The Clare Journal, 9 May 1912
King In Sub-Marine
   The Portsmouth “Evening News” naval correspondent with the fleet in Weymouth Bay states that the King yesterday boarded submarine D. 4, which went out into deep water and dived. His Majesty was beneath the surface ten minutes.

Fatal Gas Works Explosion.
   Arthur Timms, seriously injured last night in the Corporation Gas Works explosion at Stratford-on-Avon, died to-day. Timm's companion was blown to pieces.

Insane Wife Murderer.
   At Leominster, to-day, on the application of the Public Prosecutor, the proceedings against Rev. Samuel Henry, charged with wife murder, was struck out, the accused having been certified Insane.
The Oceana Inquiry.
   Giving evidence at the inquiry into the loss of the P. and O. steamer Oceana, Miss Macfarland, the only passenger saved from the boat which was swamped, said the craft hung through to the davits by the steamer, and was dragged along parallel to the ship before being overturned. There was no confusion, and witness thought the boat was lowered properly. She was rescued by jumping from the swamped boat to another lifeboat at Eastbourne.

Steamer Ashore.
   Lloyd's states the Royal Mail Steam Packet Company have received a cablegram from Colon, dated May 8th, stating “the steamer, Arcadian, is ashore on Salmadia Bank, Cartagana. Sending tug and anchors. Captain telegraphs no danger.”
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