ...........   5 0
Richd. Batterberry, jun. ...........   5 0
Martin Graham ...........   5 0
John Kilty ...........   5 0
Miss Finn ...........   5 0
Andrew Linehan ...........   5 0
Mrs. Stack ...........   5 0
J. Buckley, Dromsligo ...........   5 0
Mr. M'Clinch ...........   5 0
Patrick Croke ...........   3 6
James Bohen ...........   3 0
Joseph Johns ...........   3 0
Daniel Sullivan ...........   3 0
Richard Lane ...........   3 0
Owen O'Callaghan ...........   3 0
James Murphy, Miss Walsh, John Sheahan, William Nagle, Peter Sheahan, Cornelius Keane, James Barrett, James Quinlan, Michael O'Shea, John Tuckey, Richard Croke, Daniel Relihan, Richard Batterberry, Senior, Mrs. Johnson, P. O'Connell, Patrick Regan, Timothy Sheahan, John Flynn, Denis Reidy, Francis Fitzpatrick, Micael Buckley, John Bernard, James O'Brien, Cornelius Connelly, Michael Connors, John Sheahan, John Lyons, John Canty, Robert Croke, Timothy Dennehy, William Hegarty, J. Connors, James Sheehy, F. Crowly, Mrs. Nagle, Michael Reily, Thomas Clancy, Owen M'Carthy, Mrs. Purcell, A friend per Mr. P. Corbett, Philip Noonan and Michael Casey, 2s. 6d. each
BAKERS—Including 2s. 6d. each, from John O'Sullivan, E. M'Sweeny, C. Duggan, Denis Rilihan, and 2s. each from Mr. O'Sullivan, B. O'Mullane, P. Fleming, D. Duggan, F. Buck, J. O'Regan, James Shanahan and M. Murray. ...........   1 15 0
TAILORS—Including 2s. 6d. each, from John Flynn, John Byrne and Richard Condon, and 2s. from D. Lindsay ...........   0 19 0
VICTUALLERS—Including 2s. 6d. each, from W. Haly, John Norcott, J. Lombard, R. Miller, D. Supple, and 2s. from W. Downey ...........   1 6 0
CARPENTERS—Including 2s. 6d. each, from R. Barry and M. O'Connell, and 2s. from John Hallaran ...........   16 0
BOOT AND SHOEMAKERS—Including 2s. 6d. each, from G. Murphy, W. Mullane, W. O'Connor and 2s. from P. Roche ...........   17 0
SMITHS—Including 2s. 6d. each, from J. Keeffe and C. Crowe ...........   12 6
HARNESS MAKERS—Including 2s. 6d. each, from S. Clancy and James Brown, and 2s. from M. Holy ...........   10 6
PAINTERS—Including 2s. 0d. each, from J. Creagh and F. M. M'Gowan ...........   0 6 0
And 2s. each, from D. Pigott, D. Hegarty, V. Crean, John Walsh, Thos. Garvin, Timothy Stack.—
   The remainder in small sums. ————
Total ..........  £67 2 6

(From the Limerick Chronicle)
   Lieutenant-Colonel Gough, Major Fitzroy Somerset, and Major Grant, who were cut down in the sanguinary and protracted contest on the banks of the Sutlej, were all three married in India within the last twelve months. Lieutenant- Colonel Gough to Colonel M'Caskill's daughter ; Major Grant, to a daughter of Sir Hugh Gough ; and Major Somerset, to a widow lady. . . .
   In future only £30 is to be paid to the coroners each assizes, and fees to doctors, £1, and £1 10s. for post mortem examinations. Any doctor called in, whose service is not requisite, to be paid by the coroner demanding the services of the doctor.

B I R T H S .
   On the 28th ult., the wife of Mr. Albert Cottuli, Buckingham-house, of a son.
   On the 1st inst., at Dromkeen-house, co. Limerick, the lady of John H. Hussey Burgh, Esq., of a daughter.
   In Mallow-street, Limerick, on Thursday, the lady of W. H. Owen, Esq., of a son.
   February 12, at Florence, Mrs. G. A. Currie, wife of Capt. Currie, late of the 67th Regt., of a son.
   February 24, at Golden Hills, co. Tipperary, the lady of Henry C. White, of a son.
   Feb. 23, at Ashton-under-Line, the lady of Major E. Wilton Passy, 56th Regt., of a daughter.
   Feb. 26, in Eaton-square, London the Hon. Mrs. Arbuthnot, of a son.
   Feb. 27, in Leeson-street, Dublin, the lady of Richard J. Lane, Esq., of a son.

