Clare Journal Feb 15 1836

At her father's residence, Corbally, by the Right Rev. Dr. Ryan, R.C.B.,
Hugh Kenny, of Cragleigh, in this county, to Helena, eldest daughter of
Thomas Macnamara, Esq.

At her father's house, Gaol Street, Ennis, in the 19th year of her age,
Maria, only daughter of T. Whitestone, Esq., of Clondigad. Thus, in the
brief space of four months, has the chastening hand of Providence been
heavily laid on this afflicted family, in removing to a better and induring
inheritance, first, the mother, .......and now the only daughter

Submitted by Declan Barron

The Clare Journal, 22 February 1836
   FATAL AFFRAY.—We are sorry to be obliged to state that a serious affair, followed by loss of life, occurred on Saturday morning last. Lieutenant Gubbins, the Revenue Police-officer stationed at Claremorris, was coming to this town on Saturday morning to attend revenue prosecutions at the petty sessions, when he met a man named Fitzgerald, carrying a still on his back ; the officer considering it his duty to make seizure of the still, arrested the man, who resisted, and in the scuffle received a pistol shot, from the effects of which he died in the county Infirmary yesterday. Mr. Gubbins delivered himself up to Peter Bourke, Esq., J. P., shortly after his arrival in town, and was lodged in gaol. As an inquest was to be held on Wednesday last upon the body of the deceased, we refrain from stating any of the facts which have come to our knowledge, until it shall have terminated.—Mayo Constitution.
   The Mayo Telegraph, speaking of the inquest held on the body of the man who was recently shot by a revenue police officer says —“An inquest was held yesterday on the body, when the jury found the following verdict:— 'That John Fitzgerald came by death in consequence of a gunshot wound given him by Lieutenant Blakeney Gubbins, in the discharge of his duty.' We shall take an opportunity next week to shew that evidence was permitted to go before the jury which was inadmissable, and as such was never allowed to be given on any investigation.”
   A VIRAGO.—On Sunday evening, the 24th ult., Harriet Graham, who had been convicted of horse-whipping the Adjutant of the Inniskillen Dragoons, effected her escape from Ipswich Bridewell by scalling [sic] an eighteen-foot wall. It is supposed that she was assisted by some persons who got upon the wall, and drew her over with a linen line.—Norwich Mercury.
   THE “JOHN O'GROAT JOURNAL.”—A new monthly journal under this title, has made its appearance in Wick.
   By accounts from Hull, we regret to find that the Cove, which had sailed for the relief of the ice bound mariners in Davis' Straits, has been compelled to put back to Stromness with loss of bowsprit. It is to be apprehended that the intended aid will be all too late now, as, should the seamen have successfully struggled through the rigours of winter, the season will have so far advanced, as to enable them to procure food by shooting there, and destroying seals and other animals, which may be obtained in the breaking up of the winter season.
   POTATOES.—At the meeting of a club-committee specially called for the selection of a cook, the candidates were [an] Englishman from Albion, and a Frenchman recommended by Ude ; the eminent devine to whom we allude was deputed to examine them, and the first question he put to each was, “Can you boil a potato?”
   KING LEOPOLD'S PENSION.—Spring Rice told Robinson in the House of Commons, that the balance of the grant to the Belgians had been transferred to the public credit— but Mr. Spring Rice did not take the trouble to say how much the amount of the balance was. Quere—Is it £1 1s. 10¾d.?—John Bull.
   We have received information of a very peculiar nature with regard to conduct of the Executive towards the long suffering Clergy, showing that insult and indignity are now added to plunder and persecution ; until we are fully acquainted with the particulars, we abstain from leaving the matter before the public.—Tipperary Constitution.
   The Earl of Errol has left London unexpectedly after having made himself rather remarkable by cordially shaking hands with Mr. O'Connell before the bar of the Commons.—John Bull.
   UNIVERSITY INTELLIGENCE.—At the commencement, held on Tuesday last, in Trinity College, the Rev. William C. Neligan, Curate of St. Peter's in the City of Cork, was admitted to the Degree of Doctor of Laws.
Submitted by dja

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