-- The Cork Examiner, 4 January 1843


GREENWICH--HORRIBLE DEPRAVITY.--William James, a man about 50
years of age and his daughter, a girl of 25, were placed at the
bar, charged with one of the most horrible crimes that the mind
can conceive.  The particulars of the transaction are totally
unfit to be alluded to, except for the purpose of recording
Mr. Grove's observations, addressed to the prisoners ;--
"Unfortunately (said Mr. Grove), the law does not reach you ; it
never contemplated so dreadful a case.  The most abandoned
wretches on the face of the earth could not have been more
profligate.  You have sunk to the lowest depths of infamy--you are
disgraced to the end of time ; and a wife and a mother who could
permit the continuance of a practice so atrocious will be
answerable for her revolting conduct.  Go, both of you, and hide
your heads where you can.  You ought to be scouted from all
society ; and if you live for a thousand years you never can rise
from your degradation."  The prisoners were turned out of the
court, and assailed with loud and deserved abuse by the assembled


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