Clare Journal Dec 11 1837

On Thursday, in Clare Church, by the Rev. Francis Shortt, Captain Joseph
Adamson, of the 63rd Regt., to Miss Crowe, daughter of Robert Crowe, Esq.,
of Jail Street.

Submitted by Declan B.


Clare Journal and Ennis Advertiser - Publication Date: 14 December 1837


On the 15th of August, at Calcutta, the lady of Wm. Brook O'Shaughnessy, Esq. M.D. of a daughter.


At Meelick, by the Rev. W. Lewis, Mr Robert Ryall, of Ennis, to Eliza, third daughter of Mr. Joseph Arthur, of this town.

At Kilmurry, Joseph Edward Vize, of Firshill, in this county, Esq. to Martha Anne, daughter of the late W. Ievers, Esq. of Ieverstown.

The Rev. Robert Park, of Ballymoney, to Margaret, daughter of Richard Burriss, Esq. of Ballintemple-house, King's county.

Stewart Torbett, Esq. Engineer, to Anne, youngest daughter of the Rev. John Davison, both of Belfast.

Henry James, Esq. of Baillieboro, county Cavan, to Jane, daughter of the late B. Parr, Esq. of Carnaven Cottage, same County

At Carrigrohan, Miah Murphy, Esq. Solicitor, to Ann, eldest daughter of F. D. Murphy, of Sunday's well, Cork.

At Limerick, Mr. Timothy D. McNamara, of Nelson-street, grocer, to Jane Sargent Monsell, daughter of Thomas Monsell, Esq.

At Liverpool, on Thursday, George G. Williams, Esq. of Limerick, to Emma, daughter of John Highfield, Esq. of Liverpool


In Limerick, John Colley, Esq

At the Ursuline Convent, near this town, Mary, daughter of Patrick Egar, of Tuam, Esq.

William Dillon, Esq. Proctor of the Consistorial Court of Down and Connor.

Sarah, daughter of Hugh Dickson, Esq. of Clonmellon, Athboy.

At and advanced age, the Rev. Gilbert Austin, Rector of Maynooth.

Roger Adams Grant, so of the late J. Sackville Grant, Esq. of Tralee.

In Tralee, at an advanced age, Judith, relict of the late Mr. David Hallinan

In Limerick, of fever, Mr. Jacob McDermott, late of Dublin.

In Limerick, Mrs. Tuthill, widow of Mr. R. Tuthill, of Limerick.

In Limerick, Margaret, daughter of the late Florence Henchy, Esq. M.D.

In Limerick, Mr. Edmund Farrell.

At Portebello, Mr. John Sturgeon,

In Lower Sackville-street, Dublin, Mr. J. Kertland.

At the Cove of Cork, Andrew Newton, Esq. M.D, late of Athlone.

In Dublin, Mrs. Jane McMahon.

Clare Journal and Ennis Advertiser
Publication Date: 18 December 1837


At his seat, Firgrove, the Lady of John MacMahon, Esq, High Sheriff of
this county, of a daughter


In Dublin, Frederick Cold (see Note), Esq of Kilbeggan. county
Westmeath, to Serenah (see Note), daughter of Thomas Howie, Esq, of Dublin

At Aughrim, Thomas Morton, Esq. of Castlenode, to Sarah, eldest daughter
of Robert Devenish, Esq, of Rush-hill

Joseph Smyth, Esq. of Dunmore, to Fanny F. Smith, eldest daughter of
Joseph Smith, Esq. of Springvale.

In Clonmel, George R. Kennedy, Esq. Lieutenant Royal Artillery, to Kate,
second daughter of Charles Riall, Esq. of Heywood, near Clonmel, and
niece of Lieut-Gen. Sir Phineas Riall

At Bath, William Henry Robinson, Esq. Captain in the 72d Highlanders, to
Georgiana, daughter of Rear Admiral Buckle.

At St. Pancras, the Rev. Charler Popham Miles, B. A. to Mary Ann, eldest
daughter of Brown Collison, Esq.


At Glanduff Castle, county Limerick, Eyre, third son of Eyre Massy, Esq.

At his residence, Glandore, Cork, Richard Adams, Esq. aged 70

Letitia, daughter of James Wesley Bond, Esq. of Cartroncard, county

At Bushfield Avenue, Abigal, wife of J. Goodwin, Esq. of Dublin.

At Bantry, W. Watts Mealy, Esq.

At Bell Island, county Wicklow, J. Magee, Esq.

At Claremoris, Mayo, Pat Conway, Esq.

At Kilcock, where he practiced as a physician for nearly 70 years,
Edward Quirk, Esq. M.D.

At the Institution, Edgeworthstown, Henry, the infant son of the Rev.
Henry Murphy.

Transcriber Notes.

Spelling is verbatim
The Spelling of COLD and SERENAH are best guess - the entry is not clear.

Clare Journal and Ennis Advertiser -- Published 27 December 1837
Mr. James McGrath, Conductor.
At the Annual Examination held on the 20th and 21st in Mr. McGrath's
School, the following young gentlemen obtained Premiums in the
respective Classes:-
First Class -- Homer, Xenophon, Livy and Juvenal, Greene first, Casey
Second Class -- Livy and Horace, O'Brien (Edward) 1st, Arthur and Neylan
cut for 2nd; Homer, Neyland 1st, Arthur 2nd
Third Class - Horace and Sallust, O'Brien, (James) 1st, O'Brien (Pierce)
2nd: Lucian, Tuohy and O'Brien (Pierce) cut for 1st
Fourth Class -- Virgil, Cullinan, (Michael) 1st, Lynch and Barry cut for
2nd; Greek Testament, Barry and Kerin, (Frederick) cut for 1st
Fifth Class -- Virgil, Powell 1st, Tydd jun. and Power cut for 2nd

Sixth Class -- Virgil, Haire 1st, Cullinan (Charles) and Floyd cut for 2nd

Seventh Class -- Swain's Sentences, Molony 1st, Dubourdieu and Cullinan,
sen, cut for 2nd 

Roman History, Senior Class - O'Brien(Pierce) and O'Brien (James) cut
for 1st, Donnellan 2nd

Roman History, Junior Class - Cullinan (Michael) 1st, Barry and Powell
cut for 2nd

History of England, Senior Class - Power, 1st, Haire and Dubourdieu cut
for 2nd.

History of England, Junior Class - Molony 1st, Floyd 2nd.

Geography, Ancient and Modern, First Class - Lynch 1st, Cullinan
(Michael) and Barry cut for 2nd

Geography, Ancient and Modern, Second Class - Singleton, Dubourdieu and
Power cut for 1st

Geography, Ancient and Modern, Third Class - Cullinan (Charles) 1st,
Haire and Floyd cut for 2nd

Spelling's - First Class - Powell 1st, Kerin (Frederick) and Kerin
(John) cut for 2nd.

Spelling's - Second Class - (can not read) 1st, Singleton and Power cut
for 2nd,

Spelling's - Third Class - Floyd 1st, O'Brien (Chas.) and Molony cut for

Catechism - First Class - Barry and Powel cut for 1st, Kerin (Frederick)
and Kerin (John) cut for 2nd,

Catechism - Second Class - Haire 1st, Cullinan (Charles) and Flloyd cut
for 2nd,

Catechism - Third Class - Kerin (Edmond) 1st

Writing, Arithmetic, &c, &c. - Tydd, sen. and Powel 1st, Kerin (John)
and Kerin (Frederick) 2nd.

Euclid - Murphy and Green cut for 1st.

Vacation ends on the 15th of January, 1838

December 27, 1837
Submitted by David K.

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