The Cork Morning Post, Cork, August 6, 1824

Unnatural Crime Northampton July 27

Charles Clutton 25, Charles Paul, aged 17, privates in 53d regiment
capitaly indicted for an offence committed in the common barrack room of a
detachment of the regiment at Weedon, about eight miles from this town on
a certain night in May last.

Paul, the younger criminal, and who seemed to have been betrayed to infamy
by the solicitations of Clutton, was admitted as an approver by the Crown,
and his statement, corroborated in many parts by the evidence of four
soldiers, placed the prisoner Clutton's guilt beyond all doubt. The jury
found Clutton Guilty of the capital felony.

Mr. Justice Holroyd then passed upon him the awful sentence of the law,
giving him to understand that he must not expect any mercy in this world,
and conjuring him to profit of the short time which yet remained to him,
in preparing himself to appear before that Being, whose mercy, however
bountiful it might be, was equalled by his justice.

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