The New Cork Evening Post, 6 April 1807

Convictions in the County Court
    John Kelly, convicted of the murder of Maurice Haly, respited to Friday the 17th inst.
    Mary Crowley, convicted of petty larceny, imprisoned one week and fined 6d.
    William Dorney, otherwise County, convicted of manslaughter, imprisoned ten days and to give security for his good behaviour.
    John Ahern and Mary Walsh, convicted of manslaughter, the former imprisoned one month, and the latter one year's imprisonment.
    Daniel Coleman, convicted of highway robbery, imprisoned two months.
    John Maranane, convicted of manslaughter, imprisoned three months.
    Darby Lynchy, convicted of perjury, imprisoned six Calendar months, and to stand in the pillory on the last day of his imprisonement.
The Following Persons Were Convicted
in the City Court.
    Margaret M'Dermot, for feloniously stealing a silver basket and other articles of plate, of the goods of John Bernard, burned in the hand.
    Catherine Ahern, for feloniously stealing a goat of the goods of Robert Hall, to be imprisoned a fortnight, and privately whipped, and then discharged.
    Mary Garvan, and Mary Sullivan, alias Mary Gentle for stealing 29 yards of calico, of the goods of Nicholas Fitzpatrick, to be imprisoned a month, twice privately whipped, and then discharged.
    Mathew Gentle, for receiving ten yards of cambric and other haberdashery ware, of the goods of Francis Hynes, lately before feloniously stolen by the said Mary Sullivan, otherwise called Mary Gentle, to be imprisoned one month and then pilloried.
    Catherine Mahony, for feloniously stealing 4 dozen of cotton handkerchiefs, 8 yards of Muslin, and 3 patterns of waistcoats the goods of Mr. Ryland, to be imprisoned a fortnight, and once privately whipped.
    Mary Shelly, for feloniously stealing four hats of the goods of Thomas Hardum, to be imprisoned a fortnight and once publicly whipped.
    Hugh Keane for feloniously stealing one quarter box of raisins and other grocery wares, of the goods of Elizabeth Long, to be burned in the hand and imprisoned a month.
    Mary Connor for feloniously stealing five yards of calico, of the goods of John Shee, to be imprisoned a fortnight and privately whipped.
    John Donoghue, for an assault on Matilda Hennessy, to be imprisoned six months.
    Andrew Merle, for the murder of Richard Bass, put off his trial for the next assizes.
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