M A R R I E D .
   On the 26th ult., by the Registrar of the district of Midleton, in his office, Mr. Robt. Mullen, to Miss Eliza Haly Howard, both of Youghal, in said district.
   Feb. 24, at St. Paul's, by the Rev. Charles Stewart, Capt. Morris J. Hall, 6th Royal Regt., to Laura, youngest daughter of Col. Wm. Connolly, R.M.
   At Ballymore Eustace, the Rev. John Edward Murray, to Fanny Isabella, third daughter of the late Major Wolfe.

D E A T H S .
   On the 22d of Feb., of fever, Catherine Kingston, and on the 28th, Victoria, the beloved children of Lieut. Kingston, and grandchildren of Col. Kingston, formerly 46th Regt., and of Mr. Patrick O'Brien, late an eminent accountant in this city.
   At Macroom, on the 2d inst., in the prime of life, Mr. Barry Sheehan. The aggreeableness of his manners, and the kindliness of his disposition endeared him to all who knew him.
   On the 27th ult., at Buttevant, Louisa Mary, infant daughter of the Rev. Dr. Cotter, Vicar.
   At Coolehane, on the 28th ult., Francis, infant son of Richard Ashe, Esq.
   On the 2d of Sept. last, at Calcutta, on board the ship Gemini, Richard Allen Sealy, second son of Richard Sealy, Esq. of Myrtle-hill Terrace, near this city.
   On the 28th ult., aged 7 years and 2 months, Esther, only daughter of Wm. Edmonds, Esq., 27 Eden-quay.
   On the 28th ult., at his seat, Palermo, near Bray, the Rev. Sir Samuel Synge Hutchinson, Bart. He had nearly completed his 90th year.
   On the 1st inst., in the 78th year of his age, Richard Pope, Esq. of Rockshire, co. Kilkenny, long and deservedly respected as a merchant of the city of Waterford.
   On the 26th ult., at Lisbon, Joaquim O'Neill, Esq., deeply regretted.
   On the 24th ult., in Tallow, Elizabeth, relict of Stephen O'Hea, of Haymount, co. Cork, Esq.
   On Monday, at Tralee, in the 23d year of his age, Mr. James Stack, nephew to the late Major Stack, 45th Regt.
   Feb 19, on board the barque Funchal, on her passage to England, from Sierra Leone, his Excellency, William Ferguson, Esq., Captain-General, and Governor-in-Chief of that colony and its dependencies.
   Feb. 23, at his residence, Shannon View, Limerick, aged 66 years, Thos. Odell, Esq., Barrister-at-Law.

March 2 —Wind S.
   ARRIVEDAlbert Edward, White, China, tea, for orders, proceeds to Liverpool ; Lydia, Preston, Moulmein, timber, for orders, leaky ; Pantaloon, Candler, Alexandria, cotton.
March 3—Wind S.
   SAILEDJupiter and Sabrina steamers.
   It blew a tremendous gale all night, and still continues to blow very strong.

   A heavy gale of wind from the southward, on Sunday morning, caused the destruction on the coast of Ireland of three vessels connected with this port. The American ship Jacob Pennell, Capt. Martin, with a cargo of cotton, from Mobile for this port, was driven on shore near Carnsore Point, south coast of the county of Wexford, and would be a complete wreck. Part of her cargo would be saved.
—The schooner Iride, from Messina for Liverpool was wrecked near the same place, and only a trifling part of her cargo saved. The Prussian brig Gloria, Captain Loeswitz, from Liverpool, for Stettin, was stranded about the same time, in Dundrum Bay, near Newry. She was loaded with palm oil, soda ash, &c. The palm oil will be all saved ; but the vessel will be a wreck. It is gratifying to observe, that no lives were lost.—Liverpool Albion.

