Clare Journal 14 Aug 1871

     On the 6th inst., in the 19th year of his age, Gerald, second son of Mr. James Griffin, of Kinlea, parish of Kilmurry-McMahon, in this county.
     On the 1st August, John Joseph, eldest son of Dr. Foley, Kilrush.
     This morning at her residence, Mill Street, Ennis, after a painful illness, bourne with christian resignation, Margaret, wife of Mr. J. O'Halloran, merchant, deeply regretted by her family and friends.

Clare Journal 28 Aug 1871

At Bindon Street, on the 26th inst., the wife of Captain Charleton, Staff Officer of Pensions, of a son.
On the 22nd inst., at Kilgory, Mrs. Daniel O'Connell, of a son.

     This afternoon, at his father's residence, Jail Street, after two days illness, John, son of Mr. Francis Lally (?), proprietor of the Railway Hotel. The deceased was well known to lovers of billiards in Limerick and Ennis.
     On Saturday, August 12, Patrick McNamara, a native of Ruan, county Clare, Ireland, in the 30th year of his age. American paper.

Wills and Bequests
The will of General Sir Charles Rutledge O'Donnell, Colonel of her Majesty's 18th Regiment of Hussara, formerly Secretary to the Comander-in-Chief in Canada, and who had served on the staff in Ireland, the son of Lieutenant-Colonel O'Donnell, E.I.C., was proved in the principal registry in London, on the 18th instant, after otion and the decree of the count. The personality in England was sworn under 25,000 by Lieutenant-Colonel Vize O'Donnell, one of the surviving executors, power being reserved to colonel Joseph Walter Jasper Ouseley E.I.C., John Browne, Esq., an executor having died. the will is dated May 1st 1868, with a codicil, of July 14th 1870. The gallant General died November 18th at donyland, near Colchester, aged 76. To his wife, who is the eldest daughter of the late Major-General James Patrick Murry, C.B., and cousin to Alexander, eight Baron Elibank, there is secured by a deed, dated 1866, an annuity of 270. He leaves to Mrs. Ema A. Buckley a legacy of 50 ; to Robert Edmund O'Donnell, 6,000, and appoints him residuary legatee to both his real and personal estates. He devises his lands at Churchpark, to John, eldest son of his late cousin, Elliot O'Donnell. He bequeaths his lease of lands in Middlesex to Colonel Joseph W. J. Ouseley, and directs that a certain portion of his furniture is to go and be held as heirlooms, with the lands of Trough and Rugh in the county of Clare.

Clare Journal 31 Aug 1871

On the 24th inst., at the Glebe, O'Brien's Bridge, the wife of the Rev. J. H. Revington, of a son.

August 24, at the Catholic Church, of St. Andrew's, Dublin, Charles George Mahon, Esq., J.P., late 36th Regiment, of Newpark, Ennis, to Matilda Helena, fourth daughter of the late James Blake Butler, Esq., J.P., of Glenwilliam, county Clare.

     On the 28th inst., at the residence of her brother-in-law, Charles Griffith, Esq., Manager Provincial Bank, Armagh, Charlotte, youngest daughter of the late George Davies, Esq., Sandhill Lodge, Lahinch.
     Yesterday morning, in Mill Street, aged 18 years, John, son of Mr. Thomas Brennan, victualler, much regretted.
     On the 21st inst., at Rossmanagher, John Frost, Esq., aged 58 years.

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