The Cork Examiner, 17 August 1846
   SUPPOSED MUTINY.—For several weeks, much anxiety has prevailed regarding the fate of the crew and passengers (the latter four in number) of the Hannah, belonging to Sydney, the wreck of which had been discovered on the coast eastward of North Cape, under circumstances which have caused considerable suspicion.—By the last accounts received, it appears the Hannah left Port Nicholson for Sydney, in the early part of January last, having on board a very valuable cargo, also 600 soveriegns. She was a vessel of 200 tons burden, and her crew amounted to 15 seamen. From the period of her sailing, nothing was heard of her until the discovery of the wreck twelve miles from North Cape. Five bodies, in a shockingly decomposed state, were found on deck, one of which was that of a female, with an arm and a leg broken. The stern board of the wreck had been knocked off, evidently in order to prevent the vessel being recognised. Part of the cargo had been saved, consisting of 80 casks of oil ; but the boxes containing the gold were gone. The opinion of Sydney was, that a mutiny had broken out among the crew ; and after disposing of many of the men, they ran the vessel on shore and took the boats, taking with them the sovereigns. The authorities at Auckland have despatched a vessel in search of the supposed offenders.
   MILITARY MOVEMENTS IN CANADA.—The left wing of the 93rd Highlanders left for Quebec, on Saturday evening, at six o'clock, under the command of Major Smyth.
   The 2d battalion 60th Rifles arrived at Montreal the same day, and will remain until relieved by the reserved 2d battalion of the Rifles.
   A detachment of the 46th Regiment occupies the barracks at St. John's, until relieved by the 77th Regiment from Halifax, N.S.
   The 89th Regiment and the right wing of the 14th regiment proceeded to Halifax, N.S. in the Bellisle troop ship, which will probably sail from Quebec, on Tuesday or Wednesday.
   Among the advantages of steam-boat communication in the United States, enumerated by the New York Herald, we find it stated that “you may travel from New Orleans to St. Louis, a distance of twelve hundred miles, for twelve dollars, meals, berths, &c. included. This price (one cent, a-mile, with three meals a day) is, we believe, the cheapest travelling in the world.”
   STEAM TO RIO.—A regular line of steam communication between England and the Brazilian empire is about to be opened, by the sailing of the Antelope from Liverpool for Rio. She sails on the 10th September.—Liverpool Times.
   POSTAGE ON NEWSPAPERS—Newspapers are now sent free of postage to the following British colonies and foreign parts :—British colonies—Aden, Antigua, Bahama, Barbadoes, Berbice, Bermuda, Canada, Cape Breton, Caraicon, Demerara, Dominica, Gibralter, Grenada, Halifax, Heligoland, Hondura, Hong Kong, India (via Southampton), Ionian Isles, Jamaica, Malta, Montserrat and New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward's Island, Quebec, St. Kitt's, St. Lucia, St. Vincent's, Tobago, Tortola, Trinidad. Foreign parts—Brazil, Bremen, Buenos Ayres, Cuxhaven, Denmark, France, Grand Duchy of Oldenburgh, Greece, Hamburgh, Hayti (or St. Domingo), Lubeck, New Grenada, Peru, Spain, Venezuela. A postage of twopence must be paid at the time of putting in, to the United State [sic] of America, Guadaloupe, Martinique, Surinam, St. Croix, St. Thomas's, St. Martin's. Cuba, Egypt and Syria.
EXTRAORDINARY SPEED ON THE CROYDON ATMOSPHERIC RAILWAY— With a train of four carriages, including the piston carriage, which it is to be recollected carries passengers, and weighing about 22 or 23 tons, we reached a velocity of seventy-five miles per hour. This speed was maintained over a distance of a quarter of a mile. Over a similar distance in the same trip, we got a velocity of 69.23 miles per hour ; over half a mile, a velocity of 64.20 miles per hour ; and for a mile and a quarter, exactly 60 miles per hour. The reader will recollect that the atmospheric run upon the Croyden is not quite five miles. —Herald.
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