The Clare Journal, 22 April 1912
Death of a Well-known Kinvarra Resident
Widespread regret is felt at the death of Mr. Michael O'Donoghue, J.P., Co.C, Kinvarra, which took place on Wednesday. He carried on there an extensive victualling business and mineral water manufactory. He was widely known in Nationalist and Gaelic circles, and for a long period he was Chairman of the Gort District Council. He was also a great lover of the leash, and owned some good greyhounds.

Japanese Steamer Ashore.
   Lloyd's agent at Chefoo cables to-day as follows:— The Japanese steamer Sakio Maru is reported ashore on the north-east promontory ; passengers and mails are landed. Assistance has been sent.

Mass in London For Titanic Victims.
   A Requiem Mass for the souls of those of the Roman Catholic faith, who lost their lives in the Titanic disaster, was held in Westminster Cathedral to-day.

Steamer Totally Wrecked.
   A Lloyd's message states:—The Swedish steamer Huzin signalled to-day—“steamer Granfors, of Christiania, totally wrecked herabouts on Sunday morning ; all hands saved.”
A telegram received in Ennis on Friday states that the girl, Mary Glynn, who was a passenger by the Titanic has been saved.

   Judgment was delivered in the Court of Appeal on Saturday in the Ussher marriage case.
   The Court refused the application of the petitioner for a new trial, holding that the marriage was valid according to law, and the application was therefore refused with costs.

Another Wreck.
   News reached Hull to-day of the loss of the Hull trawler Kingfisher, of Iceland, during a storm. There is no information of the crew, but it is hoped they were able to take to their boat.

Recovered From The Sea.
   A box of gold value £5,000 and seventy odd bars of silver, value £130 each, were recovered from the Oceana to-day. The sea was too rough to continue work this afternoon.
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The Clare Journal, 29 April 1912

——— — ———
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   On Tuesday, the Vice Regal Commission on the Irish Milk Supply, held a sitting for the Co. Clare, at the Town Hall, the object of the inquiry being as to the alleged scarcity in the supply of milk in some parts of the country, the cause of the deficiency where it existed, its effects on the public health, and the measure by which the deficiency could be remedied ; also the dangers of contamination and infection in the present milk supply, and the methods best adapted to guard against these dangers.
   The Commissioners present were—Mr P J O'Neill, J.P., Chairman of the County Council of the county Dublin ; Lady Everard ; Miss Margaret McNeill, Asst. Inspector of Reformatories and Industrial Schools ; Dr. G A Moorhead, Tullamore ; Mr Alex Wilson, Belfast ; Mr Dermod O'Brien, D.L., President Royal Hibernain Academy ; and Prof. J R Campbell, Asst, Secretary Department of Agriculture.
   The witnesses examined were—Dr. A Greene. Med. Officer of Health, Ennis ; Mr P J Howard, V.S., Mr M J Carmody, Town Clerk ; Mrs Allen, Hon. Sec. W. N. H. A.
   During the day the Commissioners paid visits to the Inebriate Home and Clare Asylum.

British Steamer Lost.
   A Lloyd's Punta Arenas message, dated Saturday, states— A steamer has returned from a cruise, and nothing is known of the remainder of the crew of the British steamer Foxley, totally lost off Sir John Marlborough Island on March 18.

Charged With Murder.
Accused Arrested in Australia
   At Acton to-day, Wm. Ward, arrested in Australia, was remanded charged with murdering Ernest Nixey Smith, a Chiswick tradesman, in 1908. Smith was found dead in the street with a hole in his temple apparently caused by the ferrule of an umbrella, after he had remonstrated with a man for abusing a woman.
Young Clare Man Lost

   A telegram received in Ennis during the week confirmed the worst fears that had been entertained as to the safety of a young man named Martin McMahon, from the Craigbrien district, about five miles from Ennis. It was known that he was a passenger on the ill fated boat, and though his name did not appear in the list of survivors, it was hoped he might have been rescued, but it is now definitely stated he has been lost. He was a fine athletic young man and very popular in his native district.
   It is said that some West Clare people were on board, but our enquiries failed to trace their names and addresses.

Action for Seduction
——— — ———
   At the Ennis Quarter Sessions on Thursday, his Honor County Court Judge Bodkin, K.C., heard an action brought by Martin McNamara, a labourer, residing at Claremount, Broadford, against Christopher Murnane, for £50 damages for the alleged seduction of his daughter, Mary McNamara.
   Mr Hickman, Solicitor, appeared for the plaintiff.
   Mr R H Cullinan, B.L., instructed by Mr F F Cullinan, Solicitor, appeared for the defendant.
   An application was made on the previous day for an adjournment of the case on the grounds that the defendant, who was suffering from lumbago, was unable to attend court, but was refused.
   Defendant did not appear, and after a protracted hearing of the evidence, which was unfit for publication, of plaintiff, and his daughter, who was subjected to an exhaustive and searching cross- examination, His Honor gave a decree for £20, and allowed 10s expenses.

An Iceberg Yarn.
   The Liverpool Manager of the Canadian Pacific Railway Co. has received a cable from St. John's stating the story of the Empress of Britain narrowly escaping collision with an iceberg is absolutely incorrect, and without foundation.
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