F O R   Q U E B E C .
To Sail from Cork direct on the 10th April.
THE Favorite well known Passenger Ship “URANIA,” THOS. C. CLERK, Commander. This ship is such a general favorite that comment on the qualities of Ship or Captain is needless. She will be, as usual, Fitted out in the manner most conducive to the comfort of Passengers, well found, &c.
   It may be necessary to remark here, that the calamitous fires of last season as well as the Government contracts for Fortifications will create a great demand for Tradesmen and labourers throughout the Canadas.
For Passage apply to                         
GREGORY O'NEILL, 9, Merchant's-Quay    

To Sail Direct from Cork, on the 1st April.
THE Elegant Fast Sailing Coppered Ship, “ALARM,” J. LEONARD, Commander. This beautiful Vessel is a well known favorite in the Cape of Good Hope trade, will be comfortably fitted up for passengers to St. John, N.B., who will be found in 1 lb. Biscuit, Meal, or Rice, and 3 Quarts of Water per day during the Voyage. For Passage, which is moderate, apply to
9, Merchant's-Quay    
Submitted by dja

Cork Examiner, Cork,  11 Mar 1846


Yesterday at her residence, Patrick Street, in this city,
Mrs. William O'Hara, leaving a husband and large family to deplore
her irreparable loss.  May she rest in peace. 

At Youghal, on Saturday morning, the 7th inst., Anne, the beloved
wife of Richard Hely, Esq.

On the 9th inst., at his mother's house, in the South Main-street,
in his 27th year, Thomas Joseph Bennett, T.C.D., Surgeon, youngest
son of the late Joseph Bennett, Esq.

Killed at Ferozehuhar [India], on the 22d of December last, having
fought through the desparate engagements of the preceding days,
Lieut. Adjutant William Bernard, of her Majesty's 31st Regt.,
eldest son of Mrs. Francis Bernard, of Thomond-square, and grandson
of the late Capt. Bernard, of Langford-row.

At Tyredagh Castle, on Wednesday last, in the 46th year of his
age, Francis Gore, Esq., for several years a Magistrate of the
co. Clare.

On the 25th ult., Margaret, daughter of the late John Nugent,
Esq., Thomastown, co. Kilkenny.

On the 7th inst., at No. 7, Lower Charlemont-street, Dublin,
Captain John Gore, aged 74 years.

On the 20th ult., on his voyage from Rome to his native city,
Dublin, the Rev. Thomas Francis Manly, O.S.F., in his 25th year,
eldest son of James Manly, Esq., Upper Merrion-street.

At Naas, on the 27th ult., Capt. John Greene, late 83d Regt.,
aged 57 years.

The Committee of the Blind Asylum gratefully acknowledge the
receipt of 1l. from Mrs. Col. Hodder, 1l. from George Mazon,
Esq., 1l. from the Right Worshipful the Mayor, 10s. from
Carr and Co., 10s from James Carroll, Esq., 10s. from Mrs.
Trainer, Grand Parade, and 10s. from Mrs. Irvine.

The Treasurer of the City of Cork Eye Dispensary Queen-st.
acknowledges the receipt of one guinea from James Dowman,
Esq., and the like sum from George Coleby, Esq., being their
unsolicited subscriptions in support of the Institution.


On the 5th inst., at St. Pancras Church, James Fraser, Esq.,
60th Royal Rifles, to Louisa, third daughter of John J. Henaley,
of Tavistock Square, Esq.

On the 5th inst., the Rev. Richard D. Falkiner, of Willsboro',
co. of Tipperary, to Isabella, youngest daughter of the late
Nathaniel Wright, Esq., of Monaghan.

Cork Examiner, Cork,  18 Mar 1846


This morning, at her residence, on the Grand Parade,
Margaret, beloved wife of Clement Vance, Esq., of decline.

On the 12th inst., at his house, Cotham New-road, Bristol,
aged 55 years, Thomas Doyle, one of the Society of Friends.

On the 10th inst., at Caen, in Normandy, in his 76th year,
George Rothe, Esq., late of Mount Rothe, Killarney.

At Dundas, Upper Canada, on the 26th January last,
Captain James Scott, late of the 89th Regiment.

On Wednesday, in Waterford, at an advanced age, Mrs. Johanna
Power, sister to the Right Rev. Dr. Power, late Bishop, of
that diocese.

At his house in Sligo, John, eldest son of Abraham Martin, Esq.,
aged 38 years, and formerly M.P., for that borough.

In Dublin, Matthew, eldest son of the late Capt. Armstrong,
of Hilltown, county of Wexford.

Drowned, near Cape Finisterre, in consequence of the loss of
the Great Liverpool, Mrs. Archer, wife of Dr. Archer, of her
Majesty's 17th Foot.

Submitted by dja


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